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    • 1903, May 31

    • Sun. May 31, 1903: + Ther. Warm., Wea. Thin clouds., Heavy “ I can’t leave these cursed devils at all today, they are determined to go into one of the canyons or other. My twenty-fourth sunday with the herd. Another month gone the way of all...
    • 1903, May 9

    • Sat. May 9, 1903: Ther. Warm., Wea. pm Light clouds. If these devils can’t run today I never want to see a herd that can, it is all I can do to keep up with them on a horse this after-noon while going down to the dipping corral. 68) 6 Sunday 10:...
    • 1905, Feb 6

    • Mon. Feb. 6, 1905: Ther. Cold N. wind, 8 above zero. Wea. Snow pm Walked to Russell this afternoon, then went south one and a half mile, were entertained at the first place we asked by Mr. S.A. Bentley. My face has been paining so ever since last...
    • 1908, Jun 14

    • Sun. June 14, 1908: Warm Showers Ptly. cldy Attended S.S. & meeting. Band practise at night. Mon. 15: Warm Clear Toned a batch of photos. Tues. 16: Warm Hazy Clds I have the lagripp so I can’t work Wed. 17: Clear Pleasant Doing a little...
    • 1912, Apr 12

    • Fri. April 12, 1912: Ther. Cold. Wea. Ground covered with snow Storming all day so that I can’t get outside to work. Saturday 13: Ther. Cold S. Breez Wea. Clouds. Planted a little of White flint and Sweet corn in the garden this morning....
    • 1912, Dec 12

    • Thurs. Dec. 12, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. T. Clds Plowing, Finished the orchard and turned a little of the barley stubble. Friday 13: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear Got the barley patch all plowed. it is terribly dry, can’t plow more than about a half...
    • 1912, Feb 24

    • Sat. Feb. 24, 1912: Ther. Cold Windy Wea. Ptly. Cldy. Choring around, grinding some corn for meal I have a lame hand got it hurt yesterday while at the Cable, can’t do much with it. Sunday 25: Ther. Cold & windy Wea. Ptly. cldy. At Home-
    • 1912, Jun 13

    • Thurs. June 13, 1912: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear I hurt my right hand this morning so can’t do much, planted some squashes in the River bottom Garden. Friday 14: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear Windy Am watering and hoeing a little in the Flanigan Field My...
    • 1912, May 10

    • Fri. May 10, 1912: Ther. Warm Wea. Ptly cldy Finished the levee and hauled three loads of manure to the field. Saturday 11: Ther. Warm. Wea. Ptly. Cldy. Sprinkle about noon I cleaned a little of the Oakcreek ditch and dug up some peach stumps for...
    • 1912, May 14

    • Tues. May 14, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear Chopping wood and putting up cole-pit. Wednesday 15: Ther. Warm, Wea. Thin clds Watering garden and cleaning Oakcreek Ditch. Old Perch has a colt this morning so I can’t work her Was intending to cut...
    • 1912, Nov 4

    • Mon. Nov. 4, 1912: Ther. Cold Wea. Rain Rain, Can’t do much. hauled in a little stuff from the upper field Tuesday 5: Ther. Cool Wea. Few T. Clds Hauling corn and squashes
    • 1914, Jun 18

    • Thurs. June 18, 1914: Ther. Hot. Wea. Heavy thunder shower Went to the F. field to cut lucern, found the water on it so couldn’t cut it Listed and planted a little more corn. Planting goes very slow. Friday 19: Ther. Hot Wea. Light showers...
    • 1914, Oct 22

    • Thurs. Oct. 22, 1914: Ther. Cool Wea. Mostly cldy I got started for the Big Plain about noon. got on the Plain at dusk, camped at Thornt Hepworth’s place with N.K. Palmer. Friday 23: Ther. cool North breeze Wea. mostly cloudy Found Jim & Dan...
    • 1915 96

    • A Little Laughter A LOVE LETTER. The following unique epistle was picked up lately in the street: "Dear Bill, The reason I didn't laff when you laft at me in the post office yesterday, was becos I hev a bile on my face, and I can't laff. If I laff...
    • 1916 112

    • ANNUAL. GREEI1NG to Our Friends in S"'outhern Utah Again we have printed and bound this Agricula book for the Student body of the Branch of the Agricultural College. This gives you an idea of the good work we can do and of the per­manency of our...
    • 1916 80

    • School Calendar for 1915 & '16 Sept. 20. Sept. 22. Oct. 6. Oct. 8. Oct. 13. ()ct. 14. Oct. 15. Oct. 18. Oct. 19. (Jet. 21. Oct. 22. Oct. 23. Oct. 26. Nov. 1. Nov. 5. Nov. 13. Nov. 17. Nov. 18. '1 Nov. 20. \0 Dec. 1. Dec. 2. Dec. 3. Dec. 4. Dec....
    • 1927, page 167

    • 31 Days October 12 Worked on the road this afternoon for David Dennett Th 13 put in all of today on State road for D. Dennett F 14-Sat 15 am laid up with lame back can’t do any work.
    • 1927, page 168

    • 31 Days October 16 some clouds looks like rain part of the time, Lloyd went on the mountain to pick up potatoes for Howard Ruesch. the 16th. 18 Clear and warm still quit lame can’t do much.


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