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    • 1916 98

    • Jokes Father: Blanche, how do you account for the rapid changes taking place in such a few years in the ball room? Blanche: Why, father? Father: Because, my child, ,vhen your mother and I ,'were young all the ladies used to dre~s up to go...
    • 1916 103

    • Copyri::ht Hart Schaffner &Marx Wear the Varsity Fifty-Five lrj: you want to be a little ahead of all the J other young men, when it comes to style in clothes, we arthen ew V A R SIT Y FIFTY-FIVE, made by Hart Schaffner C§f Marx. Here's a...
    • Graduation

    • College of Southern Utah (Cedar City, Utah); Southern Utah University -- History
    • President Braithwaite with members of Board of Trustees and Lyman Smart at graduation.
    • 1905, Dec 5

    • Tues. Dec. 5, 1905: Ther. Cold and Cloudy We went back and finished canvassing Hastings, then came back south-west of the Mountain Home School House commenced to look for a place to stay, one young fellow said the would be terrible glad to keep us,...
    • Page 388

    • have an i n t e ~ e w President Diaz. Brother Trejo with is a smart and interesting man. We enjoyed ourselves on the way v q much and very reluctantly parted. He is a native of Spain-joined the church some 14 years ago in Sait Lake City. He is a...
    • Page 71

    • 65 Reeves, S., Bishop, J., & Filce, H., G. (2010). Response to Intervention (RtI) and tier systems: Questions remain as educators make challenging decisions. The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, 76(4), 26-29. Rinaldi, C., Averill, O. H., & Stuart, S....
    • Page 228

    • THE WEB 229 Analytics 169 Using these basic data as your baseline, you could then test different areas of the conversion process to determine where improvements could be made, focusing on the touch points. In the example above, the first place to...
    • Page 23

    • Fishback Intern 24 involves finding out about each person‘s dreams and aspirations. Developing everyone differently while keeping to organizational goals will help people to grow and reach their full potential. Each player is different and...
    • Page 47

    • Fishback Intern 48 Journals I kept a weekly journal during my coaching internship in order to share my experiences and thoughts on being a coach and also on leadership in general. Week of January 31st - This week we had team try outs. We only had...
    • Page 105

    • doi:10.1080/13691180010002134. Shidle, N. (1968). Technical manual writing and administration. Journal of Business Communication, 6(1), 43-43. Retrieved October 6, 2008, from Communication & Mass Media Complete database. Shockley-Zalabak, P. S....
    • Page 45

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 41 a woman stayed at home, she was submitting herself to a role of oppression, and was thus not considered a feminist. This answer clearly frustrated the women because the sweeping belief that every woman in the home is oppressed...
    • Page 80

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 76 Steiner, L. M. (Ed.). (2006). Mommy wars: Stay-at-home and career moms face off on their choices, their lives, their families. New York: Random House, Inc. St. George, D. (2009, October 1). Census dispels ‘opting-out’ notion...
    • Page 41

    • P a g e | 41 CHAPTER 7 Social Exchange Theory (SET) SET and Interculture The SET is an evaluated exchange compared to economic exchanges. Communicating humans mindfully receive a fair return for expenditure, time, and effort invested in a...
    • Page 103

    • No pirates no princesses 98 don‘t have the money, it‘s like that wouldn‘t be a smart place for us to put our money right now. But her, a my mother in law ended up saying she‘d pay for it so she paid for it. I: Wow. M: Yeah, and it was about...
    • Page 109

    • No pirates no princesses 104 were like well I got this and I got that and I saw her not being able to contribute because we didn‘t do that, but there are other families that don‘t do that. And I know that I talk to my other friend who said,...
    • Page 114

    • No pirates no princesses 109 M: Yeah. I: Okay, so are you able to recall a situation where you felt pressure to conform. M: Yeah, that Camp Canary. And she ended up going. I: Okay. M: But I think that‘s uh, and like with the graduation, whether...
    • Page 107

    • 100 the statement, “Math is hard for me even when I study” and after the real-life math activities involving the bodily/kinesthetic learning style disagreed strongly. Females were neutral but changed slightly after the activities (see Figure...


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