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    • 1898, Feb 14

    • Mon. Feb. 14, 1898: Wea. warm and still some clouds floating through the sky we hauled manure across the wash on the flour corn land I caught a coon in my trap this morning at the foot log. Tuesday 15: Wea. Very warm wind from the north...
    • 1898, Feb 24

    • Thurs. Feb. 24, 1898: Ther. warm Wea. cloudy harrowed the land below the point and furrowed out part of it preparetory for sowing wheat Friday 25: Ther. 68 at 3-25 Wea. Clear furrowed out land in the fore noon and hauled manure the rest of the...
    • 1898, Feb 26

    • Sat. Feb. 26, 1898: Wea. Clear & beautiful Hauled manure to the garden patch and worked on the cow correl. Sunday 27: Ther. warm Wea. Clear I went to Grafton and attended meeting there. then came to the night meeting at Springdale.
    • 1898, May 27

    • Fri. May 27, 1898: Ther. 10 am. 70º Wea. cloudy, high winds in afternoon I patched a couple of collar pads which took me about all day. Dr. Harris came up to see Joseph and give him some medicine. Saturday 28: Ther. 8-30 am 77 in the sun: 3-15...
    • 1899, Apr 13

    • Thurs. April 13, 1899: Ther. 8 am. 53º., Wea. clear Dan & Jake started to the ranch 6-40 am. over trail. Jim & I hauled manure to the Big red clay piece. Friday 14: Ther. 5-30 am. 56º., 7-30 am. 78º., Wea. clear. thin clouds. I hunted most...
    • 1900, Feb 6

    • Tues. Feb. 6, 1900: F.V. 9-23 am. Ther. 38., 59., Wea. light clouds. cleaned ditch at the Parker place. Went to mutual. James Stansworth and Lorenzo Russell were visitors. Wednesday 7: Ther. 32., 40., Wea. windy, clear. Jim & I finished cleaning...
    • 1901, Apr 25

    • Thurs. April 25, 1901: Ther. 54., 81., Wea. Thin Clouds, We commenced setting posts for the new barn. it will be 25x60 feet with 11 feet driveway through the center and arranged with reversible derrick hay carrier. 1) Friday 26: Ther. 58., 74.,...
    • 1904, May 21

    • Sat. May 21, 1904: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. Clouds Rain. Had another run of stamp pictures this afternoon. 43) Sunday 22: Ther. Warm Wea. Ptly. cldy. Rode the bike home this afternoon. Father and Mother got home today, Jake came back with the mail on...
    • 1912, May 10

    • Fri. May 10, 1912: Ther. Warm Wea. Ptly cldy Finished the levee and hauled three loads of manure to the field. Saturday 11: Ther. Warm. Wea. Ptly. Cldy. Sprinkle about noon I cleaned a little of the Oakcreek ditch and dug up some peach stumps for...
    • 1912, May 18

    • Sat. May 18, 1912: Ther. Warmer Wea. Clouded up. We took down a cole pit this morning, then I rake the hay I cut Thursday Hauled a load of manure to the F. field, The river is getting pretty high of evenings. Sunday 19: Ther. Warm, Wea. Mostly...
    • 1912, Oct 3

    • Thurs. Oct. 3, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. cloudy Hauled two loads of manure, one to each field Brot in a load of pumpkins from the upper field. Friday 4: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Rain Worked a little for father and a little for myself.
    • 1912, Oct 7

    • Mon. Oct. 7, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clouded up about dark and rained like fury in the night. I took a load of manure to the F. Field, brot back a load of sweet corn fodder, helped set some wagon tires after noon. Tuesday 8: Ther. Cool Wea....
    • 1912, Dec 30

    • Mon. Dec. 30, 1912: Ther. Cold Wea. Few Thin clouds Tryed to plow the garden above Dan’s it is too badly frozen Tuesday 31: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear Shelled a little yellow corn. Settled tithing ($28.62 paid this year) brot a load of manure...
    • 1912, memoranda 10

    • Memoranda: Jan 1. 1913 cold clear Band Serenaded town Jan. 2 Hauling manure to the Flanigan Field 3rd Pleasant Hauled a load of manure then, went on to town 4th, G.H. Isom and I went to Shonesberg set 16 traps, camped with Ira DeMill. 5th...
    • 1914, Jan 13

    • Tues. Jan. 13, 1914: Ther. Cold Wea. Ptly. Cldy. Hauled three more loads of manure then plowed 1/4 acre Wednesday 14: Ther. Cold Wea. Ptly. cldy Plowed nearly 1/2 acre and hauled two loads of manure. perhaps 3/8 acre would be about the amount...
    • 1914, Feb 4

    • Wed. Feb. 4, 1914: Ther. Cold Wea. Clouded up after dark Helped Mary with the washing and made a gate for the gap behind the house. Thursday 5: Ther. Cold S. Wind Wea. Bluster Hauling Manure, 2 loads brot back a load of green box elder. plowed...
    • 1914, Feb 10

    • Tues. Feb. 10, 1914: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Thin clds At work with the manure hauling and plowing. Wednesday 11: Ther. Warm Finished plowing the red corn piece and started on the other piece
    • 1914, Feb 12

    • Thurs. Feb. 12, 1914: Ther. Warm, Wea. Clear most all day Hauling manure and plowing. Friday 13: Ther. Warm. Wea. Clear Most of day Finished plowing the corn land in Pine Creek field I brot over a load of green Box elder tonight


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