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    • 1915 96

    • A Little Laughter A LOVE LETTER. The following unique epistle was picked up lately in the street: "Dear Bill, The reason I didn't laff when you laft at me in the post office yesterday, was becos I hev a bile on my face, and I can't laff. If I laff...
    • 1915 99

    • The Utah Agricultural College offers to the graduates of the Normal School and the High School excep­tional opportunities for advanced train- . ing in Agriculture, Home Economics, Agricultural Engi!!~_~Jing,.'.Com- ," metee,---lVleclian~--Arts...
    • 1911, page 7

    • 7 of the Los Angeles Business College, 19,07-8; National Diploma in Pen Work, Los Angeles Business College, 1907; Student of Henager's Business College, Salt Lake City, 1909; Teacher in the Branch Normal, 1909-10; Principal Paragoonah District...
    • 1912, page 7

    • 7 MYRTLE DECKER, English and Elocution. A. B., U. of U., 1910; Life High School Diploma, 1910; Graduate of B. N. S., 1906; Student at U. of U. Summer School, CLIFFORD ASHLEY, Biology and French. A. B., U. of U., 1910; Certificate...
    • 1905, Feb 5

    • Sun. Fri. 5, 1905: Ther. Cold and cloudy Wea. north wind. Cleared off. We staid with Mr. Yokum till nearly evening then worked north and west to Shrewder, were taken in by Thos. A. Newberry a bachelor, the merchant and post master of Shrewder. Fast...
    • 1905, Mar 23

    • Thurs. Mar. 23, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. North wind., Clouds. We got consent of the Trustees to hold a meeting the the Twin Lake School House. canvassed most of the district took dinner with Jos. Edwards (a young bachelor) took supper with Henry...
    • 1905, Apr 6

    • Thurs. April 6, 1905: Ther. Warmer. Wea. Clear. The seventy fifth birthday of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Went north to the correction line (or Base line) then west, took dinner with H.O. Carson. Worked to our west line and...
    • 1905, Apr 7

    • Fri. April 7, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. Clouds around horizon. Elder Stewart is too sick to do a gread deal today. is feeling some better this afternoon. We finished this line out west to where we worked before. walked south-east and spend the night...
    • 1905, Jun 19

    • Mon. June 19, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. Light clds. Sprinkle. Worked north, took dinner with Mr. M. McGinnis an Irish Catholic (bachelor) went on and canvassed the little town of Manitou. then worked south on the next line were taken in by Mr. Henry...
    • 1905, Jun 20

    • Tues. June 20, 1905: Ther. Cooler Wea. Rain. We had a light shower this morning. Went over on the west township line to see the trustees got consent of two of them to hold a meeting in their School house next Thursay night. Mr. Jas. J. Smith a...
    • 1905, Sep 28

    • Thurs. Sept. 28, 1905: Ther. Pleasant., Wea. Clouds, We kept on straight west till nearly sundown, when we folowed an angling road southwest across a section were entertained by Geo. H. Hulbert Jr. about three miles south of Inahoma. Mr. Hulbert...
    • 1905, Oct 6

    • Fri. Oct. 6, 1905: Ther. Warm., Wea. Partly cloudy. We went out to Mr. McGehee’s melon patch and had a feast this morning before leaving. visited and took dinner with Mr. Bird one mile west of Warren, he has some queer views in regards to the...
    • 1905, Nov 8

    • Wed. Nov. 8, 1905: Ther. Cool and threatening. Wea. Rain. Rain all afternoon Worked on to the Base line then east a mile the[n] south again, took dinner with Mr. R.S. Wofford on the first line south. It commenced to rain shortly after noon, we...
    • 1906, Dec 15 1904

    • Dec. 1904.: 15. M.E. Owings W.L. Smith. 16- Dick Usher (bachelor) 17- Robert Wildman, 18- F.M. Pruett. 19- Mrs. M.J. Ellis 20 Mrs. D.C. Crawford H.H. Campbell Reed, Greer Co., O.T. 21. A.M. Wallace Blair, Greer Co., 22-30th Leslie Johnson...
    • 1906, Mar 27 1905

    • Names and addresses: March 1905. 27- Isiah Mills 28- T.J. Batson R.W. Barker 29- R.W. Cain Daniel Chesshier 30- W.W. Bats (Bates) 31- R.W. Barker B.H. Hollanday Loaney, Greer Co., O.T. April- 1905 1-2- J.T. Cheek 3- J.T. Kelley Mr. Thomson...
    • 1906, Apr 7 1905

    • Names and addresses: April 1905. 7- James Edwards bachelor Eldorado 8-9- A.M. Bone Olustee, R.F.D. 10-18- Bro. Johnson and Sarver 19- Hotel Stocking .50 Cache 20- Alamo Hotel, Lawton .75 Elders Cox and Allred are with us tonight. 21-24-...
    • 1906, Jul 21 1905

    • Names and addresses: Friday July 21, 1905. 21. H.W. Medley, J.L. Hater. 22- E.A. Nay, 22-23- B.F. Stephens. Frederick R.F.D. 24- Mr. Webb Ward, Adie B. Hester. Davidson, Okla. 25- Jos. E. Curtis. 26- Mr. Man ? - dinner T.W. Jones bachelor ...
    • 1906, Oct 1 1905

    • Names and addresses: Oct. 1905. Sunday the 1st. 1- Bro. Andrew J. Edwards 2- “ “ “ “ Tesca, Comanche Co., 3rd back into Greer Co., James N. Thomas (5/2-05). 2 miles East of Dunbar, O.T. 4- J.T. Harmon 3 mi. west of Navijo 5- F.G....
    • 1906, Mar 17 1906

    • Names and addresses: Sat. Mar. 17, 06. 17-21- Walton Patterson 1 ½ north of Ryan, I.T. Bro. Patterson and wife are members. 22 J.E. Baggett 8 west 1 ½ north of Ryan. R.F.D. 1 Waurika 23- Jess Bowen- 5 mi. south of Comanche. Ind. Ter. 24-25-...
    • Page 13

    • 7 assessment is to provide educators with a total proficiency score for use in their schools, districts, and state, as mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Students will be assessed in the four language acquisition modalities of...


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