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    • The Junior College Tournament r~p*HE Rocky Mountain Junior Col-kge Basketball Tournament is a Southern Utah idea. The first meet was held at Snow College in 1924 with only four teams participating. The following year, with other schools added, the...
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    • Employee Giving 35 offered during the team captain trainings. I also believe that these team captains missed out on the energy of the team captain trainings and the expert instruction provided by Vice President Jones. Fourth, develop a donation...
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    • 27 to an hour or less. To form a baseline of information concerning teachers’ overall understanding of the RTI framework, the researcher began with interview questions created by Terry Ann Paradis (2011) from her dissertation. The questions were...
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    • an important thing to remember when planning an event. Attendees need to be able to experience something. The research proved that the model is effective in evaluating participants’ feelings and emotions about a brand and its event. The event...
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    • 30 The DIBELS assessment was used to create the groups for the SETHL as well as to compare growth. The MAP assessment is computerized and was developed by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). It tests for academic achievement in the areas...
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    • 31 toward reading by marking the picture that most closely depicted how they felt about reading. This quantitative assessment was designed to complement qualitative data in a way that was reliable, valid, and based on norms with a large-scale frame...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 30 group members, most organizations would prefer to train one person rather than five or six. Overall, the outcome of this investigation may indicate that there is a dominant, primary leadership style that...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 31 Settings have and will continue to arise when group members must adapt to and work with a leader who does not lead using their primarily preferred method. Instead of situations when group members either...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 37 from leadership styles. The paired comparison-survey takes every possible combination of these variables into consideration. Therefore, the survey administered for this study consisted of nine items each...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 46 each setting to lead in a democratic manner. Significant correlations indicate that, when democratic leadership is not present, group members may still be paired with a leadership style they prefer. In this...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 52 the definition of “self” held by one member of the group and how that definition of “self” aligns with other group members. Individuals in groups tend relate to, and therefore prefer, other group...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 53 the structure of the group. The matching of leadership styles to a setting and structure is similar to the design of this study, that is, to match leadership style with psychological domain rather than...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 57 health teams, nurses and surgeons would be assigned to teams not according to similar schedules, but only after affective, behavioral or cognitive domains had been identified in each individual. After this...
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    • Both hardware and application software need an operating system to do their work. There have been dramatic changes to operating systems, roughly corresponding to the increased power of processors and the increasing RAM demands of programs....
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    • 17 the results for the different hypothesis of the study, the DRP was found to be a valid measurement of reading proficiency (Estes & Others, 1989, p. 1-20). Snyder & Others (1993) found conflicting results in their assessment of the DRP test. This...
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    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 1 Chapter One: Introduction The 1960’s were a time of growing dissatisfaction for women. The women of the 60’s had been raised by mothers who had been an essential part of the workforce during World War II. Following the...
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    • 18 negative, that child’s awareness of contingencies affecting their own behavior is increased (Appolloni, Cooke & Strain, 1976). In some instances, student removal from the classroom and placement in a less stimulating environment such as a...
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    • 26 INCLUSION: IN SERVICE TRAINING Adapting quizzes and exams. Teachers may find it necessary to record classes for disabled students with weak reading or writing skills in order to allow them to study using auditory techniques (Perles, 2010). Another...


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