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    • 1899, May 7

    • Sun. May 7, 1899: Ther. pleasant. Wea. cloudy light showers am. We went up in Cougar Canyon and got some quaken asp bark forenoon rested the rest of the day. Monday 8: Ther. coolº., Wea. sprinkle in after noon. light clouds. J.R. Crawford &...
    • 1900, Jul 21

    • Sat. July 21, 1900: + Ther. Cool., Wea. Stormy., showers most all day I herded west of camp up toward Pine Peak. Two Kanab boys stopped here for dinner. Sunday 22: + Ther. Cool., Wea. Ptly Cloudy Herded about same as yesterday. The brush was all...
    • 1900, Nov 21

    • Wed. Nov. 21, 1900: Ther.42., 44., Wea. Cloudy attended School, for the first time for nearly ten years. Thursday 22: Ther. 44., Wea. Stormy. I attended school again today. (Showers every few minutes.) Friday 23: Ther. 45., Wea. Partly Cloudy....
    • 1901, Jul 22

    • Fri. July 22, 1901: Ther. Warm., Wea. Threatening pm The weeds are pretty good here so it makes herding an easy job. I herded between camp and the creek. Mr. Paxton came and brought me a letter from home, and brought some few supplies, he went to...
    • 1901, Jul 28

    • Sun. July 28, 1901: Ther. Warm., Wea. Showers in night, Clouds, I moved on south stopped for noon on the side of the mountain two or three miles south of Little Valley, camped just north of the top of the mountain, I moved about three or three and...
    • 1904, Mar 7

    • Mon. Mar. 7, 1904: Ther. Warm., Wea. Thin clouds We took the sheep back to water again, but it is so muddy and filthy they won’t drink much. Robert Cox is with us tonight he bedded his herd out a short distance. 27) Tuesday 8: Ther. Cooler.,...
    • 1904, Jul 26

    • Tues. July 26, 1904: Ther. Warm., Wea. Clouds, Cut clover out of the orchard. Wednesday 27: Ther. Sultry., Wea. Ptly. cldy. Raked the Sand-bottom hay this evening. Thursday 28: Ther. Sultery., Wea. Ptly. cldy Heavy Showers. Hoed a little corn on...
    • 1904, Aug 22

    • Mon. Aug. 22, 1904: Ther. Cooler, Wea. Sprinkle. Hard rain pm Mostly cldy. Geo. Cole left for Rockville on foot not being able to work (had his breast bone broken last spring) We run the mill part of the day. 50) Tuesday 23: Ther. Pleasant., Wea....
    • 1903, Apr 9

    • Thurs. April 9, 1903: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. Mostly cldy. Showers, changeable wind, Came up and camped about two or three miles south-east of the Short-Creek-Lake. George Norton spends most of his spare time going thru his fetlocks (combing his...
    • 1903, Jun 8

    • Mon. June 8, 1903: + Ther. Cool., Wea. Mostly Cloudy Thunder showers, Moved about half-way to the other camp put my camp under a pine near the upper reservoir, John J. moved the camp he is on his way home from Marysvale. Left the sheep up the ridg...
    • 1903, Aug 13

    • Thus. Aug. 13, 1903: + Ther. Warm., Wea. 10-20 am Clouds, Pleasant., cloudy in south. I herded on both sides of the canyon above camp. Myron came down from the other herd and went to the ranch this evening. Wm L. Crawford Grizzly Spring, Kane Co.,...
    • 1903, Aug 19

    • Wed. Aug. 19, 1903: Ther. -+ Warm., Wea. Thin clds. 1 pm showers I went over in the head of Lydia’s Canyon and took three photos of the pink cliffs and pinnacles or Castles. Developed them this evening only one good, one holder leaked light,...
    • 1910, page 184

    • 31 & 30 Days Aug.-Sept. 1910: S 28 Warm Nearly clear, Waded the river and sprinkled the dam. M 29 Warm Clear Windy. I have the rheumatism in my back and hip so bad I can hardly walk only went to Sulphur. T 30 Warm Mostly cldy Windy. not quite...
    • 1910, page 187

    • 30 Days September 1910: S 18 Showers Had a monster flood tonight, broke the canal at the head, damaged the dam. M 19 I was at he dam about midnight. Working at the house most of day. T 20 Clear. Hot. at Home Made some Cyko Post card pictures...
    • 1912, Mar 5

    • Tues. Mar. 5, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. clouds The threshers are here again. the Horse power is giving us considerable trouble The old thing gave out so they gave up the job before they finished threshing. Wednesday 6: Ther. Fair Wea. Rain,...
    • 1912, Apr 10

    • Wed. April 10, 1912: Ther. Cool., Wea. Showers. Sowed about 120 rods of barley in the Will Ruesch field got about half of it plowed. Thursday 11: Ther. Cool. Wea. Raining Done a little patching on the oakcreek fence this fore-noon.
    • 1912, Jul 13

    • Sat. July 13, 1912: Ther. Warm Wea. Showery Watering lucern and hoeing corn and pumpkins. Sunday 14: Ther. Warm. Wea. Showers Pm Attended S. School Sacrament meeting and Priesthood meeting.
    • 1914, Feb 18

    • Wed. Feb. 18, 1914: Ther. Cool Wea. Raining Chopped a little green wood, between showers Thursday 19: Ther. Cool Wea. Raining Helped a little with the washing and chopped a little more stove wood
    • 1914, Feb 20

    • Fri. Feb. 20, 1914: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Raining Chopping a little more wood, My cold is so bad I can hardly work. Mary has a bad cold too. Saturday 21: Ther. Cool Wea. Rain I finished chopping the green wood I have here chopping between showers.
    • 1914, Mar 30

    • Mon. Mar. 30, 1914: Ther. Cold Wea. Cloudy Heavy showers all around us. Got a shower P.M. Plowing a strip Jim left East of the section line got a little wet as it sprinkled most of the afternoon, got a pretty good shower just before sun down. ...


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