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    • San Rafael Swell -- Mines -- Uranium --  Ore Bin- 1

    • Emery County (Utah); San Rafael Swell; Mining; Uranium; Grange, Mar; McClenahan, Owen
    • Mar Grange took this photograph of the old uranium ore bin high up on a rocky slope (the dark spot in the middle of the photograph.) Owen McClenahan recorded that some men came to him with a hot piece of ore, but they couldn't rememeber where they...
    • Page 34

    • be recognized a n d acknowledged b y t h e local customs, laws. a n d decision of c o u r t s , a n d also subject to t h e r i g h t of t h e proprietor of a vein o r lode, to remove a n d e x t r a c t his ore therefrom should the same be found...
    • Page 48

    • th~s volunteer school was superseded by regularly scheduled classes." Smith wrote: "March 19, 1851: The wind blew very hard from the south leaving no tents standing in camp. March 20: Went with Frost and Bringhurst to visit the coal vein [Cedar...
    • Page 138

    • It was the most awhl scene I ever witnessed and certainly will never be forgotten. Attended meeting in the evening and found that Brother Cook's boy was knocked down about 100 yards from my house. Brother Smith and Brother Carruthers came to my...
    • Page 14

    • center then became a farmyard or cattle corral. The water of Coal Creek flowed undcr the wall and through the north side of the enclosure and was utilized for a grist n~ill and other industries. Another field was surveyed and clcared dose by;...
    • Page 91

    • dled our horses and hung our belongings on the trees that were there, and started our poor horses hack down the canyon. Then we set our faces homeward. As we walked, every step we would sink in the snow about four inches and then every little while...
    • Page 64

    • P a g e | 64 HAWAIIAN - OHANA The word in Hawaiian culture means family whether extended, blood-related, adopted or intentional and emphasizes family is united and each individual must be cooperative and considerate. The word is derived from 'oha'...
    • Page 81

    • P a g e | 81 Where marriage relationships have existed in the past communicating with dignity, respect and love they have survived the worst challenges and strengthened. Thus, in David Hammond-Tooke‘s book ―The roots of black South Africa‖ he...
    • Page 73

    • £L lighter vein prevails at the Institute during a week-day class. The Mutual students enjoy a few minutes of dancing after the regular exercises. The Institute Club gathers for a period of relaxing after a busy week. The Institute looks after the...
    • Page 38

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 34 you’re never really helping people much.” The desire to help people on a more personal basis was consistent with others. For example, Kassie spoke of her former employment: I honestly feel like when I was a 911 operator,...
    • Page 50

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 46 I like working with the doctors just because they know so much information, and it’s so cool to learn new things. I mean, I’m not a medical assistant but I know a lot of medical things now that I’m here and that I can...
    • Page 73

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 69 because I am just a receptionist and that’s not what I strive for in life. If I view myself that way, how are they viewing me? I don’t know.” The phrase “just receptionists” was commonly heard throughout...
    • Page 74

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 70 Later Valerie expounded on her feelings regarding patient opinions, “Actually, you know what? I think sometimes they think we’re just receptionists, but I don’t know, but they’ve never given me a hard time if...
    • Page 92

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 88 job might create a more generalized view of reception work that, although it may be difficult or challenging, it is still seen as satisfactory work. Of course the explanation that self-importance impacts job tenacity may be...
    • Page 106

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 102 interpersonal relationships in the workplace give way to that individual receptionists’ comprehensive viewpoint. The more that is observed in the workplace, the more rounded a receptionists’ view is. Similarly, how...
    • Page 115

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 111 Most receptionists recognized that system changes had changed all viewpoints of the work they did: patients, doctors, and receptionists alike. For example, Rachel reported, “it’s kind of like nerve racking because it...
    • Page 120

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 116 would be beneficial to the current understanding of medical reception work. Additionally, receptionists may be studied regarding their thoughts on the subject of these other individuals and groups. Conversely, others may...


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