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    • Fishback Intern 17 The conditions under which autocratic or democratic leadership styles are most effective in formal organizations suggests that the most successful sport teams would likely be autocratic. However, a review of the effects of...
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    • and boasted of what great things they would do. Henry wrote, "They will find their boasting is in vain long before they get there." Brigham Young sent several brethren fiom Salt Lake with thirtynine yoke of oxen to help the emigration company, and...
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    • 15 understanding. Foldables encourage “reading, writing, thinking, organizing data, researching, and other communication skills into an interdisciplinary mathematics curriculum” (Zike, n.d., p. iv). Foldables can be used to implement other...
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    • Lehi once said, "Plenty of work and responsibility never hurt any healthy child and many of them are spoiling for the want of it."' Lehi's hrother, Kumen, from Blanding came to visit Cedar City again in 1934 and wrote the following about the visit:...
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    • 2 5 research-based program, but it is the developmental theory that is research-based, not the program (Zaner-Bloser 2012, October 20). Word sorting alone, which is learning spelling by analogy, may not take into account other important strategies...
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    • The Human Element 37 accurate characterization of behavior than what the respondent likely would have reported. Ethnographic research then begins at a holistic level where information is recorded on the environmental context of the situation as...
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    • 44 Chapter 5 Discussion This chapter will discuss the results gathered from the SETHL program that was completed at James Madison Elementary in Ogden, Utah. Specifically, the points that will be discussed are the problem that led to the library...
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    • v TABLE OF FIGURES Figure 1: Illustration contrasting teosinte and maize................................................... 2 Figure 2: Location of the geographical Four Corners region...................................... 4 Figure 3: Aerial photo...
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    • Fishback Intern 60 Maxwell, John C. (2005). The 360-Degree Leader: Developing your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization. Thomas Nelson, Inc.: Nashville. McPherson, Barry D. (1977, July). Success in sport: The influence of sociological...
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    • iGRIEVE 58 Chapter Five: Discussion This research investigates the use of social media within the relationship of collective mourning and parasocial interaction to discover the extent to which online postings expressing people’s grief mirror the...
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    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 63 Future Research In conducting future research, it is recommended that a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques be used to study the standpoints of stay-at-home mothers to test the results found in this thesis. While...
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    • 2 the glumes and lemmas surrounding the kernel have been reduced and softened; remaining on the ear after the kernel has been removed. Modern corn only grows a few ears of corn on one unbranched stalk and produces larger ears covered with numerous...
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    • STRAIGHT IS THE GATE 91 Although nothing can replace the loss of a parent, the loss was made easier because of the strength of the family and the closeness of the community. After returning to the other dinner guests, we all talked about their...


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