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    • Senior Dignity BT I...IAST, after four years of climbing, we have reached the goal. There have been many pitfalls by the"- way to hinder, for a time, our onward progress. but through perseverance \ve have suc­ceeded. r-';'our seemingly short years...
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    • 30 struggling students was successful or not. As required by Southern Utah University Department of Graduate Studies in Education, all necessary Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements were met throughout the conduct of this creative...
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    • 31 sufficient data to determine if the projects outcome was a success. Upon completion of this study, the researcher used the basic skills test, homework tracker, oral questioning, daily bell-work, homework scores, and test scores to determine the...
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    • 51 stated “His son has always done well with math.” I believe that this type of student is uncommon, but it does make the case that using only the homework tracker is not sufficient in accurately identifying students who sincerely need the...
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    • THE WEB 241 e. Determines probable accuracy by questioning the source of the data, the limitations of the information gathering tools or strategies, and the reasonableness of the conclusions f. Integrates new information with previous information...
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    • 17 improve ELLs’ literacy achievement. Small-group leveled instruction provided an opportune setting for these students to be able to access prior knowledge, make connections with text and their own lives, and increase overall comprehension and...
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    • 30 The DIBELS assessment was used to create the groups for the SETHL as well as to compare growth. The MAP assessment is computerized and was developed by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). It tests for academic achievement in the areas...
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    • Emotions in Conflict 36 When discussing interviewing, Charmaz (2006) stated, ―The combination of how you construct the questions and conduct the interview shapes how well you achieve a balance between making the interview open-ended and focusing...
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    • Emotions in Conflict 39 Chapter 4 Results In order to accomplish the purposes of this study, elementary teachers were interviewed about their experiences, emotions, and conflict outcomes relating to appreciation, affiliation, autonomy, status and...
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    • Emotions in Conflict 47 The first hypothesis examined in this study states that teachers will perceive more successful outcomes in managing conflict with parents when the core concern of appreciation is addressed rather than when it is ignored. The...
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    • Emotions in Conflict 53 a positive resolution. Most of the teachers shared this point of view. Ultimately, when affiliation is absent and negative emotions are present, the conflict outcome suffers. The second hypothesis examined in this study...
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    • Emotions in Conflict 55 Because the parents in this particular situation disagreed with Ashley's decision, she was left feeling powerless. She explained that "I feel like I have the autonomy to say she needs to receive speech services." However,...
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    • Emotions in Conflict 59 the interview focused on specific interactions when the status of teachers was recognized, what emotions this led to, and finally the influence that these emotions had on conflict. The interview questions included: In your...
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    • Emotions in Conflict 64 Role The fifth hypothesis examined in this study states that teachers will perceive more successful outcomes in managing conflict with parents when the core concern of role is addressed rather than when it is ignored....
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    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 42 Harvard grad, a woman who loves to think, could become a homemaker” (Goetz, 2009, para. 5). The implications of people asking her this are, of course, that staying at home requires no intelligence, so why would an intelligent...
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    • 17 Chapter 3 Methodology The purpose of this thesis is to examine the relevance of reflection as a comprehensive link between service and cognitive learning in higher education. Participants Participants of this study were 20 Utah Valley University...
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    • 19 Data Analysis The data from both the pre and post surveys and verbal questioning were gathered and evaluated using an online program called Survey Monkey. The survey is still accessible at: and can also be...
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    • v Abstract Crisis communication research has failed to fully unearth possible explanations for its own short comings in matching appropriate crisis responses to types of crises. This paper provides a reasonable explanation and solution to this...
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    • P a g e | 76 TABLE 11 – TURKEY VALUES AND BELIEFS FORMS OF COMMUNICATION, e.g., VERBAL & NON-VERBAL Ethnicity: Turkish 80%, Kurdish 20% (estimated) Religion: Muslim 99.8% (mostly Sunni), other 0.2% (mostly Christians and Jews) Of the 63 million...
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    • No pirates no princesses 21 That beautiful home becomes comfortable. Being aware that adaptation will occur, you can prepare for it. Those who are always seeking the new and exciting event, person or product will almost never be happy. Beginning...


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