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    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 99 00:00:50 25/ 00:43:14 FTB 26/ 00:00:00 00:00:05 00:00:10 00:00:15 00:00:25 00:00:36 26/ 00:43:50 Narrator: The extent of the affect that the media had on the onset of PTSD among...
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    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 101 PRODUCTION DESIGN The film integrates historical fiction with historical documentation to create a documentary film that does not feel like a documentary. A documentary that...
    • Page 108

    • LIFE Bonheimer Kryl, noted maestro, directs his famous symphony orchestra The towering chimney at whose base lies the boiler house where Bill Flannigan has kept watch for thirty years Two men compete to see who gets the pigskin Roy Cooper...
    • Page 12

    • U.S. Embassy 12 and [deleted] from 2008. The source for both? The Special Secretariat for Women! Oh, and by the way, if you go to the Special Secretariat's own reference page—which has a big map of the states and where if you click on each of...
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    • 11 Sherman 2008). Much of classroom disruptions are attributed to students struggling to combat ADHD; a great deal of disruptions could be reduced or even eliminated by implementing preventative approaches. A preventative outlook involves the...
    • Page 140

    • filled it with grain that summer. That wa5 the only time they ever planted anything. there. They fenced everything in to protect the crops from the animals. The garden produced very well. Henry didn't get hack until after school had let out late in...
    • Page 142

    • Nov. 7, 1903.. .From the Iron County Record: "Battle of the Ballots" The Citizen's Prohibition Party wins the fight, three to one for prohibition. Republicans nailed their colors to the A strongly mast and fought with energy of despair. contested...
    • Page 19

    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 14 reinforce any negative message that is being projected at the time. Hence, the neutral minded viewer tends to accept the speaker’s statements without corroborating evidence. The...
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    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. i Abstract This rhetorical criticism analyzes Couturié and Bird’s (2005) film Dear America: Letters home from Vietnam using framing elements from Jim A. Kuypers’ (2006) agenda...
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    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 15 I do have personal experience with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I also claim a certain amount of academic expertise associated with the disorder through years of...
    • Page 22

    • Smokescreens, Lies and Deceptions: The Media and the Vietnam War. 17 become more knowledgeable about their responsibilities would have been met with indifference or sarcasm. (p. 47) Downey (1995) related that the attack left 31 US KIA & 82 WIA vs....
    • Page 22

    • 20 Disruptive behavior can be understood by analyzing relationships between the behavior and its antecedents. Antecedents are any stimuli in the students’ environment that may have caused the disruptive behavior. Researchers have demonstrated...
    • Page 22

    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 18 John Dean, a co-conspirator of Watergate had published two books on the historic event previously meantioned. Dean employed varying forms of apologia in these memoirs in an effort to restore his public...
    • Page 23

    • Apologia, Antapologia and Political Power 19 change their apologetic strategies. The results of this study support the current analysis as individuals utilizing apologetic rhetoric will have to adapt to the media just as their predecessors have...
    • Page 23

    • The Human Element 18 represents a set of factors designed to combat crises and lessen the actual damage inflicted by the crisis,” (Coombs, 1999, p. 4).  “A crisis is a major occurrence with a potentially negative outcome affecting an...


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