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    • to l~ecome Kumen's horse, and later when Kumen went to San Juan in 1879, he took "Old FranPwith him." Each of the towns to which Lehi delivered mail had a colorful history, and he became interested in the details of their colonization. In 1869, the...
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    • SOCIAL THINKING INTERVENTIONS 45 called "expected" responses, they become more accepted by peers and their self-esteem rises. As self-esteem rises, an increase in classroom participation follows as does co-play with peers at break times. A rise in...
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    • 52 CHAPTER 5 Results Discussion The challenge of using an AES program is knowing whether or not it actually improves student writing. As Chapter 2 indicated, teachers have different views on whether or not student writing improved when using an AES...
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    • Commitment 17 men, rises with their earnings. In a study by Carroll et al. (2009), emerging adults stated primary qualities they believed predicted marriage readiness include interpersonal competencies and developing capacities to care for others....
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    • When Policemen at the B. A. C. Had a Busy Day Scene—School Auditorium CHARACTERS Mona Urie, Ex-Mayor. Jack Jones, Mayor Loreen Haight. Jack Fogliani. Belle Jones Wilford Webster Karl Gardner, a Policeman. Bill Tucker, Cupid's Cigar...
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    • SILVER SCREEN 16 Box Office Opening Weekend When a film is first released in each country, its success is often measured in terms of its gross for the first weekend it opened (Friday through Sunday). A large number of people usually see a movie on...
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    • SILVER SCREEN 38 Research Question RQ1: How are the five dimensions of Relationship Management Theory (trust, openness, investment, commitment and involvement) related to the largest and smallest box office opening weekends from...
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    • SILVER SCREEN 45 Results/Analysis Films from 2012 The Avengers marketing campaign had an astonishing $100 million dollar marketing budget. This large budget allowed for multiple posters to be printed and published, numerous trailers to be released,...
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    • SILVER SCREEN 56 developed to conceal less about the film. This campaign could have utilized the social media platforms, partnerships, and posters better. The scores for the campaign would have been better if more strategies and tactics had been...
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    • SILVER SCREEN 70 Unit of Analysis: The Campaign for The Dark Knight Rises Trust: A. Was trust kept due to the expectations of the film were met? B. Did trust remain the same, due to the expectations of the film being mediocre? C. Was trust broken...
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    • SILVER SCREEN 88 The Dark Knight Rises marketing budget was close to $150 million
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    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 56 severed, and that potential communication is cut off because the DJ is not there to pick up the phone. The connection from the listener to the radio station front desk is still viable; “They call us about...
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    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 112 use it. It exposes people's natural tendencies. It's not the technology's fault. So is it technology driving the gap? I don't know. The availability of technology exposes people's natural tendencies. 37....
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    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 179 various options are available. The Internet tends to at times be better than radio. Radio is a one to many types of communication, because if you're doing one thing, but may not be meeting all the needs or...


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