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    • On Saturday night, scheduled as the last night of the meet, it was still anybody's tournament, with a possibility of a four-team tie which would necessitate the continuance of the battle to Monday. This possi-bility, as the games progressed,...
    • 1927 64

    • KING HENDRICKS Coach Negative Team J. HOWARD MAUGHAN Coach Affirmative Team 'Debating, HE only debates scheduled for the year were the dual debates with Dixie College for the Judd Tablet—a bronze tablet given by Robert L. Judd to the school that...
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    • 22 It has been observed that the most effective teachers are those who recognize that they have much more to learn and thus seek opportunities for continuing professional development (Parris & Block, 2008). The world of education is constantly...
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    • Fishback Intern 11 he was viewing a factory assembly line work shift. Indeed, the coaches punctuate the air with shouts of ―work, work, work.‖ The organization in this case is the team and the players under this form of leadership are the...
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    • Emotions in Conflict 19 interpersonal communication with others, can be beneficial in improving the ways that conflict is managed. The most common correlations found interpersonally from previous research relate to positive and negative emotions....
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    • Emotional Manipulation and Psychopathy 18 socially relevant information to manipulate others. It must be stated that this is only one aspect of “Theory of Mind”; however, it is the aspect focused on in this paper. This ability has been found to...
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    • 2 Opponents say it “diminishes the role of teachers and warps students’ notions of good writing” (Grimes, & Warschauer, 2010). The Conference on College Composition and Communication stated: Writing-to-a-machine violates the essentially...
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    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 18 John Dean, a co-conspirator of Watergate had published two books on the historic event previously meantioned. Dean employed varying forms of apologia in these memoirs in an effort to restore his public...
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    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 40 Non-apology Non-apology is a strategy used when the individual chooses not to comment on the allegations against his or her character. While Edwards rarely used this strategy, at one point he showed his...
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    • 23^35 t i % 32 ,20 ,,S 3 37,* 3; , ^li ^f t It" i Branch Aggie Football Squad Tne Branch Aggie football team is to be congratulated on tKeir impressive record this year. One of the strongest teams in years, it won second place in the Junior...
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    • I I i 1941 FOOTBALL SCORES Opponents B. A. C. Univ. of Nevada (Practice) 20 23 Mesa . . . . 26 14 \Vestminster . . . 0 41 Weber . . . . 2 0 0 Dixie (Practice) 0 33 Carbon . . . . 0 27 Snow . . . . 0 26 Dixie 0 14 From tne B. A. C. team came three...
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    • F O O T B A L L The hard working, hard hitting Aggie football squad, under the capable leadership of Coach Lee Liston, made this year one that will be long remembered in the football annals of the B. A. C. Undefeated until the final game of the...
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    • LES MATHEWS CARL WHATCOTT CON HATCH VIV ADAMS PAUL BAKER GORDEN TWITCHELL GARN WOODALL KEITH CLARK LES MATHEWS, Guard Big and not so easy to move. He gave our opponents a lot of trouble on the line. CON HATCH End He could hook a pass anywhere—you...
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    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 24 (Geiger, n.d.). This data is not fully available through the terrestrial radio model because radio is a one-way medium. The Internet model has this opportunity to acquire this specific data because of its...
    • Page 34

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 30 Radio, as every other media, must be dynamic to maintain relevance as it competes with other dynamic mass media. The future of radio has been questioned for almost a century, and with every potential...
    • Page 25

    • !26 I must also acknowledge that these experiences represent how I saw them, and how I interpreted their meaning. Anytime I wrote something in my journal pertaining to my interactions with the Chinese people, I wrote the experience as close to how...


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