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    • 1909, page 38

    • 38 SOUTHERN BRANCH DOMESTIC SCIENCE. KITCHEN. Food. A study of the following topics will be made in the order to best fit into the general program. The process of cooking as applied to meats and vegetables including fruit...
    • 1910, page 45

    • 45 wall-pockets, picture frames, cones, lamp shades, plain and fancy boxes. Two hours per week throughout the ,year. DOMESTIC SCIENCE. KITCHEN. Food. A study of the following topics will be made in the order to best fit into the...
    • 1912, page 57

    • 57 Two recitations and one laboratory period each week. Three hours credit. First Term. Breed Types. This course covers the history, characteristics of the differnt breeeds of horses, cattle, sheep, and swine. The student will...
    • Socotwa text: page 037

    • Glen Canyon (Utah and Ariz.); Rafting (Sports)--Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)
    • Scorpions: Captain Lee Dennison, 964 Hollywood Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah, amazed us all with his limitless energy. No sooner had his boat tied up than he was off running agilely over the rocks and boulders. Due to currents, and other sundry...
    • Page 36

    • STUDENT EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK 31 It is your responsibility to remember to submit your time sheet. If you fail to complete it by the appropriate deadline, it may impact your paycheck. Time off Requests If you know you are unavailable for a period of...
    • Page 8

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 4 women at the top means the ruling class is overwhelmingly male. If the rulers are male, they will make mistakes that benefit males. Picture an all-male Supreme Court. We may well go back there. What will that mean for the women...
    • Page 28

    • MUTED MOTHERHOOD 24 muted group, but a muted group among women. Droogsma (2007) found that the negative attitudes about the veil are most often spoken by those who have never practiced wearing a veil. When the issue was discussed with American...
    • Page 39

    • LIFE ON THE LINE 40 References Anderson, G. M. & Lorber, R. L. (2006). Safety 24/7; Building an incident-free culture. Back Porch Creative. Plano, TX. Carillo, R. A. (2010). Positive safety culture: How to create, lead and maintain....
    • Page 117

    • No pirates no princesses 112 interesting that maybe what you stop appreciating will leave you anyhow. She didn‘t appreciate her body, and it ended up not being there for her. I: Right. She abused it. M: Right. Yeah, that‘s just interesting to...
    • Page 123

    • No pirates no princesses 118 M: Yeah. Also if you look at it that way, my friend who has three houses, she has to take care of all of that. She‘s going to spend a chunk of her life managing these houses. Is that what I want? I don‘t want...
    • Page 28

    • Commitment 23 470). Commitment themes that were recalled from childhood were seen in the assessment of commitment in current relationships (Weigel et al., 2003). Riggio and Weiser (2008) found that those individuals with divorced parents have...
    • Page 103

    • LUNT MOTOR COMPANY Southern Utah's Friendly PLYMOUTH — DODGE — CHRYSLER Dealer The Home of DODGE Job-Rated TRUCKS COMPLETE CAR AND TRUCK REPAIR AND SERVICE FACILITIES: New and complete tire recapping and vulcanizing department Modern and...
    • Page 55

    • PHOTOGRAPHY 56 In the October 2010 issue, one of the stories covered a topic about the West in America, titled American West and covered several brief stories of people living in the West. The number of the pages in the story covered 10 pages, with...
    • Page 176

    • THE POTENTIALLY BRIGHT FUTURE OF RADIO 172 18. What has been the impact from internal technology; Automation, satellite, syndication. (And) 19. What has been the impact from impact from external Internet technology: Internet, Podcasts, and...
    • Page 43

    • 38 Damasio, A.R. (1999). The feeling of what happens. Chapter 2: Emotion and feeling (pp. 35-81). New York: Harcourt Brace. Eccles, J. (1984). Perceptions, motivation, and learning. Contemporary Psychology, 29(4), 280-281. Eccles, J., Moses, L., &...
    • Page 12

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 8 complications that can be associated with the task. Many of the scheduling procedures take place over the phone which can be either beneficial or detrimental to a practice. Receptionists often hold primary responsibility for...
    • Page 46

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 42 Respondents see working as a medical receptionist as a very multi-dimensional experience; the line of work involves many basic responsibilities. Often set aside from the need to provide patient care is simply the need to get...
    • Page 51

    • RECEPTION PERCEPTION 47 access to a lot of their stuff. But they think just because we work with the medical office that they’re being seen [in] that we do.” Kassie recognizes patient-responses to reception work, “I think they get very...
    • Page 27

    • CORE STABILITY AND AGILITY 26 tasks. On the other hand, agility was improved among the participants who performed technical and coordination movements, such as limb movement and balancing tasks within the strength program (Jullien et al., 2008)....


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