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    • 1916 81

    • School Calendar for 191 5 & '16 (Continued frOln page 79) Jan. 18. The B. B. club entertains in chapel. Jan. 26. Sen1ester exams. begin. Jan. 28. Close of first sen1ester. Jan. 31. Celebrate beginning of second sell1ester by dancing froll1 8 until...
    • Page 35

    • STUDENT EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK 30 Scheduling Work schedules are based on facility need, class schedules, and availability. Schedules will be created every two weeks whenever possible. Schedules are frequently adjusted depending on the events. It is...
    • Page 36

    • STUDENT EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK 31 It is your responsibility to remember to submit your time sheet. If you fail to complete it by the appropriate deadline, it may impact your paycheck. Time off Requests If you know you are unavailable for a period of...
    • Page 70

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 66 References Ardener, E. (1975). The “problem” revisited. In S. Ardener (Ed.), Perceiving women (pp. 19-27). London: Malaby Press. Ardener, S. (1978). Defining females. New York: Wiley. Becca. (2011, May 2). Barefoot and...
    • Page 42

    • 39 significant things happening in the table. The first is the disparity of success between Hispanic and White students at School 3, and the next is the lack of disparity at School 7. As has been discussed earlier, there is little correlation...
    • Page 28

    • 24 INCLUSION: IN SERVICE TRAINING students. The special and classroom education teachers must ensure the success of all students with special needs by making certain that appropriate strategies are being used in the classroom (Sue, 2008). Karen (2005...
    • Page 30

    • 26 INCLUSION: IN SERVICE TRAINING Adapting quizzes and exams. Teachers may find it necessary to record classes for disabled students with weak reading or writing skills in order to allow them to study using auditory techniques (Perles, 2010). Another...
    • Page 71

    • 65 Type of certifications Explanation certificate shows his ability to configure and administrate Linux system administration, files and users. CCNA An individual that holds CCNA (Cisco Certified Systems Associate) certifies himself to install,...
    • Page 102

    • END OF THE QUARTER . . . final exams . . . there isn't a reference took left in the library . . . protozoa, pori-fera, rotifera . . . I wish I could get my marks before they are sent home . . . do you have to have footnotes for a term paper? . . ....
    • Page 54

    • To recover from mid-term exams we were given an afternoon off to visit the Ranch where we hiked, ate, and beat the faculty at softball. And then there was goat week vhich no pledgee will ever forget. Fifty-one
    • Page 23

    • O P H O M O R E S S These are the Sophomores who have lasting memories of Sorority and Frat dan ces and thrilling ball games Memories of times when seeing a fellow on the campus was a rarity and then to have them swarm the campus again. They have...
    • Page 55

    • STUDENT NEWSPAPER 56 Policies • Classroom environment: This will be a discussion, skill building, production class. Please come to class ready to participate to the current chapter lecture. I will include participation in part of my grading...
    • Page 56

    • STUDENT NEWSPAPER 57 Schedule Monday- senior staff (produce paper) find articles for next week Choose winning article or photo Writers- Photographers- Guest speakers- Research other papers- what you like what you don’t Assign reading of...
    • Page 58

    • STUDENT NEWSPAPER 59 Course Content: Media writing is designed to give students a real-world experience in news writing and digital media. Students will have an opportunity to learn and practice all aspects of writing for the media. The course is a...
    • Page 73

    • Physician & Patient Communication 74 need to be asked. Patients also need to follow the directions from their doctor. And patients need to make sure that their doctor understands the problem. I would suggest, that health care organizations be...
    • Page 15

    • 10 Students with mathematics anxiety. Mathematics anxiety has also been of great concern in the learning of mathematics. Research shows that many capable students do poorly on mathematics exams despite knowing the concepts very well (Meece,...
    • Page 26

    • 21 Problems With Implementation Several issues have been identified during the implementation of teaching mathematics using problem-centered instructional methods. Teachers have demonstrated a need to receive training on how to effectively teach...
    • Page 31

    • 26 Participants and Setting The participants of this study were comprised of fifteen secondary mathematics 1 students that have been identified as capable but under-achieving. Inclusion in this group was determined by past performance on...
    • Page 66

    • Fusion 360 67 APPENDIX 13 Client optimized newsletter News and Information AmeriTech College FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 5, 2012 AmeriTech Receives NLNAC Accreditation Earn your nursing degree from an institution with...
    • Page 71

    • Fusion 360 72 APPENDIX 18 Client optimized white paper How to Become a Dental Assistant Dental assistants are professionals who work closely with dentists. Along with assisting the dentist, dental assistants provide efficient dental services by...


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