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    • Page 129

    • /my_timeline-demo/app/views/layouts/application.html.erb 1 2 3 4 Timeline 5 <%=...
    • Page 160

    • /my_timeline-demo/config/initializers/devise.rb # ==> Configuration 199 for :token_authenticatable 200 # Defines name of the authentication token params key 201 # config.token_authentication_key = :auth_token 202 203 # ==> Scopes configuration 204...
    • Page 69

    • /my_timeline/app/controllers/my_timeline/application_controller.rb class MyTimeline::ApplicationController 1 < ApplicationController 2 3 before_filter :find_user 4 5 private 6 7 def find_user 8 @user = MyTimeline.user_class.send...
    • Page 63

    • /my_timeline/app/models/my_timeline/event.rb 1 module MyTimeline 2 class Event < ActiveRecord::Base 3 4 unless rails4? attr_accessible :description, :happened_on, :icon_name, :external_link, :original_id, :public, : importance 5 6 attr_accessible...
    • Page 55

    • /my_timeline/app/views/my_timeline/events/_event.html.erb 1

      2 <% if event.linkable.class.respond_to? :is_exandable? %> 3 <%= link_to "#", class: "event_expand", id: "event_#{}" do %> 4 <%= glyph 'plus-sign' %> 5 <% end %> 6 <% end %> 7...

    • Page 157

    • 144 Chapter 8 Web Design With Photoshop ments and make the page more easily navigated by people with disabilities. The image is 800 x 600 pixels in size and the resolution is set to 72 ppi. This will make the finished web page fit the monitor...
    • Page 171

    • 158 Chapter 9 Adobe Dreamweaver Introduction Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is (arguably) one of the best tools currently available for most web design projects. With Dreamweaver you can create very effective web content. Dreamweaver can be used to create a...
    • Page 173

    • 160 Chapter 9 Adobe Dreamweaver browser. In Dreamweaver, these comments can give you clues and suggestions about designing and using the style sheets more effectively. You can work in the Design view (Figure 9.5), the Code view or the Split view...
    • Page 51

    • 38 Chapter 3 Technical Considerations Content of a typical F: drive. Figure 3.4 PC Computer Drive Letters A: Floppy Drive B: Floppy Drive (can be reas-signed to another resource) C: Local Hard Drive D: CD or DVD drive E: 2nd CD, DVD or USB...
    • Page 65

    • 66 Appendix D Social Media Definitions Communication Tools: Blogs: A blog (a portmanteau of the term web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries ("posts") typically displayed in...
    • Page 87

    • 74 Chapter 5 Backgrounds, Textures & Buttons 5. Now you need to apply the color you have chosen to your image background. You can do this in several different ways. First, you can go to the Edit menu, choose Fill then in the Use dialog box choose...
    • Page 93

    • 80 Chapter 5 Backgrounds, Textures & Buttons and Devices. Click on one of the Optimized views and change the image type to GIF (Figure 5.15). Experiment with the Lossy and Color settings to reduce the image size as much as possible without...
    • Page 111

    • 98 Chapter 6 Animation with Photoshop The animation pallet also shows you the layers in your image. The currently selected layer is high-lighted. Since our image has only a background and type layer, we only see the type layer in the animation...
    • Page 354

    • Aug. 7. 1952.. .The contract between Cedar City Corporation and Southern Utah Power Company was tabled until further investigation. Mill levy was set a t 26.3 mills. the same a s last year. Oct. 2, 1952.. .Council discussed water u s e r s outside...
    • Page 453

    • Excerpts from Cedar City Council Minutes Jan. 7 , 1982.. .Regular meeting. Present: Mayor Robert Linford; City Manager. Joe Melling; City Attorney, Robert Braithwaite; City Treasurer, Marilyn Prince; Councilmen: Harold Hiskey, Lee Fife, Jack...
    • Page 114

    • Intro to the Internet 101 and Web Page Design 1. In the float.psd image, click the twirl-down icon on the float layer in the animation pallet. This hides or collapses the animation options for the layer. 2. Move the time ruler back to zero if it is...
    • Page 174

    • Intro to the Internet 161 and Web Page Design Figure 9.8 6. Return to Dreamweaver and paste the text into the main content area where you previously deleted the placeholder text using Ctrl + V or Edit>Paste. Save the file. 7. Select and delete all...
    • Page 50

    • Intro to the Internet 37 and Web Page Design Computer Computer File Server Web Server Router Switch Internet Figure 3.3 connect to the remote server in order to post your data. At SUU things are a little different. The student web server we will...
    • Page 88

    • Intro to the Internet 75 and Web Page Design map that we will use to give the cloth the uneven look we expect from hand-woven cloth. 3. Save the file to your flash drive using the name map.psd. 4. Select the entire image and press the Back-space or...
    • Page 439

    • part): "Power and energy furnished to California-Pacific Utilities Company is pursuant to the contract referred to.and the obligation to supply extends to the California-Pacific Company under that Agreement. For this reason, Utah Power and Light...


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