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    • THE WEB 225 Analytics 165 Direct Traffic: Direct traffic can come from someone who has bookmarked a page and jumps directly to it, or from someone who types in the URL directly into the browser. The grey area to remember with direct visits is that...
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    • The Influence of Six Weeks of Complex Training Employing Squats Combined with Countermovement Squat Jumps and Kettlebell Swings Combined with Countermovement Squat Jumps on Vertical Jump Performance By Chad Ethan Smith A master’s project...
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    • Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of Complex Training on lower body power, measured by vertical jump, following a six week program. Furthermore, the project was also aimed at determining whether it matters that the first...
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    • neuromuscular state observed immediately after a session of heavy resistance exercise (Robbins, 2005). If biomechanically similar explosive power exercises are performed while the muscles are in this potentiated state, an individual may see an...
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    • and Split Jerk play a major role in enhancing lower body power (Comfort & Kasim, 2007; Takano, 1992). Plyometrics are a more modern technique of enhancing lower body power (Ronnestad, 2008). They are quick, powerful movements involving the...
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    • on the acute effects of heavy-load squats on sprint performance. The participants in the study were timed in a 40 meter dash 4 minutes after performing three repetitions of 90% 1RM squats. These results were compared to two other tests. Both...
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    • program. The results of the study indicated that CT may provide equal if not greater improvements in performance than the other two programs. Each study on CT appears to raise more questions about how to organize a proper training regimen in order...
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    • the countermovement jumps and ballistic bench throws after a warm-up without performing a heavy resistance exercise before. In the next training session, as a complex pair, 3 RM squats followed by seven countermovement jumps were tested. In another...
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    • jump. The project was also aimed at determining whether it matters that the first exercise in the complex set is a strength or power exercise, such as Kettlebell Swings. Methodology Participants. Thirty-six recreationally trained men and women...
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    • (squats/kettlebell swings) and the plyometric exercise (countermovement squat jumps). Subjects were allowed to miss no more than two nonconsecutive training days. Missing two consecutive training sessions or more than two nonconsecutive training...
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    • dropped once again to between four and six. For subjects to participate in the Kettlebell/countermovement squat jumps group they had to be capable of swinging a Kettlebell of at least 40 lbs. for four to six repetitions. Participants were also...
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    • different results. Figure 1 also suggests a trend for establishing statistical significance between groups over time had the study been carried out for a longer period. It is also interesting that of the three groups; only eight subjects completed...
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    • increased to some degree with the six week training. This also may change the reach height. Researchers conducting future studies may wish to find a way monitor these things more closely. However, the method of testing for this study may be more...
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    • Docherty, D., Robbins, D., & Hodgson, M. (2004). Complex training revisited: A review of its current status as a viable training approach. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 26, 52-57. Dodd, D., & Alvar, B. (2007). Analysis of acute explosive...
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    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 16 An undisputed ideology that stands out most clearly in the film is that war is terrible. However, two underlying ideologies emerge as well. The first is the myth that the Vietnam...
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    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 45 00:00:00 00:00:02 00:00:07 00:00:13 JOHNNY: “Aw come on man. You gotta be BS-ing me. If they could have overrun it they would have done it!” BILL: “What? What’d you do...
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    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 66 00:00:50 12/ 00:15:04 must recuperate from your long trip. Pvt. Nguyen: Thank you sir. I shall eat before I sleep. Capt Minh: Nguyen find Major An and tell him … and tell...


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