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    • 14 (Rudner). It also reports a high correlation between IEA and human scored essays (Grimes, Warschauer, 2008; Valenti, 2003) IEA asserts that, “Over many diverse topics, the IEA scores agreed with human experts as accurately as expert scores...
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    • 172 Chapter 9 Adobe Dreamweaver and add the content that you need for each page. You do not have to use the same template for all the pages but you should strive for some degree of consistency so your web site is easier to navi-gate. Also remember...
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    • 19 Kim et al., 2007). Instant messaging has been shown to be more of in between communication medium because it is used for both strong and weak relationships (Kim, Kim, Park, & Rice, 2007). Social networking is associated with weak or...
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    • 23 There has been interesting research regarding AES systems and revision. It is widely accepted that developing good writers involves revision. In fact, in a 3-year study, covering 3 school district in the state of California, it was found that...
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    • 28 Question 7: Finally, what do you think are the most important considerations for people involved in creating and providing service opportunities to think about? What are the most important elements of designing these experiences for you...
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    • 29 CHAPTER 4 Results Overview of this Chapter In this chapter, data from eighth grade classes comprising of 4,558 students in eleven different schools, in a single district provides a look at the effectiveness of an AES program in helping students...
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    • 33 bullied, and they’ve kinda had like suicide thoughts and stuff, and like, it’s just made it more real to me. Female student: They tell you all the percentages and stuff, and you are like, “Wow, that’s a lot of people” . . . but when...
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    • 36 in the classroom is so much more inviting to you to share your opinion than any other class. I hardly ever talk in other classes, but in this class I do. When asked to explain why he feels more comfortable talking in this class, he...
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    • 40 level of effectiveness, quantitative evaluation and follow-up should be part of the planning process” (Brown, Dotson, & Yontz, 2011, p. 60). Another flaw in the planning of the conference may simply lie in the dates in which it is provided....
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    • 44 district’s Technology Endorsement; or required conference attendance for schools and/or departments seeking to implement a new pedagogical strategy or element of technology into their curriculums. Despite a call to approximately thirty...
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    • 49 P8 All the ones I attended were as expected. There were some that were as advertised, but because the program did not fit with computers at my school, I could not implement them. Example: if the program was not accessible on a chromebook (not...
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    • 5 CHAPTER 2 Literature Review Teaching science curriculum is a difficult task; one that is made even more difficult by the overwhelming breadth of information needed to succeed in understanding different science areas. With this difficulty in mind,...
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    • 53 amount of data collected in this school and their focus on collaboration, the researcher was concerned time taken to collect and analyze data and focused interaction with collaborating educators was not developed to its fullest potential. Even...
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    • 6 Chapter 2 Literature Review In order to determine which reading test most accurately measured a student’s reading comprehension level, a few factors needed to be analyzed and reviewed. The first of which was standard definition of...
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    • 67 Book Club Attendance Data Book club attendance data was a strong indicator of student commitment to this project. With the exception of one student (S7), the participants were very diligent and conscientious with meeting attendance. Due to a...
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    • 8 Chapter 2 Literature Review When children enter school, they bring an array of experiences and background knowledge to the classroom as they try to understand their new world of learning in the academic world away from home. In terms of literacy,...
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    • 8 Inquiry-based instruction is, as stated previously, a key component of NSES. It is defined by the authors of NSES as the following: Scientific inquiry refers to the diverse ways in which scientists study the natural world and propose explanations...
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    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 1 Chapter 1: Introduction Citizens invest trust in their leaders, not only to lead their nations to prosperity and safety, but also to forge trust through their examples as individuals. Yet no man or woman...
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    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 2 these factors could greatly affect the apologetic situation and merit further analysis into their potential effects of the apology. While an in-depth look is warranted at the various factors that...
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    • Commitment 27 characteristics, such as love, loyalty, sensitivity, and trust, were all descriptions of commitment used by both married couples and those couples who were cohabiting (Pryor & Roberts, 2005). Research Questions Although many...


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