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    • Dabatiog amd Oratory XJOT much has been done at the college this year in debating". Last year saw the end of a six-year competition with Dixie College for the possession of the bronze tablet first offered in 1923 by Attorney Robert L. Judd, of Salt...
    • 1905, Aug 1

    • Tues. Aug. 1, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. Light clds. Staid at Bro. Edwards’ reading and writing and resting a little. I went over to Tesca and posted some letters, came back to the schoolhouse and listened to a missionary Baptist Mr. Denison preach....
    • 1905, Nov 12

    • Sun. Nov. 12, 1905: Ther. cool S. breeze Wea. Light clouds We took a south-easterly direction down thru the indian pasture this morning. commenced looking for a place to stay bout sundown, and continued till later, every lady had some excuse, would...
    • Page 15

    • April 11, 18.54...An Ordinance regulating the sale of soirituous liouors i n Cedar Citv: ~ e c . l . . . B e i t ordained by t h e City Council of Cedar City t h a t no persons o r persons shall sell o r b a r t e r , in exchange, any spirituous...
    • Page 19

    • vending of spirituous liquors in Cedar City: 2 . . .All ordinances p a s s e d , a n d licenses Sec. heretofore g r a n t e d , for distilling and selling spirituous liquors in Cedar City a r e hereby repealed. Dec. 18, 1858.. .An Ordinance...
    • Page 390

    • requested that a certain section of the Cemetery be designated for the Catholic Church, stating that the plot would be donated to the Catholic Church by Louie Burascano. May 2 3 , 1 9 6 3 . . .Bids will he opened May 29 for the $ 4 0 . 0 0 0...
    • Page 208

    • atmosphere of fear in which reason was the first casualty. Pratt represented the best of the intellectual tradition of the temtory, and the account of his death was not forgotten in the excitement of the impending federal invasion. He was among the...
    • Page 401

    • pain in his head, and then inside, and only lived a few days. He and his brother, 0~11, years older, two canid the mail between here and Juarez. They were both tall, h e , good boys. Bishop Sevy has been very ili with pneurnonia. My best love to...
    • Page 413

    • Thomas asked George and Oscar to help hirn on this contract and they made a good profit from this work. Thomas had acquired a fourhorse team and a wagon and was working in the freighting business when he found out about this job working for...
    • Page 139

    • Henrietta's father, Henry Lunt, said goodbye to her in 1885 when he moved to Mexico but they corresponded frequently. Henrietta received a letter from Colonia Pacheco, Chihuahua Mexico from her father dated Nov. 5, 1900. I t reads as follows: "My...
    • Page 56

    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 57 Ours are spiritual marriages. And our associations are motivated by spiritual beliefs and commitments that extend beyond this life. So they are very real to us and eternal to us. And when you consider the ramifications of...
    • Page 165

    • No pirates no princesses 160 friend again for a long time. Guess what no play dates outside the house for that. I find that there‘s so much parenting like that, guilt parenting. It‘s hard for my not to get stern with other kids. And I do it...
    • Page 99

    • 92 6 students used 0 subject areas (27%) 1 student used 3 subject areas (5%) 7 students used 4 subject areas (32%) 5 students used 5 subject areas (23%) 3 students used 6 subject areas (14%) Scale Drawing: Number of Learning Styles Used by Each...
    • Page 110

    • 103 Eighteen out of the twenty-two students used six of the learning styles. Musical/rhythmic learning style was not used in the presentation (see Figure 4.35). The final project given to the student was a scale drawing. Six students did not...
    • Page 15

    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 11 accuses the person (opponent) who committed the violation. The reproach phase follows and is where the opponent reacts with criticism to the accusation; however, the accused can offer other responses...
    • Page 15

    • iGRIEVE 11 found in classical Greek encomium (high praise). However, Aristotle made a distinction between praise and encomium. For Aristotle, praise “is an utterance making manifest the greatness of a virtue . . . while encomium concerns the...


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