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    • 1912, Feb 8

    • Thurs. Feb. 8, 1912: Ther. Warm Wea. Thin clds. Twelve teams were loaded with lumber at the Cable today, three for Petty and nine from Crawford’s pile. I brought down about 760 feet of lumber. Friday 9: Ther. Pleasant. Wea. Thin clouds,...
    • 1912, Feb 10

    • Sat. Feb. 10, 1912: Ther. Warm. Wea. Clear this morning Few thin clouds I brot 745 feet of lumber this trip 2 inch stuff mixed lengths 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 foot lengths, and it pulls heavy. Sunday 11: Ther. Warm Wea. Light clouds We walked to...
    • 1912, Feb 12

    • Mon. Feb. 12, 1912: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. T. Clds. I brot down 760 feet of lumber this time. Ten loads came down today. Tuesday 13: Ther. Pleasant, Wea. Thin clds., 742 ft. in my load today
    • 1912, Feb 14

    • Wed. Feb. 14, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Cloudy Windy P.M. Ptly “ 770 feet today. Lots of wind this afternoon. We led our Flanigan-ditch meeting this morning before I went up the canyon. Thursday 15: Ther. Pleasant. Wea. Few T. Clds I brot down...
    • 1912, Feb 16

    • Fri. Feb. 16, 1912: Ther. Pleasant. Wea. Clouds running South rapidly Jim and I brot small loads of lumber. I brot 767 ft. Saturday 17: Ther. Warm Wea. T. clouds Scraping off some ditch bank for father this forenoon. Went to a meeting afternoon...
    • 1912, Feb 22

    • Thurs. Feb. 22, 1912: Ther. Cold Wea. T. Clds Cleaned 15 rods of the Flanigan ditch in four hours hard work. Had trouble as usual with the Pine Creek ditch am making poor headway watering lucern. Friday 23: Ther. Cold Wea. Snowing. John and I went...
    • 1912, May 30

    • Thurs. May 30, 1912: Ther. Warm Wea. Nearly Clear We set 100 posts today, took the team to Little Creek twice for water. Friday 31: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear We set another 100 posts today. I took the team to water and brot back 9 posts to finish out...
    • 1912, Oct 3

    • Thurs. Oct. 3, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. cloudy Hauled two loads of manure, one to each field Brot in a load of pumpkins from the upper field. Friday 4: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Rain Worked a little for father and a little for myself.
    • 1912, Oct 7

    • Mon. Oct. 7, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clouded up about dark and rained like fury in the night. I took a load of manure to the F. Field, brot back a load of sweet corn fodder, helped set some wagon tires after noon. Tuesday 8: Ther. Cool Wea....
    • 1912, Oct 17

    • Thurs. Oct. 17, 1912: Cut some more lucern, brake the mower tongue, made a new one, then finished the job. Friday 18: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear Took the machine to the other field brot back a little corn. Aaron Flanigan’s house burned down this...
    • 1912, Dec 30

    • Mon. Dec. 30, 1912: Ther. Cold Wea. Few Thin clouds Tryed to plow the garden above Dan’s it is too badly frozen Tuesday 31: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear Shelled a little yellow corn. Settled tithing ($28.62 paid this year) brot a load of manure...
    • 1914, Feb 2

    • Mon. Feb. 2, 1914: Ther. Cold- Wea. Clear all day. No doubt but the ground hog could see his shadow plain enough today as the sun has shown bright all day. I hauled a box of pine, then one of green cotton wood. Tuesday 3: Ther. Cool., Wea. Clouded...
    • 1914, Feb 4

    • Wed. Feb. 4, 1914: Ther. Cold Wea. Clouded up after dark Helped Mary with the washing and made a gate for the gap behind the house. Thursday 5: Ther. Cold S. Wind Wea. Bluster Hauling Manure, 2 loads brot back a load of green box elder. plowed...
    • 1914, Feb 12

    • Thurs. Feb. 12, 1914: Ther. Warm, Wea. Clear most all day Hauling manure and plowing. Friday 13: Ther. Warm. Wea. Clear Most of day Finished plowing the corn land in Pine Creek field I brot over a load of green Box elder tonight
    • 1914, May 5

    • Tues. May 5, 1914: Ther. Warm Wea. Thin Clds Planted the piece by the Mulberry tree to corn Gold Mine Brot the folks home tonight Wednesday 6: Ther. Warm Wea. Clear Sprayed trees and bushes in F. field. took the sprayer home to Uncle Free few clds
    • 1914, Aug 29

    • Sat. Aug. 29, 1914: Ther. Warm Wea. clouds Hauled up a load of corn then went up Oakcreek and found the cow about dusk, brot her home Sunday 30: Ther. Warm Wea. clouds Attended S.S.
    • 1914, Oct 4

    • Sun. Oct. 4, 1914: Ther. clear and cool At Home have the lagrippe Monday 5: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear Thin clds. eve. Brot in a load of red corn this evening. that is about the amt. of my day’s work.
    • Page 126

    • 119 1 very litlle like me 2 a litHe like me 3 somewhat like me 4/ikeme 5 a lot li/(e me 23.__I like to setup little 'what if" experiments (fur example ·What lNOuld happen if I put a grasshopper in a jar with a spider?"). 24. I enjoy dong jigsaw...


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