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    • The Girls' Dormitory /T"^HE Dormitory started off with a bang. We had several dis-putes over which sheets went into which room. We were even guilty of yelling "Say you," at the teach-ers. Finally we settled down for a little while. Then, during the...
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    • SILVER SCREEN 34 2012). The team also set up press junkets and television appearances for the stars of the film to attend. Now after analyzing all of the strategies and tactics this marketing team developed for the film, it is clear to see that it...
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    • SILVER SCREEN 33 The film’s Facebook page had the most traffic due to the variety of activities the page offered. The page released exclusive updates, had photos from mall tour events, allowed users to create “District Identification Passes,”...
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    • SILVER SCREEN 21 Moreover, having A-list celebrities in the film helps marketing efforts tremendously. Celebrities have dedicated fans that follow their every move, one of which includes seeing every movie they are in. Having such celebrities in a...
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    • SILVER SCREEN 20 teams, these companies have been able to create new and ingenious ways to continuously engage their audiences to ensure their movies a spot in film history. Current Marketing Strategies for Films In today’s world, marketing...
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    • Photography in the Field: A Content Analysis of Visual and Verbal Narratives in National Geographic Magazines A Thesis presented to the Faculty of the Communication Department at Southern Utah University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 9 we became popular because we went digital. We have managed to stay on the cutting edge of visual image ever since” (Cook, 1991, p. 43). Profits from the society have gone supported research grants in the amount of $153 million,...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 88 Hammack, P. L., & Pilecki, A. (2012). Narrative as a root metaphor for political psychology. Political Psychology, 33(1), 75-103. Hariman, R., & Lucaites, J. L. (2003, March). Public identity and collective memory in U.S. iconic...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 84 face decisions on where to live, what to build where, how and where to travel, how to conserve energy, how to wisely manage scarce resources, and how to cooperate of compete with others...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 83 photographs in each story. The textual content is more saturated in facts and information due to its innate ability to convey more through the written word. Research contributed to the study of National Geographic magazines is...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 82 CONCLUSION Because our world is becoming progressively visual, many people may be increasingly reliant on images to tell them the story. The characteristics of National Geographic photographs are not only geographical, environmental,...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 8 Photography in the Field: A Content Analysis of Photography in National Geographic Magazines For individuals who appreciate the effectiveness and strength in a photograph, the quote, “A picture speaks a thousand words” can be...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 79 the location (the western half of America); on the other hand, the story also may have not been featured were it not for the people in the stories. The story may not have been as interesting had it only talked about the geographical...
    • Page 77

    • PHOTOGRAPHY 78 The first research question asked if the photographs or the text dominates the majority of content in each story of the National Geographic magazines. The results showed that photographs significantly dominate each story. Before...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 71 market in Bangkok (top left). Three dealers were arrested during the raid. In a discouraging outcome for conservationists, two were let go, and the third paid a light fine of about $600.” Other photographs continue the message in...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 66 Indomitable Snow Frogs, Foja Mountains, Whooping Cranes, Flamingoes, Ancient Swimmers, Crash, Swan Serenade, Eels, Insect Eggs, One Cubic Foot, Beautiful Friendships: Befriending Nemo, Gold Dusters, The Acid Sea, Bowerbirds, Politics...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 60 Changing Tribes, Shanghai Reborn, Troubled Spirits, The Secrets of Sleep, The Forgotten Road, Electrical Grid, Veiled Rebellion, Population 7 Billion, Opium Wars, Kung Fu Kingdom, Genius of the Inca, A Jewel in Two Crowns, Buoyant in...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 53 Table 10 Inconsistent Themes Frequency Percent Geographical 11 12 Environmental 10 12 Human Systems 23 27 Animal Systems 23 27 Human Interest/Discovery 18 21 Total 119 100.0 Finally, the remaining group of stories, titled...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 5 ABSTRACT It is undeniable to claim that we live in a visual world. The introduction and developments of the digital camera have had a tremendous impact in many facets of society. This study focuses on the impact of visual...
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    • PHOTOGRAPHY 44 when the test indicates .80 or higher (Riffe et al., 2005). Reliability for this analysis was calculated at .90, and was considered acceptable for this study. The list of themes originally found on the National Geographic website...


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