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    • No pirates no princesses 97 I: It‘s extraordinary. M: And it‘s been like with every kid like that. Billie is just getting to the phase, because she had a friend Bridget who dropped off stuff I don‘t know that people just think, oh M‘s...
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    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 99 Patients’ Perspective As with any element of research, there may exist a sub-culture that is potentially impacted by the study’s content. The majority of patients will never be aware of this research, nor will they ever...
    • Page 11

    • 8 When the student [understood] that the life of the plants that have been sown depend[ed] upon his care and in watering them … without which the little plant drie[d] up … the child [became] vigilant, as one who [was] beginning to feel...
    • Page 125

    • No pirates no princesses 120 and my child has been blessed and gifted with the ability to sing beautifully and she now attends the Orange County High School of the Arts in the music and theatre company. My step daughter J is 19 and she is my...
    • Page 143

    • No pirates no princesses 138 I: Okay. K: As they say in Yiddish, a Menche. I: A what? K: A Menche. I: So your faith dictates some of the way you raise your children? K: Yes, and for my husband. I: Because you‘re different faiths. K: I have one....
    • Page 144

    • No pirates no princesses 139 K: Indeed and helps to create some of that culture and pays our bills. And so I think that one way our kids become impacted is they want to see what Dad is working on. So they get to see that stuff. I: What is that? K:...
    • Page 15

    • 13 included in student files as part of the researcher’s improvement plan to the Pro-Active Skill Building Program. It is intended by the researcher to encourage faculty and staff at the study site to incorporate these preventative interventions...
    • Page 153

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 149 Tracee Jones November 6, 2013 Sales manager Radio Central Lake Havasu City, AZ 6. How have you changed over the years? Your view of radio? Why are you still in it? I would say education of radio has...
    • Page 161

    • No pirates no princesses 156 didn‘t used to create visually. So now he‘s being inundated by imagery and noise and volume, there‘s no way they‘d imagine it at that age. I: So there‘s a gap you determine if there‘s a gap in their...
    • Page 171

    • No pirates no princesses 166 exposed to over at her house and Lucy knows it. And I say there‘s many more fish in the sea. I‘m sorry, it‘s not about the girl, it‘s about the mom. You can absolutely do that. There‘s nothing wrong with it....
    • Page 181

    • No pirates no princesses 176 T: If you want to sit and fight it all the way it‘ll be five hours. And that seems to be working. Having twins in the same is a real eye opener in terms of having different teachers and different learning styles of...
    • Page 183

    • No pirates no princesses 178 able to say this is the value and get that and maybe a little bit more. So I want my kids to know that it‘s fine to have things and to want to pursue them, and there‘s nothing wrong with, I mean I spent a lot of...
    • Page 202

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 198 I've never thought that, that's a really good question, so in other words, those who are the haves being those who technologically rich and the have-nots who are folks who just that for whatever reason...
    • Page 209

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 205 technology has helped a lot to provide a localism even during hours when I do not have live DJs. We are getting smarter and smarter in making that happen and then there is tremendous technology available...
    • Page 21

    • 16 Health & Human Development, 2000). In addition, ELLs who are literate in their first language must be explicitly taught the similarities and differences in the alphabets, letter sounds, and phonemes that are found in their native language and...
    • Page 21

    • Commitment 16 Chapter 2 Literature Review Researchers have found many factors that play a role in the evolution of commitment (Niehuis, Huston, & Rosenband, 2006; Ripley, Worthington, Bromley, & Kemper, 2005; Weigel, Bennett, & Ballard-Reisch,...
    • Page 22

    • 18 programs need to be very high quality and aligned with high-quality kindergarten programs (Mead, 2008). Another factor that has been identified as important to pre-kindergarten programs is the teacher belief system (Lar-Cinisomo, Fuligni,...


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