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    • 1916 82

    • We Wonder If Barton's suit is guaranteed to vvear. If Bowen wears glasses for style, why he don't get the latest. If the school city will ever 'yvin a case.-\i\Toolley. If Mr. Janson walks hOll1e with Miss Decker for exerCIse or for safety. If Lura...
    • 1901, Sep 6

    • Fri. Sept. 6, 1901: Ther. pleasant., Wea. Clear, Windy, I left Paragonah about noon and went with James Robinson Jr. to the head of Red Creek to herd sheep. I took the herd about 3-30 pm John L. Robinson is my camp Boss. Our camp is about ¾ of a...
    • 1901, Nov 3

    • Sun. Nov. 3, 1901: Ther. Warmer., Wea. Thin Clouds I took the sheep back to the corral to water today, the other herd was dipped today. I camped down near the North-east corner of the Summit fields. Thomas Robinson is my camp boss. J.L. is taking a...
    • 1904, Jan 1

    • Fri. Jan. 1, 1904: + Ther. Pleasant., Wea. Ptly. cloudy. Cold wind., I herded out toward the Barracks, along the old Elephant road. Our camp boss (Myron Holgate) went home this morning. In the Elephant Cove, Kane Co., 1) 137th camp for the year...
    • 1912, Feb 28

    • Wed. Feb. 28, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. clear S. Wind Threshed about 8 bushels of seed today 5 bu. for Dan and 3 for father. The machine is bothering considerable and the boss Dave Lemmon is sulky and slow by spells. Thursday 29: Ther. Pleasant...
    • Page 487

    • hun back to camp on the end of the rope. Instead of telling the soldiers to shoot him, this time 1just pulled out my pistol, without saying anything, and dropped the steer for them to take care of They came running up and said, 'Why did you shoot...
    • Group of guys at Zion

    • Zion National Park (Washington County, Utah); Utah Parks Company--Employees
    • Monte Stratton, Boss, Soop, Bergie, Ryan, Giant, Monk, Dean, Snyde, Duncan, and Mike Tower pose for a photo at the Pioneer Day VW carrying/stuffing race.
    • Page 25

    • PREFERENCES FOR GROUP LEADERSHIP STYLE 26 outlined by Lazarus (1989) and its connection with group leadership style is a new concept to the field. In connection with the affective domain, it calls for more scholarly attention. Even though the...
    • Page 49

    • U.S. Embassy 49 they were doing? So instead of letting the frustration of feeling like I am an unqualified contributor to the TIP Report without even knowing what the TIP Report is, or thinking I’m just taking up space by not being able to carry...
    • Page 35

    • Emotions in Conflict 30 Emotions are inseparably linked to status in negotiation situations. In order to effectively use emotions in managing conflict, one's own status must be realized and communicated. At the same time, failure to recognize...
    • Page 20

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 16 their day at work only to go home and begin a “second shift” of full-time housework (Hoschild, 1989). Because of these differing realities, men and women can approach the same situation, like a required after-hour work...
    • Page 67

    • P a g e | 67 TABLE 2 – INDIA VALUES AND BELIEFS FORMS OF COMMUNICATION, e.g., VERBAL & NON-VERBAL Hindus practice the tradition of the caste system that establishes hierarchical relationships. Society is very conscious of social order and status...
    • Page 75

    • P a g e | 75 TABLE 10 – THE NETHERLANDS VALUES AND BELIEFS FORMS OF COMMUNICATION, e.g., VERBAL & NON-VERBAL Ethnicity: Dutch 83%, other 17% (of which 9% non-Western origin mainly Turks, Moroccans, Antilleans, Surinamese and Indonesians)...
    • Page 147

    • No pirates no princesses 142 K: No. They choose their friends, but we can decide if they can go there for a playdate. I: So you can encourage them. K: Right. I invite the friends I‘m not comfortable with, if I don‘t know another family...
    • Page 25

    • KUDZU Leadership 26 turn elsewhere. “The hobby cannot give the complete sense of growth, the sense of striving towards a meaningful goal, that can be found in one’s life work” (Herzberg, Mausner and Snyderman, 1959, p. 130). Asked in 2006...
    • Page 26

    • KUDZU Leadership 27 I appreciate a boss wanting to keep a good employee (which of course I am) within his or her work group, but I immediately began the process of “psychologically leaving” (Herzberg, Mausner and Snyderman, 1959, p. 88) that...


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