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    • 1906, page 10

    • 10 SOUTHERN BRANCH PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Recognizing the importance of the care and culture of the human body, the school has made provision for giving the students a chance to do physical culture work. Gymnasium apparatus of modern type has...
    • 1907, page 10

    • 10 SOUTHERN BRANCH All students have access to these from 8:30 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. on school days. By special arrangement, students may have access to the library on holidays. No charge whatever is made for the use of the books and...
    • Page 8

    • SOCIAL THINKING INTERVENTIONS 7 management, while teacher trainings assisted teachers in empowering students with strategies directly related to classroom success. A lack of organizational skills as well as attention deficits have been known to...
    • Page 12

    • SOCIAL THINKING INTERVENTIONS 11 spectrum, but at such an ambiguous position they were identified as having a Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, or PDD NOS. The myriads of combinations of characteristics have made students...
    • Page 30

    • SOCIAL THINKING INTERVENTIONS 29 Chapter 3 Methodology The purpose of this creative project was to improve social thinking skills for students with high functioning autism (HFA) in second and third grades in a small rural setting in southern Utah....
    • Page 63

    • Appendix C. Linen Quote Forevermore Events Linen Quote: White Tablecloth: $22.50/Table Black Tablecloth: $16.50/Table 90x90’ Black Runner: $9.50/Table (Will almost hit the floor on the corners) 81x81’ Black Runner: $12.75/Table (Will just go...
    • Page 25

    • 12 Chapter 1 The Internet and the Web Referring to Figure 1.5, If only the red pixels are illuminated, the screen will show red in that area, the same is true for the blue and green. If no pix-els are illuminated, the color is black and if all are...
    • Page 31

    • 18 Chapter 2 Planning for Web Design CONCERNS FOR PEOPLE WITH DIS-ABILITIES The Americans with Disabilities Act has pre-scribed certain standards for web pages that the government and government contractors must abide by. Because of this,...
    • Page 58

    • Intro to the Internet 45 and Web Page Design the surrounding text. If it doesn’t make sense, change it. M. No dead-end pages. Every page should have at least one link. N. Do not put “Under Construction” on a page. If the page isn’t ready to...
    • Page 143

    • 130 Chapter 7 HTML Web Colors The following colors are considered web safe. Most browsers will recognize the name of these sixteen colors as well as their hexadecimal code equivalent. When specifying these colors in a tag or style sheet, you can...
    • Page 144

    • Intro to the Internet 131 and Web Page Design hexadecimal number “FFFFFF” tells the computer to use the maximum amount (255) of red, green and blue which yields the color “white.” FF0000 produces red, 00FF00 produces green and...
    • Page 54

    • P a g e | 54 contemplate the concepts of Ubuntu as a solution. Nelson Mandela's release from prison, after more than twenty-seven years, could have provoked substantial harm to the nation, but it did not because he applied Ubuntu. This profound...
    • Page 6

    • components) are added to one or more elastomers to provide stickiness. Finally, inorganic materials give the adhesive more volume, or color. Common additives include: calcite, dolomite, iron oxide, kaolinite, talc, titanium dioxide (rutile or...
    • Page 14

    • 8 Ext3 Third Extended File system. The ext3 has several advantages over the ext2 file system which comprises of lengthy file system checks (fsck) if a system crashes, resets or had an immediate power loss [Abt(n.d.)]. DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA...
    • Page 56

    • 51 Appendix D Sample Problem-Centered Task You are having a picnic and have salads on the menu. You need at least six pounds of salad. Fruit salad costs $2.00 per pound and potato salad costs $4.00 per pound. You want to spend at most $20.00 on the...
    • Page 70

    • Fusion 360 71 APPENDIX 17 Client optimized story Fawning Over Awnings As the summer season dwindles and fall approaches, we often wonder; how can I continue to enjoy the outdoors with this bitter Utah weather? Awnings in the state of Utah help...


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