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    • KUDZU Leadership 55 to explain that not just the attitudes of the youth bothered him, but also negative behaviors displayed by the staff. The volunteer said that he could tell the staff does not want to be there and while they are friendly, there...
    • Page 45

    • Persevering Polygyny: An Initial Study of Relational Maintenance Among Polyginists 46 These roles are evident in each family, even if not overtly mentioned. Interviewee #13 said her husband fills all the “male roles” in their family including...
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    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 14 reinforce any negative message that is being projected at the time. Hence, the neutral minded viewer tends to accept the speaker’s statements without corroborating evidence. The...
    • 1912, page 20

    • 20 University should present a list of their credits certified to by a registrar of the Branch Normal School. No student can be a candidate for the Branch Normal Diploma unless such student has shown himself proficient in Arithmetic, Algebra,...
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    • KUDZU Leadership 56 morale. The leader of each unit is the driving force behind what creates an environment where employees thrive or wither. Herzberg’s Work When I started the master’s program, I was preparing to write a paper about the morale...
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    • Persevering Polygyny: An Initial Study of Relational Maintenance Among Polyginists 49 Discussion Previous research into monogamous relational maintenance has contributed to increased understanding of how these relationships are sustained over time....
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    • Persevering Polygyny: An Initial Study of Relational Maintenance Among Polyginists 50 differences. Where the similarities particularly come in is interesting to see. One might expect the parallels most likely to be between polyginist and...
    • Page 59

    • KUDZU Leadership 60 He emphasizes the importance of the work we do. Astutely he keys on the motivating factor of the work itself. We have the responsibility to positively affect the lives of young people and my supervisor makes sure we know that...
    • Page 43

    • SILVER SCREEN 44 Unit of Analysis: The Campaign Trust: A. Was trust kept due to the expectations of the film were met? B. Did trust remain the same, due to the expectations of the film being mediocre? C. Was trust broken because expectations of the...
    • Page 134

    • Intro to the Internet 121 and Web Page Design Figure 7.15 18. Next we add a rule to the first
      tag - the “bodytext” division (here is where the “class” part of the tag you entered earlier comes into play) like this: