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    • yearbook1922i031: Our Music Department

    • Beaver Murdock Academy--Beaver (Beaver County, Utah)
    • Our Music Department. We are all very much pleased with our Music Department, and to the untiring efforts of our beloved instructor, Professor C. N. Lyngby, are we indebted for its splendid success. He successfully imparted some of his enthusiasm...
    • Page 21

    • characteristic focuses on sincerely delving into aspects of communication and not just accepting a communication situation without critically thinking. Redding’s main focus is how these features and other aspects of communication influence an...
    • Page 22

    • partial, partisan, and problematic. At the end of the partisan discussion, Eisenberg says, “When we speak, we tend to represent our views of situations in ways that favor our interests and goals” (Eisenberg & Riley, 2001, p. 56). The partisan...
    • Page 44

    • 34 destinations or attractions. For example, one of the most common images associated with Austria is the film The Sound of Music. Respondents also mentioned many items related to Austria‘s culture and history: old buildings, castles, villages,...
    • Page 39

    • P a g e | 39 psychology textbooks‖ (2010). Bolt (2010) argues that Leon Festinger‘s (1956) cognitive dissonance theory is not applicable to global warming fanatics. These fanatics, he professes, were ―making a monkey of old Festinger.‖ In...
    • Page 44

    • P a g e | 44 demonstrated, and that further study was necessary by incorporating ―social development and psychological aspects of rural tourism development in Taiwan‖ (Chuang, 2010). Taking the above into consideration, we realize that...
    • Page 84

    • P a g e | 84 BIBLIOGRAPHY Baffle, M. (1963). Ubuntu: I in you and you in me. Seabury Books, New York, NY. Bolt, A. (2009, March 20). Dying for a heat wave. Herald Sun (Australia) pp. 34. Retrieved from
    • Page 33

    • Headed by the popular Roy L. Halverson, the College Symphony Orchestra presents music for various programs and gives a concert annually, also. Their orchestrations, together with the choral society presented the "Messiah" in December. The College...
    • Page 219

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 215 Brian Huen November 15, 2013 – (Facetime) Executive Producer. The Lia Show Westwood One Denver, CO 1. What is radio's future? I think it's heading to an area more online based. Terrestrial radio still...
    • Page 220

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 216 Through social media, all fans have that connection to their artists, whether that is Metallica, Katy Perry or Justin Bieber, and they Tweet back, and there's something about, that makes it awesome. Part...
    • Page 226

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 222 Yes we stream. And Internet via Facebook is something that we really stress to our announcers. Again people want to know more about our lives and our personalities and what we are doing and what we think....
    • Page 15

    • iGRIEVE 11 found in classical Greek encomium (high praise). However, Aristotle made a distinction between praise and encomium. For Aristotle, praise “is an utterance making manifest the greatness of a virtue . . . while encomium concerns the...
    • Page 16

    • iGRIEVE 12 had lost his life in the service of the state, while at the same time glorifying the state. Today, the eulogy is part of ceremonial discourse occasions existing in almost every culture around the world. Both culture and religious...
    • Page 99

    • Physician & Patient Communication 100 Appendix A Hippocratic Oath: Classical Version I swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepius and Hygieia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will fulfill according to my...


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