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    • 1897, page 7

    • The Southern Branch of the State Normal School of the University of Utah. General Information. On the 11th of March, 1897, the Legislature passed an act establishing a branch of the State Normal School of the University of Utah, to be located...
    • 1898, Mar 24

    • Thurs. Mar. 24, 1898: Ther. very cold Wea. beautiful We left camp 6-40 reached Short Creek 8-12 reached south side of sand 8-34. 22n crossing stopped for noon 10-35 started 11-45 arrived at the Cane beds tank 1-50 pulled freight 2-54 to the house...
    • 1898, page 8

    • 8 SOUTHERN BRANCH OF THE short distance from the great coal beds in Southern Utah. In its vicinity are the great ore bodies of hematite and magnetic iron ore. These vast bodies of coal and iron ore, the most useful and important minerals...
    • 1899, Feb 24

    • Fri. Feb. 24, 1899: Ther. 7 am. warm. 7 pm cold. Wea. cloudy, squally. clear. W finished the wire fence forenoon, and started home 2-10 pm. via L.M. Gulch. camped on the Elephant mountain about 4 mi north of the gap Saturday 25: Ther. cold. 8...
    • 1900, Dec 30

    • Sun. Dec. 30, 1900: Ther. 28., Cold windy, Wea. Clouds, I went Sunday school and meeting. on this the last sunday of the nineteenth century. Monday 31: Ther. 18., 36., Wea. thin Clouds evening, We husked & shelled corn to take to Kane Beds, Went...
    • 1901, Feb 8

    • Fri. Feb. 8, 1901: Ther. Cold., Wea. Ptly Cloudy, Snow. Oriah Leigh started for home Ephraim Foremaster came over, we went to Moccasin and got a little grain this evening. Today finishes my first month’s work for Saunders. 5) Saturday 9: + Ther....
    • 1901, Jan 1

    • Tues. Jan. 1, 1901: Ther. 19., 17., 38., Wea. Clear. The Twentieth Century opened up clear and cold. Sammy came up and worked here today, I worked around the house today fixing door facings etc. played the guitar for the dance this evening. 1) ...
    • 1901, Jan 11

    • Fri. Jan. 11, 1901: Ther. Cold., Wea. thin Clouds, near zero this morning I staid at Kane Beds Crapper went to Pipe. Dan got here this evening and staid with me. Wm L. Crawford, Kane Beds, Mohava Co., Arizona. 4) Saturday 12: + Ther. Warmer.,...
    • 1901, Jan 29

    • Tues. Jan. 29, 1901: Ther. Warm am. Cooler pm Wea. Ptly. Cloudy Mr. Errickson, went up to Moccasin this fore-noon While he was gone Leigh and I took his team and got a load of wood so I only went to T.M. once today. Leigh and Errickson went back to...
    • 1901, Jan 3

    • Thurs. Jan. 3, 1901: Ther. Cold South wind, Wea. Ptly Cloudy, We stopped for breakfast at Short Creek. chopped a hole in the ice and watered the teams at the lake, filled our kegs at Kane Beds then came back about three miles to Crapper’s camp....
    • 1901, Jan 7

    • Mon. Jan. 7, 1901: Ther. 44., 44., Wea. Raining, I went to Rockville this after noon, to see about the tanning business for Father. He bought a right to tan leather and furs with the new process off Mr. Gee. 1) Tuesday 8: Ther. 42., Pleasant.,...
    • 1901, Mar 10

    • Sun. Mar. 10, 1901: Ther. Cool., Wea. Thin Clouds, Windy. George Crapper came over here this after-noon. I received word by telephone that Mr. Leigh was going home (to Cedar City) and wished me to stay until he got back. 5) Monday 11: + Ther....
    • 1901, Mar 2

    • Sat. Mar. 2, 1901: Ther. Warm., Wea. Thin clouds Wind, thicker “ [clouds] pm. one of the dogies a two year old steer died this morning Mr. Foremaster came back from Fredonia and went to Moccasin to see about some hay there he camped here. 5) ...
    • 1901, May 5

    • Sun. May 5, 1901: Ther. 54., Warm., Wea. Thin clouds, Fast Day. I went to school and meeting. 1) Monday 6: Ther. Warm., Wea. clouds, Jake & I went to Kane Beds I was expecting to work for Saunders 10)
    • 1901, May 7

    • Tues. May 7, 1901: Ther. Warm., Wea. clouds, They didn’t want me at Kane Beds so we came back, I am to meet Albert Anderson at Kanab on the 13th inst. 10) 1) Wednesday 8: Ther. 57., 84., Wea. Clouds I worked on my new guitar. Father started to...
    • 1903, Dec 5

    • Sat. Dec. 5, 1903: -+ Ther. Cold Wind., Wea. Clear. Herded along the ridge towards Kane Beds, or north of Pine spring. 134) Sunday 6: -+ Ther. Cold & windy., Wea. Thin clouds Back to the other camp. I observed the fast till nearly noon, then...
    • 1904, Feb 6

    • Sat. Feb. 6, 1904: Ther. 7., Cold wind Wea. Clear, Ptly cldy. Back thru the Gap again. to our camp of the 26 & 27 nlt. 4) Sunday 7: Ther. 27., Cold wind., Wea. Cloudy Blustery snow. The sheep went over to the Dixie Knoll in the night. John Croff...
    • 1904, Feb 9

    • Tues. Feb. 9, 1904: Ther. 10., 32., Cold breeze Wea. Clear Myron came this morning and started us off for Trumbull. Camped at Pine Spring. 7) Wednesday 10: Ther. 20., Cold am Wea. Thin clds. Pleasant about noon. Moved on down thru the Kane bed...
    • 1912, Nov 6

    • Wed. Nov. 6, 1912: Ther. Pleasant Wea. Clear hauling up the last of the stuff from the upper field Thursday 7: Ther. Pleasant Wea. clds Jim & Will Crawford, W.H. Gifford Orin Ruesch and I started for Kane beds with fruit and sorgum for John Winder...
    • 1927 102

    • GEORGIA PARCELLS General Chairman ELLEN WHITE Assistant Chairman Ex-Officio eMembers LESLIE PUGH FAE DECKER HE theme of decoration carried out in this year's Promenade at the B. A. C. was a Dutch Windmill scene using college colors, blue and white,...


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