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    • 1 GOODYEAR SHOE | REPAIR SHOP 1 REX CHRISTENSEN, Prop. | | Cedar City, Utah \S VARIETY STORE W. Scott Mitchell, Mgr. | General Electrical Appliances | Paints and Hardware | Phone 2511 - - Parowan, Utah| •<*>,...
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    • 10 philosophy that educators can recognize signs that indicate a potential for inappropriate behavior (Murdick, 1996). It is preferable to prevent inappropriate behaviors rather than wait until after the behaviors occur before responding. Students...
    • Page 23

    • 18  students will be given opportunities to clarify and restate what they are saying (this process is called “revoicing”);  teachers will ask other students to restate what a student has said in order to further clarify understanding; ...
    • Page 26

    • 21 Problems With Implementation Several issues have been identified during the implementation of teaching mathematics using problem-centered instructional methods. Teachers have demonstrated a need to receive training on how to effectively teach...
    • Page 27

    • 22 concept. This may be due to findings that students and parents blame teachers if concepts are not easily understood and problems are difficult. Recent research also shows that over ninety percent of elementary teachers demonstrate mathematics...
    • Page 39

    • 26 Chapter 2 Planning for Web Design The following checklist can help you to evalu-ate the quality and effectiveness of your own (or any) web site. 1. Is there a notable consistency in the site? In other words do all the pages appear to be...
    • Page 36

    • !37 means of paying for things. This meant that using ATMs was the only means of being able to pay for things. Unfortunately, this also meant that ATMs were always busy near me. One day in particular, I went to my bank hoping to withdraw some...
    • Page 44

    • 41 misunderstand someone. So many times I read a text from someone and I have no clue how they were trying to say what they were saying. The only emotion we get through a text is from the little “emoji” faces, and most of the time they make the...
    • Page 47

    • 44 Another student perceived online Socratic Seminars as being a beneficial way to diversify the curriculum and cater to the needs of different students. She explained, It all depends on the person. Some people online . . . think this is the one...
    • Page 53

    • 50 student conversation skills, and the class environment; likewise, they suggested that online Socratic Seminars positively affect the quantity and quality of comments, plus interpersonal relationships. This extends Coke’s (2008) and...
    • Page 61

    • 58 Hamatake Ellsworth, S. (1999, July 7). Tough task for teachers: Waiting (twice) for an answer. Christian Science Monitor. p. 16. Jewell, V. (2005). Continuing the community: Suggestions for using online discussion boards. The English Journal,...
    • Page 63

    • !64 Alcohol), which he said he brought to drink with friends. Despite my having already told him that we didn't drink, he said he would bring it anyways. Realizing that I shouldn't push the issue, I relented and away we went. (As an aside, I should...
    • Page 69

    • 65 INCLUSION: IN SERVICE TRAINING Provide opportunities for extended practice Use learning tools and aids Adjust workload and time requirements Present information and have students demonstrate learning in multiple ways Teach memory...
    • Page 73

    • 68 I really enjoyed each of the presentations that I attended. I specifically chose the sessions based on what I needed and what I believed would help me in my classroom the most. I would like more time with the vendors because I needed to give up...
    • Page 10

    • 7 scaffolding, neither of which have been effective in increasing low-response student participation. The fishbowl method of discussion involves half of the class in a discussion, while the other half acts as active observers. Young (2007)...
    • Page 75

    • 70 I leaned so many things that will help me use my technology better. Steve Eves Doceri was so cool, and I can hardly wait to explore and use it more. I liked the gal from PBS and how easy their sight is to use. Of course, UEN opened our eyes as...
    • Page 82

    • 77 I enjoyed learning about the advanced search. It will save me time finding what I need. The School District's forms are much easier using the advanced search. I enjoyed learning about googles and voice. I did not know you could drag and pic into...
    • Page 14

    • 9 They hate to wait for the group and tend to get bored with the regular curriculum. They resist assignments that do not present opportunities for new learning and dislike drill, practice and routine so much that they will start to do inaccurate...
    • Page 104

    • 97 events. After observing and interviewing all students in the creative project, the instructor realized that the boys often became frustrated and tired of repetition, like converting measurements for the scale drawing project and making numerous...


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