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    • DEBATE MORRIS ROWLEY Debate President GEORGE ARMSTRONG Debate Manager RAYMOND KIMBALL CARMEN LEIGH RODNEY PALMER HOMER STEPHENSON GLENNA ESPLIN Debating at the B. A. C. has reached a high level this year, and the de-baters with their slick and...
    • Page 73

    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 74 Dealing with people outside of the community who do not understand the lifestyle or reasons behind living the principle of plural marriage can be very difficult. For some, like Interviewee #3, opening up to outsiders about...
    • Page 24

    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 25 feelings of individuals as shown above, the affective domain relies heavily on the other two domains we will focus on for this study, behavioral and cognitive. Behavioral Domain Unlike the affective domain,...
    • Page 63

    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 64 Gastil, J. (1995). A meta-analytic review of the productivity and satisfaction of democratic and autocratic leadership. Small Group Research, 25, 384-410. Gerler, E. R. (1982). Counseling the young learner....
    • Page 20

    • Modern digital devices have a venerable history dating back to 1936. Early digital devices were basically electrical logic machines and complex number calculators. The first special-purpose electronic digital computer appeared in 1939 and the first...
    • Page 9

    • Fishback Intern 10 The three styles of leadership that are most commonly talked about are autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire. These styles explain how a person leads and not why that individual became a leader. All three of the leadership...
    • Page 42

    • Intro to the Internet 29 and Web Page Design content should match the visual feel to convey information as well as continuity effectively. The site should be simple. Too many frames, animations, multiple fonts, sizes and colors tend to distract and...
    • Page 133

    • No pirates no princesses 128 I: Because he doesn‘t give her enough responsibility. E: No, she doesn‘t have any. I: She doesn‘t take responsibility for herself. He takes responsibility for her. E: The biggest thing is the manipulation, the...
    • Page 137

    • No pirates no princesses 132 I: No it was a very good answer. Now do you teach values to your children, is that something that you teach. Do you have some kind of curriculum, do you rely on what your faith teaches, church or how? E: Yes. When Amy...
    • Page 6

    • Commitment 1 Chapter One Introduction The family is a central part of life in the United States, and marriage remains a top priority. Ninety-six percent of people in the United States will marry at some point in their lifetime (Fields, 2004)....
    • Page 20

    • Commitment 15 life-style. Likewise, as a way of behaviorally displaying their commitment experience they give each other a special gift. (p.3) As this example shows, the experience of commitment varies between couples, as does how their commitment...
    • Page 29

    • Commitment 24 young adults view marriage and what they believe makes a person ready to get married. In 1970 the median age at first marriage for females was 20.8 and 23.2 for males. More recently, the age for females has risen to 25.3 and 27.1 for...
    • Page 45

    • Commitment 40 Trent and Gretchen Walker are a couple that exemplified the importance of friendship as the basis of their relationship. Trent and Gretchen met when they were only 14 years old. They became good friends during the high school years....
    • Page 46

    • Commitment 41 Ben and Kaylee Wright are another example of how friendship can aid a couple in the construction of commitment. Ben and Kaylee met in September 2007 while attending a small, western university. Ben and his roommates lived in an...
    • Page 48

    • Commitment 43 adequate amounts of time to get to know their spouse and really trust them before they were willing to commit. Cody and Savannah Morgan developed their relationship gradually, which allowed them to build their commitment to each...


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