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    • Page 211

    • THE WEB 212 152 of the animated avatars or moving icons you see are GIFs. Remember the 􀁄􄐀􀁁􄄀􀁎􄸀􀁃􄌀􀁉􄤀􀁎􄸀􀁇􄜀 􀁂􄈀􀁁􄄀􀁂􄈀􀁙􅤀 􀁂􄈀􀁁􄄀􀁃􄌀􀁋􄬀 􀁉􄤀􀁎􄸀...
    • Page 34

    • Intro to the Internet 21 and Web Page Design try to use all available space. Consider the open design on the cover of an up-scale magazine with its open and abundant space as compared to the cover of a “middle or lower class” tabloid...
    • Page 458

    • When Martineau returned to Pacheco a month later, the town was a shocking sight. Large pieces of beef and pork lay rotting in the houses and yards and the homes were in a temble condition. There were books, many choice ones, scattered around--many...
    • Page 56

    • Intro to the Internet 43 and Web Page Design information may also be helpful to you as you design web content for yourself : ORGANIZATION: It makes it a lot easier to work on your web site if you have it organized. One easy way to structure your...
    • Page 66

    • Intro to the Internet 53 and Web Page Design format used by digital cameras and other pho-tographic image capture devices. Along with JPEG/JFIF, it is the most common format for storing and transmitting photographic images on the web. These format...
    • Page 70

    • Intro to the Internet 57 and Web Page Design shop® is the computer application of choice for such work. In this book, it is assumed the reader has at least a basic understanding of Photoshop. We will use Photoshop CS 4 Extended but the proceedures...
    • Page 81

    • 68 Chapter 4 Image Editing and Preparation You use this menu in a similar manner as you use other save dialog boxes. First choose the Save In location. For web images, this will be your “public_html” folder on the network F: drive. Next, make...
    • Page 82

    • Intro to the Internet 69 and Web Page Design Application 1. Find your own photograph that needs some touch-up and editing. If necessary, scan it then use the tools of Photoshop to make the necessary corrections and repairs. 2. Practice saving...
    • Page 54

    • THE WEB 55 6. Raster 7. Easy 8. 256 9. Interlaced 10. Photographs 11. HTTP request 12. Streaming 13. Compression 14. Animations 15. HTML5
    • Page 27

    • Emotional Manipulation and Psychopathy 27 Perception, include questions that are socially undesirable it is necessary to control for the effects of Impression Management. The individual effect sizes of Impression Management are not...
    • Page 19

    • 13 community to display children’s work, bringing children’s artifacts from home to display at school, and sharing photographs outside the classroom (Feiler et al., 2008). In conjunction with the U.S. Department of Education’s (USDOE)...
    • 1930_all 65

    • The Photographs and Portraits That Are In This Book Were Taken By Homer S. Jones PICTURE SHOP Cedar City, Utah IF IT'S KNOWLEDGE YOU WANT Read the Year Book If it's something tasty, ap-petizing, and nourishing you want, try us for quality...
    • 1904, Sep 27

    • Tues. Sept. 27, 1904: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. Clouds Toned a batch of photographs. Went to Rockville this afternoon. 34) Wednesday 28: Ther. Cool., Wea. Sprinkle, Clouds Mounted a few photos. went to town to hunt some of my ordinations in the Ward...
    • Page 53

    • As evidenced by the photographs, the XVomen's Residence Hall has been popular this year. Although special permission is necessary for a male person to pass beyond the portals of the reception hall plus the fact that the doors close on week days at...
    • Page 162

    • Intro to the Internet 149 and Web Page Design 21. Now for the final test, reopen the browser and navigate to the URL or file location. With the “index.html” page open in the browser, click on the buttons and text links to verify that the other...
    • 1904, Nov 8

    • Tues. Nov. 8, 1904: Ther. Warm., Wea. Thin clouds. Election Day. Went to Rockville this afternoon, met Father and Jake coming from Lund. Wednesday 9: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. Thin clds. Printed and developed some photographs. Had a nice social time...
    • Page 167

    • 154 Chapter 8 Web Design With Photoshop Application 1. Collect a number of photographs of your own - such as from a family outing, etc. and make them into a web photo gallery. 2. Use Photoshop to layout a complete web page including navigation...


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