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    • Nov. 19, 1936.. .Council discussed the matter of requiring the public to use the Safety Lanes across Main Street and punishing 'jaywalkers. ' Mayor Hunter reported that M r . Patterson of the State Liquor Commission had promised to close the Liquor...
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    • Sept. 1 , 1 9 8 3 . . .Tom Cardon made a motion that the City Attorney prepare a resolution, to be sent to the President of the United States and Legislators from the State of Utah. indicating that Cedar City i s appalled at the action of Russia in...
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    • NINTH CIRCUIT COURT Built 1985 Justice of the Peace and Juvenile Court 40 North 100 East June 27, 1985.. .Tom Cardon made a motion to adopt the 198586 budget of $3,858,000. Conrad Hatch noted that the budnet included an item of $72,000 for...
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    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 49 (3)Meanings about acting, action and practice. People act explicitly or implicitly to communicate messages. By interpreting these actions a researcher can gain a richer understanding of the practice. Messages about action...
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    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 50 understand what the communication practices say about the people’s location, how they are related to that place, and how an individual should relate to this environment when inhabiting it. In interpreting practices by...
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    • 17 reading” (p. 283). They continue to explain “the assessments should be sufficiently sensitive to small changes in the student’s reading performance” (Mesmer & Mesmer, 2008, p. 283). Besides indicating student growth, progress monitoring...
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    • 51 would have the benefit of synergy as professionals collectively brainstorm and troubleshoot potential problems and their solutions. It is understandable to believe, “teachers who engage in collaborative efforts are more likely to see...
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    • SOCIAL THINKING INTERVENTIONS 35 to acquire such as “is self-confident in social situations” or “ is liked by others.” It was believed that this study was small and short term and targeted characteristics would not be measureable in the...
    • Page 41

    • SOCIAL THINKING INTERVENTIONS Both students improved their time on topic. Student A increased from 30% of his responses being on topic to 65%. Student B's time on topic at school was not an outlier; therefore specific data was not collected,...
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    • SOCIAL THINKING INTERVENTIONS Chapter 5 Discussion Approximately one in 110 children are diagnosed with autism. It is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States. Myriads of characteristics are manifested by people on the...
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    • THE WEB 232 172 􀁳􇌀 􀀴􃐀􀁒􅈀􀁙􅤀 􀁎􄸀􀁏􄼀􀁔􅐀 􀁔􅐀􀁏􄼀 􀁃􄌀􀁁􄄀􀁕􅔀􀁓􅌀􀁅􄔀 􀁔􅐀􀁈􄠀􀁅􄔀 􀁓􅌀􀁕􅔀􀁐􅀀􀁐􅀀􀁏􄼀􀁒􅈀􀁔􅐀 􀁔􅐀􀁅􄔀􀁁􄄀􀁍􄴀...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 19 Autocratic Leadership While democratic leadership forms around theory Y, autocratic leadership is preferred by individuals who can be categorized by theory X. McGregor (1960) developed theory X to explain...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 37 from leadership styles. The paired comparison-survey takes every possible combination of these variables into consideration. Therefore, the survey administered for this study consisted of nine items each...
    • Page 39

    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 40 Chapter V Results This study investigated the overall preference group members have for leadership style. Additionally, this investigation sought to determine whether group members reported a preference for...
    • Page 40

    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 41 preference for autocratic leadership (p < .01). Therefore, Hypothesis 2 is supported by the results of this investigation. Hypothesis 4 is similar to the prediction of Hypothesis 2. Hypothesis 4 states that...
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    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 45 work with a specific leader or training one leader to work with five or six group members, most organizations prefer to train one leader rather than five or six group members. Therefore, knowing that a...
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    • Fishback Intern 25 Coaching Communication Recent findings indicate that 55 percent of parents reported their children have dropped out of sports because they were too competitive, with many indicating a desire for coaches to focus less on winning...
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    • 4. Repeatable? Is the course repeatable for multiple credits? No Yes If yes, max # credits Is the course repeatable in the same semester? No Yes • Check Yes or No indicating if it is repeatable, and if it is repeatable in the same semester. •...


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