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    • 1898, May 13

    • Fri. May 13, 1898: Ther. cool, Wea. south wind I went over to the little Meadows and watered a little wheat. when I got back Sammy and Emma was there Saturday 14: Ther. cool, Wea. s. wind, cloudy Sammy & I went down to the Big Meadow place and...
    • 1898, Jun 16

    • Thurs. June 16, 1898: Ther. 8-25 am. 73º. 4-20 pm. 90º. Wea. clear, clear, hot. I hoed and replanted the melons, and planted three rows more. Friday 17: Ther. 7-10 am. 70º. Wea. clear, very hot through the day. Uncle Oliver, Ed. Alred and I...
    • 1898, Jun 22

    • Wed. June 22, 1898: Ther. sultry 8-15 am. 78º. Wea. threatening We had a hard rain storm this afternoon which will do a great deal of good on the ranch if it came as nice there as here. We hoed a little cane Thursday 23: Ther. 7-20 - 72º,....
    • 1898, Jun 24

    • Fri. June 24, 1898: Ther. 9-15 am 76º, Wea. clear & bright the weather was most to warm to be pleasant working. I planted 3 rows of melons below the garden and finished plowing the sand bottom piece after breaking two plows up pretty bad. ...
    • 1898, Jun 26

    • Sun. June 26, 1898: Ther. 9 am. 80º., Wea. clear. I attended Sunday school & meeting and went to Grafton. I brought the calf up from Rockville some of the Springdale boys helped drive it up Harold Russell came up to help hoe cane this week. ...
    • 1899, May 19

    • Fri. May 19, 1899: Ther. 7 am cold’., 10 am. warm’., Wea. it blows hard., clouds running east. squally in afternoon. Jake & I built a small correll in the willow patch in lower field. Saturday 20: Ther. coolº., Wea. more wind. We plowed and...
    • 1899, Jun 18

    • Sun. June 18, 1899: Ther. hotº., Wea. clouds going N. I attended School & meeting. We had a picnic at Grand Father’s today noon, for Uncle Moses’s birthday. Monday 19: Ther. 11 am 95º., Wea. sprinkled a little I furrowed out some melon...
    • 1899, Jun 21

    • Wed. June 21, 1899: Ther. 93º., Wea. clear noon Planted melons on sand bottom am. planted corn acrost river pm. Thursday 22: Ther. 94º., Wea. clear. noon we set 5 tires uncovered the coal pit, & planted a little corn acrost the wash am. planted...
    • 1899, Jul 27

    • Thurs. July 27, 1899: Ther. 74´., 100º., Wea. partly cloudy. John Ruesch & I worked on the public part of the upper ditch acrost the river fore noon. We hauled 2 loads hay from sand bottom 1 from the point pm. Friday 28: Ther. 76´., 94´., Wea....
    • 1899, Jul 30

    • Sun. July 30, 1899: Ther. 70. 100º., Wea. clear I went to School and meeting. Supt. Spilsbury visited sunday school. he talked of tithing and the word of wisdom. Monday 31: Ther. very warm. Wea. clear I thinned and plowed the melons on the sand...
    • 1899, Aug 17

    • Thurs. Aug. 17, 1899: Ther. cool. Wea. high wind clear light frost at Robs ranch. I drove our stock over to the Little Meadow. Friday 18: Ther. frosty, Wea. windy. clear, Billy Moncur & I came down to Dixie over the Sunesberg trail. Saturday...
    • 1899, Nov 6

    • Mon. Nov. 6, 1899: Ther. warm., Wea. clear. nooned at Cedar City got some hay at Kanarrah and drove on too Dry Creek. (32 miles today). Tuesday 7: Ther. very warm. Wea. clear, We nooned at Toqureville, and came on to Grafton in the afternoon. (36...
    • 1899, memoranda 2

    • Memoranda: Potatoes Planted at Danish Ranch. May 8th & 9th 1899. Oats sown at D.R. May 9th 1899 Corn Planted at D.F. May 20th 22nd 23rd 24th 25th & 26th Melons Planted at D.R. May 20th 1899.
    • 1900, Jun 27

    • Wed. June 27, 1900: Ther. 72., 99., Hot., Wea. Clear. Hoed melons in Father’s young vineyard acrost the river. Thursday 28: Ther. 75., 100., Wea. breeze Clear. I planted some melons in the vineyard am. hoed cane on the Milnor piece pm Friday...
    • 1900, Jun 30

    • Sat. June 30, 1900: Ther. 74., 98., Wea. Windy, Clouds. Picked apricots, hoed cane, corn, squashes etc. etc. also replanted some melons that got washed out. + 17 Six months +45 Sunday, July 1: Ther. 70., 98., Wea. Windy, Clear. I went to School &...
    • 1904, Jun 20

    • Mon. June 20, 1904: Ther. Warm., Wea. Ptly. cldy. Planted four rows of melons below the garden. We planted a patch of beans below the point. 34) Tuesday 21: Ther. Warm., Wea. Clouds, Hoed cane on the Parker place. Wednesday 22: Ther. Warm., Wea....
    • 1904, Jun 23

    • Thurs. June 23, 1904: Ther. Cooler., Wea. Ptly. cldy. Sprinkle. Planted the melons on the Sand-bottom. Planted corn on the lower end of the big clay piece. Started some cattle up the trail this evening. 34) Friday 24: Ther. Warmer pm Wea. Clouds...
    • 1912, Apr 24

    • Wed. April 24, 1912: Ther. Windy as the dickens Wea. clouds going to beat time. I got the water down and watered my trees, then planted 20 rows more to of corn. I have it all planted over to the little piece I had in corn last year. Thursday 25:...
    • 1912, May 8

    • Wed. May 8, 1912: Ther. Warm, Wea. Clouds. Sprinkle, Thunder. Plowed and disked some land in father’s field, prepared it for melons, am. Cleaned a little more of the P.C. ditch. Thursday 9: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Ptly cldy Sprinkle eve. Scraping...


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