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    • Phi Alpha Beta Xi Lambda Tail 'T^HE Phi Alpha Betas were char-tered in 1923 as the first organ-ization of its kind on the campus. The Beta objectives are to pro-mote social activities, womanhood, and scholarship among women stu-dents of the Branch...
    • catalog1921i067p066: Advertisements

    • Beaver Murdock Academy--Beaver (Beaver County, Utah)
    • City Market DEAN BROS., Proprietors Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Fresh and Cured Meats Groceries Fruits and Vegetables Beaver Equitable Co-op Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE BEAVER, UTAH WE HAVE BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR OVER 40 YEARS AND STILL...
    • Socotwa text: page 021

    • Glen Canyon (Utah and Ariz.); Rafting (Sports)--Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)
    • Heartily digging into the sacks, we withdrew bread with sandwich spread or Vienna sausages between them. As consolation, however, there were cookies and finally raisins, which Ted especially liked. And then the contest began. Lee Perry leaped...
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    • that is superior or has something better to offer than its competitors. In a collectivist culture, competition is advanced through the cooperation of products, or connections brands and products have to one another (p. 4). Gurhan-Canli and...
    • Page 99

    • THE WEB 100 40 􀀦􂘀􀁒􅈀􀁐􅀀􀁓􅌀􀁈􄠀􀁗􅜀􀁌􄰀􀁗􅜀􀁌􄰀􀁙􅤀􀁈􄠀􀀃􀌀􀀤􂐀􀁑􅄀􀁄􄐀􀁏􄼀􀁜􅰀􀁖􅘀􀁌􄰀􀁖􅙕 Understanding an existing website’s position in the competitive...
    • Page 25

    • Year Interface Type Developer(s) Explanation Serial bus Various Original bus for computer systems 1974 Mouse, Network Xerox Developed mouse, network, GUI, windows 1986 Parallel bus Inmos UK First parallel port processing 1986 SCSI bus Various Small...
    • Page 41

    • U.S. Embassy 41 This aspect of the metaphor at hand demonstrates the physiological and environmental attributes that are understood in terms of a sports arena. Physical characteristics such as “stage” and “ladder” are found in this...
    • Page 19

    • 9 information, one might conclude the images that a tourism destination projects will greatly influence the destination images that consumers perceive. There are several important factors to consider when promoting a destination image. For example,...
    • Page 30

    • KUDZU Leadership 31 his work on employee job satisfaction in the late 1950s. He is the one who introduced the question posed earlier: “What do workers want from their jobs?” We will discuss key points of the Motivation-Hygiene theory that can...
    • Page 7

    • TIMELINE PROJECT 8 Founded in 2004, it has expanded to have well over one billion users – with 75% of US college students using Facebook (ibid., 2013), it's more likely anyone reading this paper uses Facebook than that they do not. In fact,...
    • Page 13

    • TIMELINE PROJECT 14 strongest signal compared to other competing networks, and concludes that in general, social media has an issue where either the signal is not strong enough, or there's just too much noise for the signal to...
    • Page 2

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO ii The Potentially Bright Future of Radio: An Analysis of Interviews from Radio Professionals Regarding Radio's Past, Present and Future Shawn Lee Denevan Dr. Arthur Challis, Thesis...
    • Page 73

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 69 The Internet radio requires more attention to operate, and when placed in the smart dash of a car, a safety issue arises. I got a car that had a connected dash, it was fascinating. I would say that it's the...
    • Page 78

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 74 communication, November 5, 2013). "We stream, but the only time streaming is popular is during sporting events. I don't think there's going to be much demand for somebody in San Diego to listen to a Mankato...
    • Page 95

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 91 5. What advice were you given when you got into radio? 6. How have you changed over the years? Your view of radio? Why are you still in it? III. History 7. What was radio prior to the Telecommunications Act...
    • Page 104

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 100 Michelle Kube November 4, 2013 Executive Producer for The Bill Handel Show KFI /Clear Channel Los Angeles, CA 1. What is radio's future? That is a tough question. Radio is facing a very uncertain future....
    • Page 111

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 107 20. What is radio? I still believe it is what turned me on years ago. It's a source for music, entertainment, news. Who wasn't plugged in to a news station on 9/11? I had to be on the air that day. I...
    • Page 112

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 108 Dave Dart November 4, 2013 Production, Broadcast Specialist Same Day Voice Over Los Angeles, CA 1. What is radio's future? Hard to say. There are so many things going on, that it is like . . . I don't know...
    • Page 127

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 123 Neil Larrimore November 5, 2013 Program Director Clear Channel Phoenix, AZ 1. What is radio's future? Gee. Open it up to something more specific. There are a lot of doom and gloom nay sayers about radio. I...
    • Page 133

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 129 doing less local news, because of weekends, they turn on ABC news, and it works for them economically. You record the weather forecast because it's 15 seconds. We live in Phoenix and it's sunny, clear, and...


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