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    • 1915 36

    • ~ Three Years at High School HOW the time flies! And yet as we look back upon those three years of happy school life, filled to the brim with so many pleasant experiences, and see the work we have accomplished, the many dear friends we have made,...
    • 1915 106

    • THE LOFT'Y COLLEGE ATMOSPHERE of the Brigham Young University IS ATTRACTING WIDE AND THOUGHTFUL ADMIRATION. This feature has been created largely by a SELF-GOVERNING STUDENT BODY THAT DOES THINGS This year it has won- The Inter-Collegiate Debating...
    • Socotwa text: page 003

    • Glen Canyon (Utah and Ariz.); Rafting (Sports)--Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)
    • For the second time that day, Frisby became the national pastime, but eventually with the philosophy that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, we played baseball too. Bob Parry, an experienced Rat, knew that the back seat of the bus made a most...
    • Socotwa text: page 009

    • Glen Canyon (Utah and Ariz.); Rafting (Sports)--Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)
    • river, we carefully scanned the cliffs, sky, and water for objects of interest. In our survey we noted: three blue herons, majestically soaring above; five puffy little clouds; the honey-combing of the swallows' nests at the tops of the walls; and...
    • Page 57

    • STUDENT LIFE Bring 'em back alive. It's Marg's treat to the Staff. Nice and friendly. Just showing off. See No. 3. Do tell. Now, let me see. Private property. Down on tip toes. Pretty—Huh?
    • Page 99

    • STUDENT LIFE Three of a different kind. Laughing Wilma. Pals—Worth and Robert. Just to fill this space. Look at 'em blush. Sampson or Simpson or sompin. Did Phyllis ever tell you about her operation? Stuff and things—eh what, Lucille? 98
    • Page 195

    • THE WEB 196 136 While a good design can contribute to the usability of a website, it is possible to have a beautiful site that is not usable, or a usable 􀁓􅌀􀁉􄤀􀁔􅐀􀁅􄔀 􀁔􅐀􀁈􄠀􀁁􄄀􀁔􅐀 􀁉􄤀􀁓􅌀 􀁎􄸀􀁏􄼀􀁔􅐀 􀁂􄈀􀁅􄔀􀁁􄄀􀁕􅔀􀁔􅐀􀁉􄤀􀁆􄘀􀁕􅔀􀁌􄰀􀀎􀸀 􀀣􂌀􀁏􄼀􀁎􄸀􀁓􅌀􀁉􄤀􀁄􄐀􀁅􄔀􀁒􅈀 􀀪􂨀􀁁􄄀􀁋􄬀􀁏􄼀􀁂􄈀...
    • Page 59

    • U.S. Embassy 59 APPENDIX 3 | A summary of collected information for religious freedom cable/IRF Report • O Dia Nacional de Combate à intolerância serve para nos mostrar que queremos e podemos construir uma sociedade melhor, um Brasil melhor para...
    • Page 61

    • U.S. Embassy 61 APPENDIX 4 | Contacts of academics, religious leaders, and members and pertinent questions Questions for Religious Affiliates Perguntas para as pessoas: 1. Você sente ou já sentiu atrito com outras religiões e quanto? 2. Quais as...
    • Page 65

    • U.S. Embassy 65 a. Any American would consider ballet, tap, and ballroom American dances, but these kinds of dance came from other countries b. Dances that were born in the U.S. are country, east‐coast swing, and break V. Conclusion A. “[Americans]...
    • Page 67

    • U.S. Embassy 67 APPENDIX 6 | Example of a common email Prezados Eurico e Agnaldo, Muito obrigado vocês por seu tempo ao conversar conosco. Ficamos muito felizes pelas informações que passaram para nós. Vocês nós ajudaram bastante, e somos gratos...
    • Page 68

    • U.S. Embassy 68 Estou enviando junto com este email o link do International Religious Freedom Report do ano passado se quiseram dar uma olhada (http://2001‐ Se tiver alguma informação em geral,...
    • Page 73

    • U.S. Embassy 73 APPENDIX 8 | Ambassador Sobel’s speech The Best of the BRICs: A Call for Global Partnership ‐ Rio de Janeiro Remarks delivered at Special Forum BNDES, Rio de Janeiro, September 3, 2008 Bom dia. Obrigado pela convite. É uma honra...
    • Page 134

    • Intro to the Internet 121 and Web Page Design Figure 7.15 18. Next we add a rule to the first
      tag - the “bodytext” division (here is where the “class” part of the tag you entered earlier comes into play) like this: