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    • 1916 107

    • Come to the CEDAR LUMBER & COMMISSION CO. for your Building Materials A CI-IALLENGE We challenge anyone to name another Telephone Utility, ,situated a.s we are, that is selling a.s good ser­vice for a dollar a month, and as much of it, as is...
    • 1916 98

    • Jokes Father: Blanche, how do you account for the rapid changes taking place in such a few years in the ball room? Blanche: Why, father? Father: Because, my child, ,vhen your mother and I ,'were young all the ladies used to dre~s up to go...
    • Page 11

    • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 12 extraneous conversation” (p. 269). However, from a Hyperpersonal point of view, the principal advantage to the asynchronous channel is that there is an opportunity to be more mindful and careful of one’s comments...
    • Page 11

    • 8 produce a poorly written paper and still achieve high test scores if they use qualities the AES system has (sometimes bewilderingly) identified as good writing. In essence, to write a bad essay and get a good score, the student would have...
    • Page 112

    • No pirates no princesses 107 M: Yeah and that might be the way some parents unconsciously parent because they are still nurturing their own child that didn‘t get heard. And it‘s with stuff. That‘s the crime, its with stuff, not with sitting...
    • Page 114

    • No pirates no princesses 109 M: Yeah. I: Okay, so are you able to recall a situation where you felt pressure to conform. M: Yeah, that Camp Canary. And she ended up going. I: Okay. M: But I think that‘s uh, and like with the graduation, whether...
    • Page 115

    • THE WEB 116 56 As a young creative director, I was tasked with creating a web development process for a small web software startup company. Small businesses would hire us to design their website, and then they would subscribe to our online content...
    • Page 126

    • No pirates no princesses 121 certain songs, watch certain TV programs and I know for the longest time it really worked and I remember telling Amy when she was really little telling her ‗you are not going to be able to do things that other...
    • Page 130

    • No pirates no princesses 125 I: Now did you ever feel pressure to conform to the consumer culture in any way, or did you feel you had to dig in your heels even more because he would go to the opposite extremes. E: Oh yeah, you know, when she was...
    • Page 134

    • No pirates no princesses 129 I: Exactly. Okay so we‘ve covered the questions as far as struggles with raising your children with values and responsibilities. Do you have anything else you want to say with that. It seems that in some ways your...
    • Page 14

    • 1 1 the newspaper ran the letters exactly as they had been written. It didn't take long to figure out why. For starters, the 25 students spelled "vandal" in nearly as many ways. "Dear Vandales" went one letter, "I really think that you were tuped...
    • Page 140

    • Intro to the Internet 127 and Web Page Design you will need to make changes to the style sheets. Try changing the position rules and pad-ding to see what effect those changes have on your page. The different browsers handle HTML tags differently so...
    • Page 146

    • No pirates no princesses 141 I: So you think I have radical ideas about how to raise my children but I still have to live in the world. K: Exactly. I just had Noah‘s boy scout troop over and I don‘t have a kid friendly snack here other than...
    • Page 15

    • 2 Chapter 1 The Internet and the Web Introduction In today’s world, it is the rare person who has not had some exposure to the Internet and the World-Wide Web. According to recent research, as of the year 2004 there were only about 20%...
    • Page 170

    • No pirates no princesses 165 M: Be there. Be there. Be specific. You can‘t just say, how was your day. The way we get into it at the dinner table is by saying, Okay, who got into trouble today? IT‘s specific. It starts with theis acrchaic...
    • Page 188

    • No pirates no princesses 183 and said maam you just need to take better care of you children and I said first of all that‘s the wrong answer, and you‘re saying exactly, you are the people I have to watch out for. This is a minor child. You...
    • Page 197

    • No pirates no princesses 192 they didn‘t get the strong foundation they might not recognize something as being wrong and fall that way and get sucked in very quickly. I: It seems to me, if you could use a word to describe it, would it be,...
    • Page 2

    • Emotional Manipulation and Psychopathy 2 INTRODUCTION Psychopaths are thought to be manipulative, unemotional, superficial and impulsive. Individuals fitting these traits can be seen in many places in society. There is something amazingly magnetic...


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