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    • San Rafael Swell -- Mining -- Uneva Mine

    • Emery County (Utah); San Rafael Swell; Geology; Mining; Uneva Mine
    • Uneva Mine Entrance located in Uneva Mine Canyon on the San Rafael Swell in the San Rafael Reef area. The Reef is a dramatic geologic uplift running for 40 miles along the eastern border of the Swell. The Wingate sandstone formation has been tilted...
    • Page 47

    • evening and found in his gizzard some tivo dollars worth of gold dust. It has produced no small excitement in town. February 25: I examined the gold taken out of Pugmire's rooster and believe it to be brass. I placed my magnet in it and it took it...
    • Page 80

    • THE WEB 81 Writing for the Web 21 The page consists of a logo, a search bar, and a short message. The pur􀀍􀵰 pose of the page is obvious, whereas the purpose might be more obscure if it 􀁗􅜀􀁅􄔀􀁒􅈀􀁅􄔀 􀁁􄄀...
    • Page 197

    • THE WEB 198 138 􀀵􃔀􀁋􄬀􀁜􅰀􀁗􅜀􀁋􄬀􀁐􅀀􀀃􀍒 Rhythm (also known as repetition) allows designers to develop an internal consistency that makes a design easier for the user to process. Once the brain recognizes the pattern...
    • Page 204

    • THE WEB 205 Design Concepts 145 Terminology Review 􀁳􇌀 􀀢􂈀􀁁􄄀􀁌􄰀􀁁􄄀􀁎􄸀􀁃􄌀􀁅􄔀􀂈􈠀􀀴􃐀􀁈􄠀􀁅􄔀 􀁄􄐀􀁉􄤀􀁓􅌀􀁔􅐀􀁒􅈀􀁉􄤀􀁂􄈀􀁕􅔀􀁔􅐀􀁉􄤀􀁏􄼀􀁎􄸀...
    • Page 62

    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 63 Dansereau, F., Graen, G. B., & Haga, W. (1975). A vertical dyad linkage approach to leadership in formal organizations. Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 13, 46-78. Dnes, A. W., & Garoupa, N....
    • Page 24

    • Intro to the Internet 11 and Web Page Design of black and white television screens came into use. These displays were available in black and white, green and later even amber became com-mon. It was thought that green and amber were easier on the...
    • Page 39

    • 26 Chapter 2 Planning for Web Design The following checklist can help you to evalu-ate the quality and effectiveness of your own (or any) web site. 1. Is there a notable consistency in the site? In other words do all the pages appear to be...
    • Page 86

    • Intro to the Internet 73 and Web Page Design Figure 5.1 High resolution monitor Figure 5.2 Low resolution monitor for the resolution, RGB for the color mode and White for the background. Specify a name if you wish and click OK. 3. Save the image as...
    • Page 89

    • 76 Chapter 5 Backgrounds, Textures & Buttons Figure 5.7 9. Select and show the Horizontal layer. Hide the Vertical layer. Apply the motion blur filter to the Horizontal layer. Change the angle to 0 degrees and leave the distance at 30. Click...
    • Page 107

    • 94 Chapter 6 Animation with Photoshop out of the image. Or if you chose more colors in the optimization process. 14. Click the Save button. In the Save Opti-mized As menu (Figure 6.13), Select the destina-tion you want to save the file in...
    • Page 130

    • Intro to the Internet 117 and Web Page Design The border=”0” attribute of the tag specifies that there will be no border around the image. The alt=”Lake Photo” attribute sets the alternate text for the image. The class...
    • Page 132

    • Intro to the Internet 119 and Web Page Design Figure 7.14 “| Water | Fish | Pollution | Volunteering | Con-tact Us|.” Position the curser between the first vertical bar and the word “Water.” Add the following content to the line: |
    • Page 1

    • The Influence of Six Weeks of Complex Training Employing Squats Combined with Countermovement Squat Jumps and Kettlebell Swings Combined with Countermovement Squat Jumps on Vertical Jump Performance By Chad Ethan Smith A master’s project...
    • Page 3

    • Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of Complex Training on lower body power, measured by vertical jump, following a six week program. Furthermore, the project was also aimed at determining whether it matters that the first...


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