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    • ORIEN E. DALLEY Band Instructor in Violin WM. H. MANNING Head of Department ERNEST F. OBORN Symphony Orchestra Instructor in Piano cMusic HE Branch Agricultural College boasts the best Music department, in southern Utah, with but few rivals in the...
    • Page 312

    • article, but cheap and speedy transportation to the points of demand. Also, Utah is bound at some time to be a great iron-producing and iron-consuming country." The abundance of human resources for this undertakmg was stressed because a large share...
    • Page 443

    • November 20, 1910, the Rebels, headed by Francisco 1. Madero and his followers, openly displayed contention against the govenunent which was the beginning of the Revolution. In 1911, this opposition to the president broke into open revolt. This led...
    • Page 78

    • DONALD OLSEN, DIRECTOR The Chamber Music Association was formed at the beginning of the year under the direction of Mr. Olsen and has since done much to promote this form and acquaint students with its rich literature. One of the most noteworthy...
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    • Fishback Intern 27 Emotions emerge as a result of one‘s interpretation of the event, and events that require an appraisal can be either good or bad depending on how it connects to the actor‘s goal. Weiner suggests that these emotions are...
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    • U.S. Embassy 37 After World War II, the United States and its allies built a new world order. Today, it is up to the BRICs and the developed world to do it once again! \ What can be done to secure its position as the “best of the BRICs?” \...
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    • U.S. Embassy 39 leadership amongst the BRICs on trade is noted and appreciated! \ What can be done to secure its position as the “best of the BRICs?” \ A model for global leadership among BRIC nations is Brazil’s command… \ Brazil has...
    • Page 76

    • U.S. Embassy 76 Regionally, we appreciate the efforts that President Lula and other leaders made to bring about reconciliation with regard to the issues between Colombia and Ecuador. Brazil is working together with many countries in Africa to help...
    • Page 70

    • 66 The minutes recoded on reading logs were indicative of commitment to reading during the project. S3, despite having 100% attendance to book club meetings, was the sole student not meeting the school goal of at least 600 minutes of monthly...
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    • 2 Opponents say it “diminishes the role of teachers and warps students’ notions of good writing” (Grimes, & Warschauer, 2010). The Conference on College Composition and Communication stated: Writing-to-a-machine violates the essentially...
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    • PROLOGUE TO GLORY The Varsity Play of trie Branch A. Q, "Prologue to Glory," by E. P. Cankle was presented on Dec. 20 and 21, 1939, under the direction of Miss Vera Chadwick, speech director. CAST OF CHARACTERS Abe Lincoln Worth Porter Denny Jack...
    • Page 47

    • 42 results to administration and lawmakers, these data hardly denote solid evidence of success. And Brown, et al. (2011) stated that “often there is little distinction between qualitative analysis… compared with quantitative evaluation that...
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    • 40 • Snow College Facebook, YouTube, and Blog links • A Snow College YouTube video will be on the home page a rotate on a weekly basis • Contact form for perspective students to fill out on home page. • Apply Now button for a one click...
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    • 97 • Apply Now button for a one click route to admissions application • Live video chat option. Click and chat live with a person in “Skype” format Facebook Facebook will be updated at least 2 times per week Updates will be relevant to the...
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    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 10 In a study comparing patients’ medical experiences in Hong Kong and the United States, receptionists were specifically reported as friendly only in those exchanges that took place in the United States (Anderson, 2001). The...
    • Page 19

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 15 themselves. How receptionists perceive their roles and responsibilities can be a significant influencing factor on their professional efficacy. Current research has yet to sufficiently address this substantial...
    • Page 23

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 19 Furthermore, the organization serves a variety of local geographic areas. The combination of locations and type of clinic presented a greater degree of variety and diversity concerning potential receptionist-patient...
    • Page 27

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 23 This study’s truncated synopsis of responsibility may be attributed to the respondent’s actual reception duties but may have also been a more simplified response as she had the least amount of experience as a...
    • Page 32

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 28 stories of friends or colleagues recommending they attempt the job position. Karen told of getting her start as a receptionist 23 years before. “Well, for one thing, back then I needed a job. And another thing, I was...


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