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    • 10 Another important contributing factor to the success or failure of a student is the level of involvement parents provide in the home. Even as children transition through the middle school ages “Parents continue to be an important source of...
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    • 11 student attitudes regarding the homework, and lack of time to prepare effective assignments. Students simply do not like homework. The time homework requires, cuts into their extracurricular activities and downtime away from school. A lack of...
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    • 12 managerial and lower level employee input (Shockley-Zalabak, 2006). Snow College is fortunate to have leadership willing to see the importance of having the input of the employees. With the growing popularity of social media, Snow College...
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    • 17 Motivating Reluctant Readers Finding the “magic potion” to motivate engagement in a young reader is important. “Learning requires active student engagement in classroom activities and interaction—engaged students are motivated for...
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    • 22 It has been observed that the most effective teachers are those who recognize that they have much more to learn and thus seek opportunities for continuing professional development (Parris & Block, 2008). The world of education is constantly...
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    • 31 The researcher determined these standards were well developed and focused on many Core concepts which were necessary for students to gain understanding in preparation for further study in chemistry. This determination came after an extensive...
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    • 49 Question four of the interview measured the resources provided by the school districts. The consolidated school districts, of which three suburb groups reported, were summarized first followed by the fifteen suburban school districts. There was...
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    • 6 to take some of the grading burden, teachers could more easily “assign more writing, and so students could get the practice they needed to develop as writers—practice that was not possible in most classrooms because of the burden it placed on...
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    • 9 2. explain how the particulate level structure and properties of matter affect its macroscopic properties, including the effect of (a)valence electrons on the chemical properties of elements and the resulting periodic trends in these properties,...
    • Page 12

    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 8 Chapter 2: Literature Review The following literature will focus on two areas that are pertinent to this particular study. This review will summarize various apologia strategies utilized in the political...
    • Page 34

    • Commitment 29 interviewed a recently married couple and asked several questions relating to commitment. According to Weigel (2003): The findings revealed particular events, conditions, and interactions that the couple themselves said are relevant...
    • Page 66

    • Commitment 61 by act, being caring, compassionate, learning how to more fully express love, learning how to more fully identify what she’s going through, and finding out how I can give her some support that she needs. Just day by day, act by act,...
    • Page 36

    • Intro to the Internet 23 and Web Page Design factors of aesthetics, usability and functional-ity. The usability philosophy represents the ease of finding and processing information. In other words, this philosophy attempts to make a web site...
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    • KUDZU Leadership 46 (Vroom, 2000). The greatest task of the leader when it comes to decision-making is determining how the problem is to be solved (Vroom, 1973). When subordinates are unaffected by a decision, an autocratic process works perfectly...
    • Page 56

    • KUDZU Leadership 57 spectrum, but rather operate on two separate spectrums. Some factors in the workplace operate to create job satisfaction or good feelings about work, while some factors create dissatisfaction or bad feelings about the job....
    • Page 58

    • KUDZU Leadership 59 Hygiene Factors On a different spectrum, Herzberg identified the hygiene factors that exist and make job dissatisfaction a real possibility. The number one factor that can cause people to have bad feelings about their jobs is...
    • Page 22

    • partial, partisan, and problematic. At the end of the partisan discussion, Eisenberg says, “When we speak, we tend to represent our views of situations in ways that favor our interests and goals” (Eisenberg & Riley, 2001, p. 56). The partisan...
    • Page 9

    • Physician & Patient Communication 10 Yudkowsky (2010), medical errors that are the result of poor communication result in “…significant patient mortality” (p. 206). Miscommunication in medicine, and the effects thereof, are not limited to the...
    • Page 23

    • Physician & Patient Communication 24 found that physicians interrupted 69 percent of their patients before they could complete their opening statements and once interrupted, fewer than two percent of patients went on to complete their statements....


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