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    • 1915 23

    • KATIE THORLEY. To her school none has been more loyal. J}.r' _ ORA DALLEY. "If to her share some female errors fall, Look on her face and you'll forget them all." CLYDE BUNKER. A splendid athlete and a natural leader.
    • 1910, page 32

    • 32 tion of original theorems and to the solution of practical problems. Three hours per week throughout the year. Solid Geometry. Wentworth's Solid Geometry. Two hours per week throughout the year, or equivalent. Trigonometry I....
    • 1911, page 31

    • 31 SUBJECTS OF INSTRUCTION. ENGLISH. Mr. Belnap. Miss Decker. Mr. Ashby. Miss Palmer. English a. This course consists of a review of the principles of English Grammar, special attention being given to common errors. Drill in...
    • 1912, page 34

    • SUBJECTS OF INSTRUCTION. ENGLISH. Miss Decker. Miss Brown. Mr. English a. This course consists of a review of the principles of English grammar, special attention being given to common errors. Drill in punctuation, letter writing,...
    • Page 444

    • stemmed fiom the fact that an army, when mobilized, needs food, transportation, guns and ammunition. Also, some of the officers misused their positions, especiaily when they had been drinking. Riots occurred at Mexico City where the Amencan flag...
    • Page 38

    • 32 perspective about the HLEs of ELLs from low-SES families. The instruments used to collect data for this study are located in Appendices A through D. The tasks that were completed in sequential order to accomplish the purpose of the...
    • Page 62

    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 63 or engage in other housework. Because of this, she earned her degree in one year instead of the typical two years. In many ways, each family acts as an autonomous community in itself. The members contribute in their own ways...
    • Page 23

    • THE WEB 24 Instructor Key Create a Course Blog Assignment Criteria Performance Quality 0 points 1 point 2 points 3 points Blog Posts (evaluated weekly) Blog post was not published on time, is poorly written, does not contain content relevant to...
    • Page 31

    • THE WEB 32 What does it do? Assignment Criteria Performance Quality 0 points 1 point 2 points 3 points What does it do? The student’s work does not fulfill the basic requirements of the assignment. The student’s work fulfills the...
    • Page 33

    • THE WEB 34 11. An open card sort is typically done when you want to learn how users _________ content. 12. Process flows can help identify any ____________ or awkward interactions. Instructor Key Review Answers 1. First 2. Face-to-face 3. Scope 4....
    • Page 34

    • THE WEB 35 Site Diagram Content Map is incomplete. The map is not well organized. The map includes data that is not represented on the content inventory. There are three or more grammatical errors. Content Map is complete. The map is well...
    • Page 45

    • THE WEB 46 4. Cascading Style Sheets 5. Task cycles 6. RSS, Atom 7. Versioning 8. Open source 9. Multi-market localization 10. Documentation 11. Recognition Install Wordpress CMS Assignment Criteria Performance Quality 0 points 1 point 2 points 3...
    • Page 49

    • THE WEB 50 8. Server-side 9. Database 10. Relational JavaScript Alert Assignment Criteria Performance Quality 0 points 1 point 2 points 3 points JavaScript Alert Assignment was not completed. Assignment was attempted but popup does...
    • Page 136

    • THE WEB 137 Prototyping 77 11. After the focus group, collect any forms, make sure the forms are cod􀀍􀵥 ed properly, and spend some time debriefing the focus group team. Common Focus Group Issues 􀁳􇌀...
    • Page 182

    • THE WEB 183 Presentation 123 Keep in mind: having an optimized style sheet for mobile devices doesn’t mean a website is optimized for mobile. To be truly optimized for mobile de􀀍􀵶 vices, the images and markups need to cut on the load size...
    • Page 50

    • Fishback Intern 51 This week we played really well. It was a double header with a long bus ride to get there. We were able to win both games. We had some key things that happened in order to win those games. One was focusing on starting fast and...
    • Page 64

    • 54 independent-mediating-dependent construct structure. The fit indices of the hypothesized model indicated that the model represented a good fit to the data [Satorra-Bentler Scaled χ²(218, N = 973) = 870.75, p < 0.001, CFI = 0.905, IFI =0.905,...
    • Page 136

    • 126 model in the appendix assured that the model fit the data well: no evidence of improper solutions was found, all measurement parameters were statistically significant, the confirmatory factor loadings were of relatively large size, and the...
    • Page 150

    • 140 References Maddox, K. (2009). Forecasts show slow growth. B to B, 94(15), 8-1NULL. Retrieved from Business Source Premier database. Massie, Q. (2009). The Father of Scottish Tourism. The Spectator....
    • Page 176

    • 166 References New Zealand Tourism Board. (2010). Retrieved August 31, 2010, from Tourism New Zealand: Nunnally, J. C. (1978). Psychometric (2md ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. Nunnally, J. C., &...


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