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    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 39 Chapter 3: Method Ethnography An ethnographic approach to research allows researchers to immerse themselves into a culture and collect naturalistic data. Naturalistic data consists of real-world observations rather than...
    • Page 31

    • 31 5 REFERENCES Applied Biosystems (2006). Quantifiler Human DNA Quantification Kit User’s Manual. Applied Biosystems Foster City, California. Chapters 1-6. Ayaly-Torres S , Chen Y, Svoboda T, Rosenblatt J and Van Houten B. Analysis of Gene...
    • Page 18

    • Instructions for Chapter 3 1. Read the text of Chapter 3 found on the next handful of pages (42-57). 2. Also read the Chapter Summary on pg. 57, Important Terms and Concepts on pg. 58, and the Study Questions on pg. 60. 3. Complete the two...
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    • U.S. Embassy 42 The speech suggests interesting conclusions regarding the metaphorical findings. It has been shown that the U.S. uses discourse to reify its power and dominance internationally. The speech is a medium for such discourse, and the...
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    • U.S. Embassy 59 APPENDIX 3 | A summary of collected information for religious freedom cable/IRF Report • O Dia Nacional de Combate à intolerância serve para nos mostrar que queremos e podemos construir uma sociedade melhor, um Brasil melhor...
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    • U.S. Embassy 60 o Lula promissed that he will send the project of law to the National Congress to regulate the governmental publicity??? (journal pg. 7 para. 2). • The Fórum meets quinzenalmente in a religious temple chosen by participants....
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    • 28 sections. A post-survey was also given to the participants after each assessment. In this survey, the students rated their experience and their opinions about each test. Samples of these two surveys are available in the appendix...
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    • 29 Amount of Time Spent Reading Students were asked to report an estimated amount of time they read during the day. In total, 28 out of 46 participants – 60.8% – declared reading up to an hour or more a day. This percentage included those...
    • Page 33

    • 30 majority of definitions centered around three main concepts: understanding what is read, reading quickly and fluently, and understanding words. A comparison of definitions from participants in each group is shown in Table 4.5 (pg 35).
    • Page 37

    • 34 Results of Tests Results Chart To understand the results of the tests more easily, Table 4.6 (pg 37) compares the scores of both tests. As a note, the scores of the DRP test indicate the grade level on which the participants can read on an...
    • Page 41

    • 38 All students were given the same DRP test, which was standard for all groups. As can be seen in Table 4.6 (pg 37), 10 of 12 students (83%) scored above a 9th grade level for reading comprehension, with half of the students scoring just above the...
    • Page 47

    • 44 Overall Effectiveness of DRP Test Since this study is concerned with determining the validity, effectiveness, and accuracy of these two tests, the participants’ responses were averaged together. They rated the overall effectiveness, validity,...
    • Page 14

    • Section One – Level 1 Curriculum Changes What Constitutes a Level 1 Curriculum Change? 􀂄􈑌 Level 1 Curriculum Changes refer to the first section of changes, marked by the goldenrod background, found in the Curriculum & Program Change Quick...
    • Page 21

    • Section Two – Level 2 Curriculum Changes What Constitutes a Level 2 Curriculum Change? 􀂄􈑌 Level 2 Curriculum Changes refer to the second section of changes, marked by the orange background, found in the Curriculum & Program Change Quick...
    • Page 34

    • Section Three – Level 3 Curriculum Changes What are Level 3 Curriculum Changes? 􀂄􈑌 Level 3 Curriculum Changes refer to the third section of changes, marked by the pink background, found in the Curriculum & Program Change Quick Reference...
    • Page 41

    • Section Five – Level 5 Program Changes What are Level 5 Program Changes? 􀂄􈑌 Level 5 Program Changes refer to the third section of changes, marked by the green background, found in the Curriculum and Program Change Quick Reference Guide...
    • Page 29

    • The Human Element 24 not the actual event (p. 124). So in reality, researchers should be studying the social constructs surrounding trigger events as well, rather than just the events themselves, since it is the reaction that creates...
    • Page 28

    • 24 Book Clubs An effective activity geared at motivating aliterate and apathetical readers is participation in a learning club, specifically book clubs (sometimes referred to as literature circles). Guthrie and Anderson suggest, “In our (reading)...


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