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    • HIGH SCHOOL 'T^HE mere mentioning of the term "High School" brings trooping to my mind a host of re-minisences. Some of my memories send thrills of pleasure coursing through my body; some send chills of displeasure. The pleasurable sensations far...
    • Page 307

    • was i n s t r u c t e d t o draw u p an ordinance prohibiting a n y more garages a n d service stations going u p on Main S t r e e t , between Center S t r e e t and First North. Oct. 20, 1938 ...Attorney Shay recommended t h a t Cedar City p r e...
    • Page 311

    • Sept 5 , 1 9 4 0 ...Mr. and M r s . Lamont E. Tueller, Mrs. Cora Pace, Mrs. Elbert, M r s . Lillian Corry, Frank Jackson, Tom Mosdell, and William Flannigan met again with the Council to protest against holding softball games at night on the...
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    • SOCIAL THINKING INTERVENTIONS iii List of Figures Figure 1: Student In-school Tantrums Per Day .............................................................p.38 Figure 2: Voluntary Class Participation...
    • Page 38

    • SOCIAL THINKING INTERVENTIONS 37 responses were only on topic in one of every three responses. Student B voluntarily participated an average of 1.75 times a day and was on topic 75% of the time. Post-data for student A indicate a reduction in...
    • Page 40

    • SOCIAL THINKING INTERVENTIONS 39 Figure 2: Voluntary Class Participation 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 Student A Student B Pre project participation Post project participation
    • Page 69

    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 70 Appendix A This study is being conducted by Kyle Heuett, a graduate student in the Communication Department at Southern Utah University. The topic of this research project is group communication and...
    • Page 42

    • Emotions in Conflict 37 Before beginning the actual interview, additional information about the nature of the study was given to the participants. Participants were told that the study focuses on the role of emotions in resolving concerns during...
    • Page 52

    • STUDENT EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK 47 Appendix D Informed Consent The following survey is being conducted as part of a capstone project for a Master’s Degree in Professional Communication from Southern Utah University. This survey will measure the...
    • Page 15

    • 5 W.A. Mozart and the Salzburg Hauptbanhof train station. These restrictions were due to time constraints and economic feasibility. Limitations Several procedural limitations should be considered when reviewing the results of the study: 1....
    • Page 80

    • 76 McRae, A., & Guthrie, J. T., (2009). Promoting reasons for reading: Teacher practices that impact motivation. Hiebert, E. H. (Ed.) (2009) Reading more, reading better. (p. 71) NY, NY: Guilford Press Mcpherson, K. (2007). Harry potter and the...
    • Page 24

    • No pirates no princesses 19 By taking initiative, parents, and especially mothers, are in a better position to teach values to children. In The Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz (2007) examines from an adult perspective how a culture of abundance...
    • Page 76

    • 70 Organization Details summary • ILook • Network Intrusions • Internet Investigations • Processing NTFS • Data Recovery • Macintosh Operating Systems • Hardware Recognition FACT offers membership to law enforcement agencies from all...
    • Page 56

    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 52 situation. This shift in strategy deviated the public’s attention from seeking out the perpetrator and placed focus on Weiner and why he chose not to discuss the issue any longer. When admitting...
    • Page 43

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 39 audio recorder was placed in view of the participant and they were reminded that all audio would be recorded. Before the questions from the interview were asked, and after the recorder had begun recording,...
    • Page 94

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 90 Appendix 1 Qualitative Questions Before the interview starts: 1. Review questions and content of the interview. "This interview will consist of questions that relate to radio’s current and future...
    • Page 98

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 94 Appendix 2 Recruitment Letter Hello, my name is Shawn Denevan and I am a graduate student at Southern Utah University. I am working on a research project, under the direction of Dr. Art Challis of the...
    • Page 99

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 95 Appendix 3 Pre Interview Information 1. Review questions and content of the interview. “This interview will consist of questions that relate to radio's past, current and future, with discussion about the...


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