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    • 1930_all 68

    • £mmt's Dining Room and Cafe Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lunt Proprietors I "We Resolve to Serve the . Best Things to Eat" We Specialise in Resoling AII Types of Fine Footwear To obtain the most comfort in a j resole job—don't wear the soles...
    • mcbooki062p036: Cove Fort (cont.)

    • Beaver County, Utah--History
    • travelers and freighters. It's beginning was somewhat different from the forts that have been mentioned before and was built for the protection of settlers that were to build communities. It was built of black volcanic rock laid in lime mortar, 100...
    • 1898, Apr 17

    • Sun. April 17, 1898: Ther. warm Wea. cloudy I went and planted some garden seeds on Rob’s place, such as Peas, chartier radish, White German turnips, Pride of Italy Onion & Chufas or earth Almond. Father & I fixed fence & made some ditch this...
    • 1898, May 11

    • Wed. May 11, 1898: Ther. warm Wea. light clouds We got the head of the ditch done and turned the water in 5 oclock pm. then staid and watched the ditch about two hours. Thursday 12: Ther. warm, Wea. cloudy We went up the ditch and fixed a few...
    • 1898, Aug 17

    • Wed. Aug 17, 1898: Ther. warm. Wea. forenoon clear afternoon some clouds We cut about ¾ of an acre of wheat some of it was terrible tangled Sammy, Jim and Ov. came back from the Little Meadows they have got the grain over there all stacked and...
    • 1899, May 22

    • Mon. May 22, 1899: Ther. warmº., Wea. hazy, light clouds, Jake plowed in corn most all day. I fixed the lower partition fence also the outside fence a little. I promised R.B. Moncur 7 steers at $16.25 per head. $113.75 Tuesday 23: Ther. warmº.,...
    • 1900, Jan 10

    • Wed. Jan. 10, 1900: Ther. 30., 50., Wea. Clear. Dan & I went up the river and got two loads of poles. I harrowed a piece of land by the footlog after I got back. Thursday 11: Ther. 32., 54., Wea. light clouds. worked on the rock road by the clear...
    • 1900, Mar 5

    • Mon. Mar. 5, 1900: Ther. 39., 49., Wea. clouds running east. We took the coal out of the pit. prunned apple trees. Tuesday 6: Ther. 36., 60., Wea. cloudy pm. I spent the day claning head ditches and watering wheat land. Went to Mutual in...
    • 1900, Mar 23

    • Fri. Mar. 23, 1900: Ther L.V.10-36 pm Ther. 42 at Orderville, Wea. pleasant, cloudy I went to the Danish ranch and fixed the fence up a little. John went to Clay Flat to hunt work. camped alone. Saturday 24: Ther. pleasant, Wea. clouds I went to...
    • 1900, May 4

    • Fri. May 4, 1900: Ther. + pleasant., Wea. thin light Clouds. but windy., Chriss came over here for dinner and went back again. Saturday 5: Ther. + Cool., Wea. Windy, partly cloudy. sprinkled here a little my tent blowed down this fore noon but I...
    • 1900, Sep 4

    • Tues. Sept. 4, 1900: Ther. 60., 81 Wea. clouds, picked peaches printed photos. Wednesday 5: Ther. 60., 89., Wea. Clear. Finished some photos. cut a piece of lucerne, Thursday 6: Ther. 60., 91., Wea. Clear I fixed a few views up to send to the...
    • 1900, Dec 24

    • Mon. Dec. 24, 1900: Ther. 34., 51., Wea. Thin Clouds Developed a negative & fixed up my scrapbook. We serenaded springdale this evening. Tuesday 25: Ther. 32., pleasant., Wea. clear, Christmas. I took a hand in the ball game this afternoon...
    • 1910, page 187

    • 30 Days September 1910: S 18 Showers Had a monster flood tonight, broke the canal at the head, damaged the dam. M 19 I was at he dam about midnight. Working at the house most of day. T 20 Clear. Hot. at Home Made some Cyko Post card pictures...
    • 1912, Feb 2

    • Fri. Feb. 2, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear Working on the Zion Road. We got the washout fixed so-a wagon can be taken over it, but hardly ready for heavy loads. 3 Saturday 3: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear- Went to town this A.M. Hauled a load of wood...
    • 1912, Apr 26

    • Fri. April 26, 1912: Wea. Clouded up- Rained Fixed for a garden on the river bottom piece and planted some carrots parsnips etc. Am. Worked on Pine Creek ditch afternoon got wet too. had to come home in the rain Saturday 27: Wea. Clouds going...
    • 1912, Jun 5

    • Wed. June 5, 1912: Ther. Got the break fixed up and the water in the ditch this afternoon I took the water. Thursday 6: Ther. Watering grain it is terribly dry and hard to water
    • 1914, Jan 23

    • Fri. Jan. 23, 1914: Ther. Cold Wea. Cloudy I got the load of wood this evening from Oakcreek. Saturday 24: Ther. Cool Wea. Raining Fixed up a few negatives today then finished up 3 1/2 doz post cards tonight.
    • 1905, May 20

    • Sat. May 20, 1905: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. Rain, Mist, Heavy shower 2 Am. I went to the black smith-shop with Bro. Edwards to get his buggy tak fixed up this fore-noon. Then we went to Teska and watched a Base Ball game this afternoon. We received...
    • 1908, Mar 22

    • Sun. March 22, 1908: Pleasant Clear Attended S.S. Primary Conference and Mutual. Mon. 23: Pleasant T. clds Heavier clds. Fixed up and drove to the Pocket Lane. Tues. 24: Warm. L. clds I went on to Hurricane and back to La Verkin Wed. 25: High...


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