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    • 1898, Aug 25

    • Thurs. Aug. 25, 1898: Ther. noon 88º., Wea. clear till about noon shower 3-40 pm. Finished cleaning the wheat we had (30 bushels) thirty bushells. We loaded the fanning mill in the wagon and got ready to start to the ranch. Friday 26: Ther. hot...
    • 1898, Sep 2

    • Fri. Sept. 2, 1898: Ther. cool Wea. clear finish tramping the grain at Uncle Crisses place. Jake & I went to the Little Meadow in the afternoon and started to make a tramping floor. Saturday 3: Ther. cool Wea. clear light frost Jake & I went...
    • 1898, Sep 6

    • Tues. Sept. 6, 1898: Ther. warm., Wea. clear, We continued Cleaning wheat four of the Pine Spring buckaroos came along and hired pasturage of me for three or four days. Wednesday 7: Ther warm., Wea. clear. we finished cleaning up the wheat...
    • 1899, Feb 27

    • Mon. Feb. 27, 1899: Ther. 7-25 am. 44º., Wea. light thin clouds, south wind. Johny, Jim, Dan & I cleaned ditch from the floom acrost the river to Flanigan’s dam on the Demill ditch Tuesday 28: Ther. 9 am. 44º., Wea. cloudy. Johny, Dan and I...
    • 1899, Jan 10

    • Tues. Jan. 10, 1899: Ther. 9 am. 40º., Wea. cloudy. 9 pm. snowing. I hauled 2 loads of wood from the Oakcreek fence and finished a few Mat Photos. Wednesday 11: Ther. 11-20 am. 40º., Wea. Snow 7 ½ in deep. It was so stormy and disagreeable...
    • 1900, Feb 6

    • Tues. Feb. 6, 1900: F.V. 9-23 am. Ther. 38., 59., Wea. light clouds. cleaned ditch at the Parker place. Went to mutual. James Stansworth and Lorenzo Russell were visitors. Wednesday 7: Ther. 32., 40., Wea. windy, clear. Jim & I finished cleaning...
    • 1902, page 23

    • 23 STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. sist of lecture work and laboratory practice, which will include a study of foods, their sources, composition, preparation, digestibility, and function in the body. The work taken up in the second half-year will...
    • 1903, page 32

    • 32 SOUTHERN BRANCH stitching, hemming, overcasting, felling, gathering, buttonholes, loops and eyelets; also darning, embroidery matching, glove mending, and making seams, fastening, plackets, gussets, etc. This course also includes...
    • 1904, page 28

    • 28 SOUTHERN BRANCH music, methods of teaching vocal music, elementary principles of voice culture, harmony, part-singing, etc. Two recitations per week throughout the year. DOMESTIC SCIENCE AND ARTS. MISS EASTWOOD. Hand Sewing....
    • 1905, May 11

    • Thurs. May 11, 1905: Ther. Warm Wind from west. Wea. Clouds. Evening beautiful and clear. We are working along near Red River, just across from Texas. We visited two of the trustees, got permission to hold meeting in the school house took dinner...
    • 1905, page 28

    • 28 SOUTHERN BRANCH. ing, designing, cutting and making muslin underwear, an unlined shirt waist and an unlined cotton dress. Two hours per week during the second half-year. Household Economics. The work in Household Economics treats of...
    • 1906, page 28

    • 28 SOUTHERN BRANCH Physiology. In addition to a text-book treatment of the subject, the simpler process of digestion, circulation, and treatment of diseased tissues are studied in the laboratory. Examination of the various tissues of the...
    • 1907, page 30

    • 30 SOUTHERN BRANCH set of models comprising the various stitches, basting, running, backstitching, hemming, overcasting, felling, gathering, buttonholes, loops and eyelets; also darning, embroidery matching, glove mending, and making seams,...
    • 1909, page 38

    • 38 SOUTHERN BRANCH DOMESTIC SCIENCE. KITCHEN. Food. A study of the following topics will be made in the order to best fit into the general program. The process of cooking as applied to meats and vegetables including fruit...
    • 1910, page 203

    • Memoranda: 1910 Work cleaning the canal. January 27 28 29 Feb. 1 4 5 11 1/2 28/2 Mar 1 2 1/2 3 4 5 7 6h 8 9 1/2 10 11 14 15 31 5h Totals Jan. 3 days Feb. 4 days Mar 11 “ 5 hours 18 d 5 h.
    • 1910, page 45

    • 45 wall-pockets, picture frames, cones, lamp shades, plain and fancy boxes. Two hours per week throughout the ,year. DOMESTIC SCIENCE. KITCHEN. Food. A study of the following topics will be made in the order to best fit into the...
    • 1912, Feb 26

    • Mon. Feb. 26, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear Sammy helped me finish cleaning my stint on the Flanigan ditch this fore noon Worked on the threshes this afternoon threshed out 67 bushels of wheat for J.R.C. and 134 Bu. for Dan. Tuesday 27: Ther....
    • 1912, Mar 27

    • Wed. Mar. 27, 1912: Ther. Cool, Wea. blustery some rain. We are cleaning our lucern seed to take to St. George, to see if we can sell it. Thursday 28: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Few clds We finished fanning the seed and loaded up for St. George.
    • 1912, May 14

    • Tues. May 14, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear Chopping wood and putting up cole-pit. Wednesday 15: Ther. Warm, Wea. Thin clds Watering garden and cleaning Oakcreek Ditch. Old Perch has a colt this morning so I can’t work her Was intending to cut...
    • 1912, May 6

    • Mon. May 6, 1912: Ther. Warm, Wea. Clouds. Cleaned waste ditch in Flanigan field this fore noon lined a little of the ditch in the big washout with clay this afternoon. Tuesday 7: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Thin clds. but little sun shine today. Cleaning...


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