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    • fc 109 Clubs and Organizations HE clubs which have been organized at the Branch Agricultural College have become a very live part of its daily activity in socials and scholary func-tions. Among the most prominent are the two women's clubs— the...
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    • THE WEB 236 c. Identifies the value and differences of potential resources in a variety of formats (e.g., multimedia, database, website, data set, audio/visual, book) d. Identifies the purpose and audience of potential resources (e.g., popular...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 20 The extensive investigation into autocratic leadership style touches on many topics; however, there is little evidence found in support of autocratic leadership or any leadership style being used to target...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 26 outlined by Lazarus (1989) and its connection with group leadership style is a new concept to the field. In connection with the affective domain, it calls for more scholarly attention. Even though the...
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    • The Human Element 18 represents a set of factors designed to combat crises and lessen the actual damage inflicted by the crisis,” (Coombs, 1999, p. 4).  “A crisis is a major occurrence with a potentially negative outcome affecting an...
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    • P a g e | 34 Furthermore, SIT has three themes: (1) the importance of meanings for human behavior; (2) the importance of the self-concept; (3) the relationship between the individual and society. These three themes ground the theory that supports...
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    • 2 the “greening” of schools to bring a natural environment to urban areas and supplement school meal plans with food grown on campus. Urban school gardens provided a valuable learning environment that was unusual in large cities. Rural schools...
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    • 63 Chapter 5 Discussion This chapter discussed the results of the research into the existing barriers to school gardens in public, suburban schools in five capacities. The first section evaluated the purpose of this study. Second, the results of...
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    • 47 appropriate mix of instruction and scholarly activity” [Wes07]. Additionally, the lecturer also must have all the criteria as recommended by Digital Forensics Certification Board (DFCB). It is a natural vendor organization that certifies a...
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    • SILVER SCREEN 3 Abstract This research was conducted to determine whether or not film companies could make more opening weekend, based upon their implemented marketing campaign. To do so, the researcher used the public relations theory of...
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    • ALDEN ADAMS, doesn't get his cows milked in time for 9:00 o'clock class. LOLA R. ADAMS, majors in Business and is a Parowan boy. JACK ANDERSON, likes girls in general, but mainly a Dixie brunette. ANNA JEAN ARMSTRONG, quiet and shy but look out...
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    • Persevering Polygyny: An Initial Study of Relational Maintenance Among Polyginists 6 Introduction and Rationale Relationships pervade our lives. It is clearly important to study and seek understanding of relationships to help us improve them. While...
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    • iGRIEVE 13 family, love and God. Contemporary eulogies place an “emphasis on the survivors ongoing responsibility to the community or their faith rather than on how the deceased should be emulated” (Kent, 2007, p. 9). Nevertheless, with these...
    • Page 11

    • Amani Hamdan (2012) used autoethnography to explore the ways in which Arab Muslim women have been portrayed in Western society such as the media, popular culture, and academic writing (p. 586). Instead of using autoethnography to give additional atte...
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    • Physician & Patient Communication 8 The purpose and reasoning for this thesis is to identify themes and patterns of communication between physicians and patients, as demonstrated by the use of physician and patient web-logs or blogs. Physicians use...
    • Page 12

    • Physician & Patient Communication 13 of learning the basic science of communication?” (p. 189). With such training, medical students will communicate better with patients, other physicians and hospital administrators (Arnold, 2003, p. 189)....
    • Page 26

    • Fusion 360 27 consistent themes; company’s focused solely on traditional marketing efforts, company’s focused solely on digital efforts, and company’s focused on both digital and traditional efforts. My goal was to meet theoretical saturation...
    • Page 37

    • Fusion 360 38 capstone in order to sustain my morale as an individual within the program and accommodate to the schedules of Dr. Challis and my committee members. Due to my initial interviews with Fusion before beginning the internship, I did not...
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    • Fusion 360 43 References Aaker, D. A., & Joachimsthaler, E. (2000). Brand leadership. New York: The Free Press. Alexa (2010). Top sites. Retrieved March 30, 2010, from Beel, J., Gipp, B., & Wilde, E. (2010). Academic...


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