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    • SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY Degradability of both a physical latent fingerprint and its associated extracted DNA MASTERS OF SCIENCE IN FORENSIC SCIENCE Kristina Dean 2009
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    • 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT: 4 1. INTRODUCTION: 5 1.1 Fingerprint 6 1.2 DNA 7 2. METHODS & MATERIALS: 13 2.1 Fingerprint 13 2.2 DNA Extraction 15 2.3 PCR 15 2.4 Quantification 16 2.5 Amplification 17 2.6 STR Analysis 17 3. RESULTS: 18 4....
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    • 4 ABSTRACT There are several ways to identify a potential suspect in a crime which can range from an eye witness statement to something as small as a single drop of blood. Just as a physical fingerprint can be used in identification, DNA...
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    • 5 1 INTRODUCTION DNA can be used to distinguish individuals based on the individuality of their profiles. A profile is a visualization of the genetic code which shows locations, or loci, of particular regions on the genome where the code can be...
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    • 6 physical fingerprint should be processed for the print only or used as both a fingerprint and a possible source of DNA. Having knowledge of the dual purpose of a physical fingerprint, not only as a source of evidence but as DNA as well, could...
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    • 7 has been recovered, such as with DNA, so it is important to know what types of interferences are associated with each type of recovery procedure so that no damage will occur to the evidence at hand (Azoury et al., 2002 Stein et al., 1996; Zamir...
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    • 10 Applied Biosystems (AB 2006, Foster City, CA) and the PowerPlex 16 produced by Promega Corporation (Promega 2008, Madison, WI.). The kit used in this study was the Promega PowerPlex16 multiplex kit, which detects sixteen STRs while the Applied...
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    • 13 double-stranded DNA, some are specific for single-stranded molecules, others are active towards both and still others can cleave residues at the ends of DNA molecules or even anywhere along the DNA chain thus providing damage to the DNA....
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    • 14 number of glass microscope slides were touched by a donor and held for 3-5 seconds. This was to ensure that a solid print was placed on each slide and therefore a sufficient source for the DNA to be collected. The experiment had two trials, with...
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    • 18 of the ladders was completed prior to the sample run, and the peak heights were too high, the loading cocktail was modified to contain 0.25μl of ILS 600 and 9.75μl of formamide. Due to limit of chemical resources, only those samples that had...
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    • 19 appearance of the latent fingerprint also increased (Figure 3). Figure 3 depicts physical fingerprint area data for weeks 1-3 only; this is because at the beginning of the experiment no degradation had taken place at the initial start of those...
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    • 20 temperature treatment and incubation times with physical fingerprint area and DNA concentration. For the % physical degradation within the two trials over the temperature ranges and incubation times, percents varied between ± 0.5-1.5...
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    • 21 Sample Concentration00.511.5010203040506070Sample NumberConcentration nanogram/microliter Figure 1: Concentration of DNA in ng/ μl obtained from each physical fingerprint sample. Figure 2: Images of physical fingerprints at beginning and end of...
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    • 22 Table 1: Percent of samples with their % degradation for that particular temperature range. Temperature % degradation 25°C 50°C 75°C 0.0 -2.0 44% 28% 11% 3.0-5.0 17% 39% 11% 6.0-10.0 39% 33% 11% 11.0-20.0 0% 0% 66% Figure 3: Mean % physical...
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    • 23 DNA Concentration (ng/μl)-2024681012255075Temperature (°C)Mean Concentration (ng/μl)Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4(°C)(°C)(°C) Figure 4: Mean DNA concentrations in ng/μl obtained from physical fingerprint samples over temperature ranges....
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    • 24 105101520 25 50 75DNA Concentration and Fingerprint % Degradation over Temperature RangesMean DNA Concentrations(ng/ul)Mean % FingerprintDegradation(°C)(°C)(°C) Figure 5: Mean DNA concentration in ng/μl with corresponding mean % of physical...
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    • 27 4 DISCUSSION & CONCLUSIONS 4.1 FINGERPRINT In this study it was hypothesized that increased temperature would have a visual effect on the physical appearance of latent fingerprint. When looking at the print itself, it was observed that as...
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    • 29 The last aim of this study was to see whether or not a correlation existed between degradation of the physical latent fingerprint and degradation of the DNA within it. Again there was no relationship between degradation of physical fingerprint...
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    • 30 4.3 Future Research Fingerprints as a criminal identification, along with perhaps DNA profiles, may allow crime laboratories and law enforcement agencies to work together and have access to these profiles to help solve cases. This research...
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    • 31 5 REFERENCES Applied Biosystems (2006). Quantifiler Human DNA Quantification Kit User’s Manual. Applied Biosystems Foster City, California. Chapters 1-6. Ayaly-Torres S , Chen Y, Svoboda T, Rosenblatt J and Van Houten B. Analysis of Gene...


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