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    • 1912, Jan 7

    • Sun. Jan. 7, 1912: Ther. cool Wea. cloudy I caught a Lynx-Cat this morning. Went to town too late for meeting. Monday 8: Ther. Colder Wea. Clear cloudy 9-30 P.M. Hauled some bean vines over for cow feed. Re-Set and baited traps this evening.
    • 1912, Jan 11

    • Thurs. Jan. 11, 1912: Ther. Warm Wea. clear Caught a coyote this morning. After looking after all my traps, I went down to the grove and helped chop cottonwoods till dinner time Friday 12: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Light C. Worked on the Zion Road from...
    • 1912, Jan 13

    • Sat. Jan. 13, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. T. clds Went up to the Burnt-oak wash with Johny helped carry some stuff across the wash out. Uncle Free, Barney and Bro. S. Hepworth were there too. I caught a Lynx cat in the J.J. G. ditch above the ford ...
    • 1912, Jan 19

    • Fri. Jan. 19, 1912: Ther. Warm, Wea. Few Thin clouds After visiting my traps, I helped Mary with the washing, Emma came over and helped too. Saturday 20: Ther. Warm Wea. Thin clouds. Caught a fox at the fence polls at river, lower end of field. I...
    • 1912, Jan 21

    • Sun. Jan. 21, 1912: Ther. Pleasant, Wea. T. clds. Nothing in my traps except two toes that Mr. Coon had left there during the night. Attended the regular P.M. and Priesthood meetings. David Spilsbury of Toquerville was the speaker this afternoon. ...
    • 1912, Dec 24

    • Tues. Dec. 24, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear Repairing wire fence in the F. Field. Wednesday 25: Ther. Cold disagreeable Wea. Windy, T. Clds Running around resetting traps etc
    • 1912, Dec 26

    • Thurs. Dec. 26, 1912: Ther. Cool Wea. Clear Doing nothing but make the rounds to my traps. Friday 27: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear My hands are too sore for me to do much with them, barb-wire cuts, boils etc.
    • 1912, memoranda 10

    • Memoranda: Jan 1. 1913 cold clear Band Serenaded town Jan. 2 Hauling manure to the Flanigan Field 3rd Pleasant Hauled a load of manure then, went on to town 4th, G.H. Isom and I went to Shonesberg set 16 traps, camped with Ira DeMill. 5th...
    • 1927, page 127

    • 31 Days January 1930: 2 Am at home Butchered a 290 lb. pig this afternoon. 3 4 Sat. 1930 Back to Winders ranch in the car. looking at the traps. 5 Sunday walked along the ridge South of Coop field to Rock pasture 6 Monday Came back home
    • 1927, page 177

    • 31 Days December 19 Thursday 1929 Oakcreek to Winder’s place on Clear creek. light sprinkle Pm. 20 Friday Set traps down near the Sinks 23rd. D.J. caught a small fox 21 Clouded up, began snowing. 22 about three inches of snow this morning....
    • 1908, Oct 25

    • Sun. October 25, 1908: Thin clds at the cable running up some supplies Mon. 26: Thin clds Running a lot of traps down for John Wind. J.M. Smyth .55 Tues. 27: T. Clds Fair at cable am. Hauled a load of lumber in the after noon. Wed. 28: Thin...
    • Page 348

    • measles. While there, we boys learned how to make slat quail traps. Father bought us a sack of wheat for bait, and we climbed the sunny hillsides and found bare spots where the snow had melted 0% made a trail of wheat leading to the trap, then...
    • Page 8

    • 8 Three Score and Ten in Retrospect hadn't arrived. But on Christmas morning, there it was leaning against the wall, all oiled and shining. Wintertime was the season for trapping muskrats, one of his favorite activities. This enterprise, had it...
    • Page 7

    • JAMES HOYLE, JR., authority on internation-al affairs, consistently popularizes tne slogan Ac cording to Hoyle," etc. He carries on heavy cor-respondence with a fair damsel in Southern Nevada between every other Agricola meeting. GRACE BOWMAN,...
    • Page 101

    • Physician & Patient Communication 102 Appendix B Hippocratic Oath: Modern Version I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant: I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and...


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