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    • 1905, Jan 5

    • Thurs. Jan. 5, 1905: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. north wind, Clouds Canvassed the country north and east to where Elders Robison and Hoover left off. got entertainment with Mr. L.H. Carlton. two and a half miles south and one east of the Delhi School...
    • 1905, Jan 7

    • Sat. Jan. 7, 1905: Ther. Cold Wea. N. wind. Thin clds. Came back to the Office Arbor got our mail canvassed south of the Plainview School House, about three and one half miles and a little west, staid with Mr. J.G. Culwell. North of the Deer Creek...
    • 1905, Jan 21

    • Sat. Jan. 21, 1905: Ther. Cold fog N.E. wind Wea. Cloudy Walked to Ladessa and got some mail, canvassed some in the south-east part of the township took dinner with Mrs. W. Delk. she lives one and a half miles south and two west of Ladessa. were...
    • 1905, Jan 28

    • Sat. Jan. 28, 1905: Ther. Cold, Wea. mist or rain- Went to Blake for our mail but didn’t get anything. Canvassed a few houses, were entertained by E.E. Williams two miles west and one half mile north of the Russell school-house. 27) (1
    • 1905, Jan 31

    • Tues. Jan. 31, 1905: Ther. Cold Wea. Mist or rain, N.E. wind. Canvassed thru the brakes, took dinner with Will Kennedy worked south-west got supper with Mr. Cole half mile east of the W.C. school house, recd. entertainment with John Morrell, a...
    • 1905, Feb 2

    • Thurs. Feb. 2, 1905: Ther. Very Cold below zero., Wea. Sleet We canvassed west then south-east were taken in about noon by Mr. G.T. Vaught about two miles s-e of the Wild-cat school house. 31) (2
    • 1905, Feb 4

    • Sat. Feb. 4, 1905: Ther. Zero., Wea. Sleet pm It is a little more pleasant traveling today as there is scarcely any wind. We canvassed about fifteen families today got our mail at Russell, worked west about three miles, and mile south where we...
    • 1905, Feb 11

    • Sat. Feb. 11, 1905: Ther. Thawing till 11 am Cold Northern. Colder and Colder Wea. Cloudy Sleet We canvassed a few houses, worked back to Coralea then east a mile staid with Mr. Lon Morrell About the worst blizzard yet this winter. 38) (2
    • 1905, Feb 24

    • Fri. Feb. 24, 1905: Ther. Pleasant but windy, Wea. Clear, Canvassed the line thru to Duke, then walked back a half mile south and three miles west to the School house, held meeting this evening with a fair attendance. Were invited home with J.D....
    • 1905, Mar 20

    • Mon. Mar. 20, 1905: Ther. Cool S.E. wind., Wea. Light clds. Heavier “ Went to Looney Mailed our letters, staid at the office till after noon waiting for the mail Canvassed north and east staid with Mr. McKenney one mile north and one east of the...
    • 1905, Mar 23

    • Thurs. Mar. 23, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. North wind., Clouds. We got consent of the Trustees to hold a meeting the the Twin Lake School House. canvassed most of the district took dinner with Jos. Edwards (a young bachelor) took supper with Henry...
    • 1905, Mar 28

    • Tues. Mar. 28, 1905: Ther. Cooler N. wind. Wea. Clouds. It clouded up and thundered and lighteninged considerable and sprinkled a little in the night. We started out this morning to see the trustees got consent to hold a meeting in the Purvis...
    • 1905, Mar 29

    • Wed. Mar. 29, 1905: Ther. Warm. Wea. South wind. T. clds. We took dinner with W.R. Rain, one mile east and about a quarter south of the school house. canvassed around two sections north-east and came back to the school house shortly after five pm...
    • 1905, Apr 5

    • Wed. April 5, 1905: Ther. Cool N.W. breeze., Wea. Clouds. We canvassed the next line north, took dinner with Chas. McGlumphy+ a man from Marion County Illinois. We finished canvassing the line west. held another meeting, went home again with Mr....
    • 1905, May 11

    • Thurs. May 11, 1905: Ther. Warm Wind from west. Wea. Clouds. Evening beautiful and clear. We are working along near Red River, just across from Texas. We visited two of the trustees, got permission to hold meeting in the school house took dinner...
    • 1905, May 12

    • Fri. May 12, 1905: Ther. Cool forenoon., Warm pm Wea. Rain. Hail. Ptly cldy. We were surprised to hear the roaring of thunder about five oclock this morning. We had about an hour of the hardest rain I ever saw, just after breakfast, the water just...
    • 1905, May 13

    • Sat. May 13, 1905: Ther. Warm., S.W. Wind. Wea. cleared off. We rode to Eldorado with Mr. Rogers. got our mail then went east on the second section line north of town. canvassed about four or five miles east, were entertained by Alonzo Scott...
    • 1905, May 14

    • Sun. May 14, 1905: Ther. Cool 8 am. Wea. Clear Thin clds pm Went over to the Custer school house to a singing school this after noon left for an appointment for meeting tonight. Had a good turn out at meeting about fifty attended Went back with Mr....
    • 1905, May 15

    • Mon. May 15, 1905: Ther. Warm. am. Wea. Clear. clouded up, sprinkle. We came over and canvassed Eldorado this afternoon, then took the line south of town, worked about four or five miles east were entertained by Mr. Sims. he took us in on condition...
    • 1905, May 17

    • Wed. May 17, 1905: Ther. Warm & Sultry, Wea. Clouds. Forded the river again back into Comanche County a mile north of Tesca. took dinner by invitation with Mr. Goodridge, the first house we called at. We canvassed the line about three miles north...


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