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    • 1916 13

    • Senior Dignity BT I...IAST, after four years of climbing, we have reached the goal. There have been many pitfalls by the"- way to hinder, for a time, our onward progress. but through perseverance \ve have suc­ceeded. r-';'our seemingly short years...
    • Page 196

    • The canvass of Citv election was made, and the following vote cast for Districts ~ b 1 and 2 were submitted: . Office Mayor: Candidate W. H Leigh (R) . Ualter Granger iD1 Daniel T. Leigh (S) Herbert P. Haight Hillman Dalley Joseph G. Steven~on...
    • Page 472

    • scene could hardly be conceived. The toil-worn and hardy pioneers, with uncovered heads bent in reverence to the Almighty, thanked Him for H i s kindly care in bringing them to a land where conscience was free, with liberty undiluted. and asked H i...
    • Page 2

    • the hopes of one day being reunited.' He canied a letter from her which he had read many times over. In answer to Henry's note advising her that he would be coming to visit her, Martha had written the following, dated November 30, 1 8 4 8 : ~ I...
    • Page 265

    • and a very important one it is, as every teacher who has tned it must confess. Our choir, under the patronage and encouragement of our leaders, still improves. They gave a concert during the winter which was very satisfactory. Our city fathers have...
    • Page 241

    • O u t of this spirit of cooperation came lasting friendship and loyalty to each other and to their community. I feel that those men and women who built our foundations have a right to a ~ the question; "Will those k who follow us live up to our...
    • Page 244

    • felt that strongly because he showed it in his own life by helping his fellow men. Now, such a religion as I have pictured, Brother Jones felt within him. 'This religion not only recognizes the human personality as divine, hut as eternal. Not only...
    • Page 17

    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 18 Church converted to the Work, but as time passed, fewer outsiders converted to the Work. Despite the fewer numbers of converts, a high birth rate within the community caused the congregations to steadily grow through the...
    • Page 25

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 21 Chapter 4: Results The grounded theory analysis of the data revealed several dominant themes as well as sub-divisions of each of those themes. This chapter seeks to comprehensively define and detail each theme and to give...
    • Page 34

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 30 thematic observations regarding how and why receptionists got their jobs, the research themes can be further identified and explained. The Receptionists’ View The formerly discussed elements of medical receptionists’ job...
    • Page 35

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 31 experience for patients. Interview questions about job responsibilities and daily tasks inevitably led to a great expression of self-importance. Beth’s explanation became an overarching theme of the study, “We’re the...
    • Page 65

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 61 Alli’s advice in this line of circumstances was as follows: “I think just having those little things that happen can get chaotic. But if you can laugh about it—you know, obviously being professional—but just laugh...
    • Page 66

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 62 How patients view receptionists. Medical establishments, clinics, and hospitals would certainly be nonexistent if not for the patient role as the primary recipient in healthcare interactions. Customer service is generally...
    • Page 89

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 85 These three selected lenses through which receptionists view their jobs are noteworthy angles from which to view the value of this research because these three perspectives—receptionists, patients, and doctors—represent...
    • Page 108

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 104 healthcare: benefits for receptionists, benefits for patients, and benefits for doctors. The benefits discussed hereafter are broad reaching and general, however it does give universal appeal to the course of study that...


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