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    • 47 Stress is a part of every teacher’s life. The participants in this study identified many factors adding stress to their lives. One teacher mentioned the expectation to have all students reading on benchmark and the challenge of uncooperative...
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    • came on my door and 1 opened it. 1 saw Patriarch Henry Lunt on a horse. He was well wrapped for it was early and very cold; he asked if Brother Durfee was in. 1 answered, 'He is in the vailey trying to get or earn some flour.' 1 insisted on him...
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    • Commitment 25 Sexual Permissiveness Sexual permissiveness can also be a hindrance to commitment in relationship. There is greater acceptance of sexual permissiveness in today’s society. Premarital sexual behavior is a great risk to future success...
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    • Commitment 26 Studies have consistently shown that cohabitation before marriage leads to lower marital quality and higher levels of instability and divorce (Brown, Sanchez, Nock, and Wright, 2006). People who live together before marriage report...
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    • depnved of many social affairs and, in a general way, her girlhood days were spent in heavy toil and she received a scant part of what rneager schooling those days had to offer.I2 Henry had been Mayor of Cedar City since the spnng of 1861. His term...
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    • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 78 to be considerate of other’s time and realize that they had other obligations as well. This was a significant obstacle for me as I was hoping to finish my capstone in December of 2012 but instead had to extend into the...
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    • father and Uncle Lehi were in the cattle business together, and they remained close friends all Father's life. Each had a high regard for the other's opinion in business matters, as well as a close personal regard for earh other. At one time, they...
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    • P a g e | 23 our emotional world that is deadened. The world of our creative imagination and intelligence is also impoverished (Sherrard, 1986). We must realize by now that our so-called deceptive inventions constructed and manufactured to complete...
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    • P a g e | 30 is, in fact, a new idea in social theory and law. The researcher can thus identify, where the individual stands nationally or globally, pertaining to his position as relates to his/her rights and obligations. This communication theory...
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    • P a g e | 66 TABLE 1 – HONG KONG VALUES AND BELIEFS FORMS OF COMMUNICATION, e.g., VERBAL & NON-VERBAL Hong Kong‘s values and beliefs based on the Confucius teaching system of behaviors and ethics. It stresses human obligations toward others...
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    • P a g e | 67 TABLE 2 – INDIA VALUES AND BELIEFS FORMS OF COMMUNICATION, e.g., VERBAL & NON-VERBAL Hindus practice the tradition of the caste system that establishes hierarchical relationships. Society is very conscious of social order and status...
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    • Physician & Patient Communication 102 Appendix B Hippocratic Oath: Modern Version I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant: I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and...
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    • Physician & Patient Communication 83 According to web-log comments, a more proactive approach is needed. Patients need to do their own research and be prepared with specific questions for their doctors, so that they can receive specific answers to...
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    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 44 When given job responsibilities, receptionists recognize that there are potential consequences if the obligations are not properly completed. Potential outcomes are not always foreseeable, however respondents recognized that...
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    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 48 similarly expressed her feelings about healthcare, “Just [doing] small things that I know isn’t actually one-on-one care with the patient, but I just feel like it’s doing a lot of good for them and helping them.” Not...
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    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 6 Chapter 2: Review of Literature Within the setting of a medical clinic or facility, receptionists have a plethora of tasks, roles, responsibilities, and obligations. Though duties may vary greatly based on practice size or...
    • Page 102

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 98 with patients may be brief or extended: there may be only one interaction, or consistent and repeated communications. A guiding belief may also be suggested that without some sense of a personal relationship, patient...


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