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    • 1927 91

    • fc LESLIE PUGH CLYDE HOLLINGSHEAD MAROLD BAKER ELMER ROBERTS LESLIE PUGH Forward with an unusual combina-tion of skill and agility. A scorer who often placed the opposing guard in an embarrassing position when he discov-ered that "Les" had lost...
    • 1908, page 21

    • 21 STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. Fourth Year. First half. Second half. Rhetoric 3 3 Psychology 3 Pedagogy……………………………. 3 History of Education 3 3 9 9 Any of the following subjects may be taken to...
    • 1909, page 23

    • 23 STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. Fourth Year. First half. Second half. English d 4 4 Psychology } 4 4 Pedagogy History of Education 4 4 American History and Civics 4 4 Review of Grammar School...
    • 1910, page 25

    • 25 Fourth year. First half. Second half. English d 2 2 Psychology }…………………… 4 4 Pedagogy History of Education 4 4 American History and Civics 4 4 Review of Grammar School...
    • 1911, page 26

    • 26 Fourth Year. First half. Second half, English d 4 4 American History and Civics 4 4 Physics 4 4 Psychology } 4 4 Pedagogy History of Education 4 4 Review of Grammar...
    • 1912, page 27

    • 27 Any of the following subjects may be taken as elective and in some cases as substiutes. Substitutes are all individual and must be referred to the Principal or instructor in charge of that matter. First half. Second half....
    • 1899, Jan 19

    • Thurs. Jan. 19, 1899: Ther. noon 46º., Wea. clear am string clouds pm. We went out and counted the cattle in the field about 200 head. built a correll to feed in by the corn correll. Friday 20: Ther. 8-45 am. 41º., Wea. very light clouds, I cut...
    • 1899, Dec 24

    • Sun. Dec. 24, 1899: Ther. 40´., 58´., Wea. clear. went to meeting in afternoon also evening. after meeting we serenaded the town with harmonicas and guitar. Monday 25: Ther. 34´., 58´., Wea. Clear. I finished a few photos. Grand Father & G....
    • 1901, Jun 14

    • Fri. June 14, 1901: Ther. Pleasant., Warm. Wea. Clouds, Ice this morning I took my herd back to the corrall and counted them and got a bunch that got away last evening. I camped out three or four miles from the dipping corral. my camp mover said...
    • 1901, Dec 19

    • Thurs. Dec. 19, 1901: Ther. 32., 62., Wea. Clear, We geathered our cattle and counted them this forenoon. Friday 20: 13 Ther. 38., 60., Wea. Clear, Rode after cattle this fore-noon and went to Rockville after-noon.
    • 1903, Jan 29

    • Thurs. Jan 29, 1903: Ther. Clear and cold., Wea. Thin clds. evening. Ground covered with snow this morning. Herded around to the south and west. Moved about ½ mile south. Some thing killed twelve sheep in G. Esplin’s herd last night. I saw Norm...
    • 1903, Feb 8

    • Sun. Feb. 8, 1903: Ther. Cold., Wea. Blustry snow Moved about two miles north across the flat. The snow is beginning to bother our eyes whenever we have a clear day. 22) Monday 9: Ther. Cold., Wea. Clear. We counted and found that we were short...
    • 1903, memoranda 7

    • Memoranda: The $54.80 paid to Dan is not counted in this list neither is the $2.65 paid to Jacob Crawford, as neither has any thing to do with my accounts. also 2.65 paid on horse feed and .20 c. for Axle grease was paid back so is not counted in...
    • Page 199

    • Mayor Leigh brought up the matter of the water system and expressed himself as been considering the matter of late. and in going over the town had counted 330 families, out of which 2 8 5 were water renters--or 117 of the families are getting water...
    • Page 272

    • place, during which time 1 have never felt to tum back or regret the step 1 have taken. Since this Church was organizer;, relentless persecution has followed the Saints. The present 'Cullom's Biii' brings a passage of scripture forcibly to my mind...
    • Page 448

    • something on the side of the mountain that moved. On closer observation, we could see that it was an army of soldiers winding down the mountain trail. 1 ran to the meeting house to give warning. The Bishop, Brother Earnest Steiner, told al1 the...
    • Page 484

    • Lunts. She said, "1 have some money that 1 want you to take to Sister Lunt. 1 don? owe her yet but, while 1 have this money on hand, 1 would like you to take it to her." When Sarah opened the door and L i e held out the handkerchief to her, Sarah...


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