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    • £mmt's Dining Room and Cafe Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lunt Proprietors I "We Resolve to Serve the . Best Things to Eat" We Specialise in Resoling AII Types of Fine Footwear To obtain the most comfort in a j resole job—don't wear the soles...
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    • 4 Three Score and Ten in Retrospect Chase Peterson, appointed President of the University of Utah in 1983.) In another Scouting venture, John and others made a camp on the side hill in Boyden's Grove (the bottom of the ledge at the top of the...
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    • iii LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1: Synthethic routes to methamphetamine ........................................................................... 7 Figure 2: TIC Chromatograph of methamphetamine extract with septum artifacts .......... 10 Figure 3:...
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    • 20 Impurities A and B were not seen until the injection port liner reached 21000 hours of operation (n=3080). Injection port liner was replaced after an additional 4000 hours of usage and 120 additional samples (n=3200) (Figure 12-13). Figure 12:...
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    • 24 used, only the three positive controls produced results for microsatellite analysis. Since qPCR indicated the presence of double stranded DNA in aDNA samples, amplification may not have occurred during PCR thus preventing the indication of...
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    • STUDENT EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK 8 to cover absolutely everything.” He further suggests to, “Keep it as short and simple as possible. Long, exhaustive handbooks can make employees feel overwhelmed, or will simply go unread and unused” (p. 2)....
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    • 2 Various reading comprehension tests have been developed for the elementary and middle school grade levels, usually up to grade 8. However, “currently few… instruments exist for diagnosing adolescents’ reading ability” (National Institute...
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    • Emotional Manipulation and Psychopathy 31 < .01; respectively)]. Psychopathic Behavioral scores were found to have a moderate correlation to the same subscales (r(153) = -.29, p < .01; r(155) = -.34, p < .01; respectively). The Fantasy subscale was...
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    • Emotional Manipulation and Psychopathy 32 any mediation. Due to the relationship found with the primary subscale, Machiavellianism was included in the path analysis. Thus, Hypothesis 6 initially upheld (see results on Hypothesis 8 for details of...
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    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 35 at-home mother) (p. 334). Blog posts were searched for these four elements before being accepted as data. While many blogs were generated in the search, a great deal of them did not discuss personal experiences in becoming a...
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    • on the acute effects of heavy-load squats on sprint performance. The participants in the study were timed in a 40 meter dash 4 minutes after performing three repetitions of 90% 1RM squats. These results were compared to two other tests. Both...
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    • 53 District Wide Findings On a district level, there seems to be an indication the MyAccess! can help students, pass at a higher rate with more submissions. There seems to be a correlation between frequency of submissions and elevated pass rates....
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    • Self-Disclosure and Cohesion in the Classroom 3 and Taylor (1973) expand the process of reciprocity within the social penetration theory further with the analogy of an onion. The more intimate a relationship comes through self-disclosure the more...
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    • 38 Furthermore, we also asked digital forensics practitioners to give us information on what types of operating systems were involved in their recent investigations. The result is displayed in Figure 12. 100% of digital forensics practitioners...
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    • 39 digital forensics program it is. However, due to the rapid development of learning tools available on the market nowadays, student or digital forensics practitioners would be able to learn from other sources, such as from the internet or...
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    • KUDZU Leadership 48 There was never any indication of why this new policy took effect. I have since found out it was an accounting issue. A coworker explained that if employees build up large amounts of time from one fiscal year to the next, it...
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    • Persevering Polygyny: An Initial Study of Relational Maintenance Among Polyginists 51 validation is likely not a unique strategy to gays and lesbians, but they might have heightened awareness of it as a relationship maintenance behavior as couples....
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    • Persevering Polygyny: An Initial Study of Relational Maintenance Among Polyginists 52 research might focus exclusively on married gay and lesbian couples and polyginists to further investigate this possibility. I think, however, the polyginist...
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    • Physician & Patient Communication 27 Counseling A statement about the physician’s personal experience that could guide patient action. “I just got one. Yeah, and it works pretty well. I think it’s a pretty good idea for a knee brace if...
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    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 34 military and moral quicksand, rather than toward an important and worthwhile objective. (Nixon, 1978, p. 350) What then was accomplished? Vietnam was not an isolated war. It was...


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